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  1. Both of those are leaving out free tickets which Loria counted and Jeter supposedly doesn't.
  2. If there was one we wouldn't be having this debate now. Clearly seems like clubs can report it however they choose.
  3. You guys obviously haven't watched any of the Final Destination movies. Ultimately Jose would have still died.
  4. When everyone knows it's bullshit then it's actually more embarrassing. Now the next time we have a big crowd we'll know it's truly a big and paid crowd and not a padded number.
  5. Yeah it depends who actually goes. There is so much more depth now that trading from it could mean random prospects in the mid to lower levels. Can't assume they mean trading anyone from the MLB rotation. I don't think they trade anyone from the major league (or close to major league) rotation unless you wanna count Urena.
  6. Garrett came from the Loria era... thank you Jeffrey!
  7. You know your organization is bad when your fans start threatening you with a switch to the Marlins.
  8. This is all kinds of weird. Borderline worse than Loria in the sense that Loria always took the stance of really wanting to help the Marlins stay here while today this guy is flat out saying he can't see the Rays surviving in Tampa full time.
  9. Finally a beat reporter giving us some credit
  10. Huh? So what if the 2 city deal doesnt happen then what? This seems like posturing but it's weird for him to say there is no other option.
  11. I know but really, "best ERA in franchise history" is something to be accumulated and decided after a full season. If they're gonna mention it in June they should probably say things like "on pace for" and "through the first half."
  12. Odd to tout them as best in our history without letting the season play out.
  13. We already had Billy, he's been the mascot since day one. Shocked you never noticed.
  14. The Gulf Coast League definitely didn't start today, it's been around since 1964.
  15. Yes but the feeling is driven by narratives too. If the media had, hypothetically, universally praised Jeter's early moves and the big trades then more people would have dropped the shallow excuses by now. I know in my gut that the vast majority of the people complaining about the Yelich trade didn't know who Yelich was when he was a Marlin. They know him after the fact because of all the rah rah BS that came out at that time and since then.
  16. I think Glenn is just asking for the start of some support the other way as well, I don't think he was blaming everyone and expecting the fans to forget everything and become season ticket holders today. He pretty much just said "the team is playing well and a 6 game homestand is about to start, maybe those who haven't gone yet should drop the shallow excuses and start considering going a bit more." Not too much to ask.
  17. So what did he say... that fans still shouldn't show up even though the organization is doing what they said they would and that at least the team is showing signs of hope?
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