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  1. Don't forget, they'll dabble in free agency when needed too so the future lineup could be pretty damn sweet.
  2. I like how nobody talked about Gallen before this season, saying we got nothing from St Louis and if anything he's just a back of the rotation guy... the guy has a good start to this season and suddenly he's a future ace that we traded away for nothing. Fingers crossed that this specific nothing is our shortstop in our next playoff run.
  3. Holy shit multiple Sanchezes Diazes and Victors!
  4. Man we have a lot of outfielders... is Brinson fucked???
  5. Understood, just saying we're finally making strides in addressing the offense so pieces are falling in place. Obviously do need them to click.
  6. Low key excited for Richards on the Rays... if the Marlins aren't getting in the playoffs I always keep an eye on the Rays in the postseason.
  7. @pollythewog yet another bat acquired... the offense is starting to fall into place... this team isn't that far off.
  8. Sanchez at #42 and Chisolm at #59, both higher than Diaz and Harrison at 86 and 88 on the Top 100 per mlb.com
  9. I like the trade solely because of this tweet from a Rays fan...
  10. Don't we have a lot more top 100 prospects now? It doesn't matter so much but it's funny since Jeter was ripped for supposedly not having any a year ago.
  11. Sanchez yes but what's the deal with Stanek? Why him?
  12. I've wondered this too and I know you aren't being funny. What if a trade is agreed to at 3:59 and they don't make contact with the office until 4:01
  13. I'd be stunned if not one team even offered the lowest prospect available. I'm saying take anything at this point.
  14. The commissioner's office is probably so hectic right now.
  15. Yea I'll be pretty pissed if none of them go. There is zero reason to keep them.
  16. They probably shouldn't be smoking before a game though.
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