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  1. Gonna give a counter argument... in the organization's eyes there is now very little pressure left on Brinson considering how many outfield prospects they have now. He either makes it or he doesn't and if he doesn't oh well. So with that in mind, maybe there is actually no pressure on him compared to a year ago.
  2. It's actually pretty bad, definitely not a nice line.
  3. Anyone else wondering what's so interesting in Illinois this summer? Seems like every team has had multiple players heading there this year.
  4. The title of this thread is kinda gross.
  5. Who? Is he supposed to be any good?
  6. Question... if a player is DFA'd the team has ten days to release or trade a player if they don't get sent to the minors... but the trade deadline has passed, those type of trades are still possible right? They've put a big emphasis on July 31 now being the only trade deadline but this has to be an exception right?
  7. Fyi his name is pronounced Lay-win and not Loo-win... I was saying it wrong all week so I figured others might have it wrong too.
  8. FYI the Rays optioned Richards to AAA... kinda odd, not that he couldn't use it but you figured the Rays wanted him to improve the major league team. If his time in AAA isn't brief then why even give up Sanchez for him?
  9. In a way it is due to interleague though because part of the scheduling quirk is that the games vs "natural" interleague rivals are now just 4 games total with two 2 game series. So this Friday off thing can only happen when it's an interleague series. It can't happen otherwise.
  10. I've got both a Marlins avatar and nameplate.
  11. Hey anyone notice that more than once in the last few days Mike Hill has referred to Brinson as a prospect, dropping his name in the same sentences with Chisholm Diaz Bleday and Harrison? Found that interesting. It's like the Marlins have put him back in the system and are treating him like someone who's development hasn't finished yet.
  12. Woah, wonder why, I mean its great but it's like so much, is there a reason for all this?
  13. He really grew up cheering for the Marlins? What kind of fucked up childhood is that?
  14. Yea I thought the same then last year I rewatched it to show my son and I was so taken aback by how different it is to our memories. I googled the movie and found all these things about the original title and his short amount of time in the film.
  15. I agree that 2020 is when we start seeing the major league product blossom. Less holdover veterans taking up roster space (Castro Walker Granderson Prado) and more experience behind the young guys... at the very least we're not bottom feeders anymore and I think we're closer to .500 and with some luck we're pushing third place in the division.
  16. Did you know that Beetlejuice only shows up in that movie for a few mins total? He's really not the main character. In fact the movie originally had a different title not related to him. He became more prominent later to market him for his appearance but when you watch the movie now as an adult you can see how it's barely even centered around him.
  17. I'm just afraid he'll show up if I do it.
  18. Hey guys, the deadline was yesterday, just curious what you guys did, anyone do anything fun?
  19. I thought this thread was created by my wife after last night.
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