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  1. Ehh, really shouldn't have had that Big Gulp
  2. Yeah this trade has a slight chance of being brilliant for us if Chisolm shoots back up and Zac fades down.
  3. Oh you just reminded me... someone call Cooperstown so they can start working on Gallen's Hall of Flame plaque!
  4. Nobody thinking about how the Marlins keep acquiring guys they've had in mind for some time? Feels like the front office has a dream team prospect depth chart that they're trying to collect. I like that.
  5. 27 mins left till the deadline and I have to pee really bad. Not sure I can hold it that long.
  6. Thanks, but I'm married. How do you feel about the trade though?
  7. Because we're finally starting to acquire the offense and I'm assuming there is more to come in both trades and free agency. I'm just saying they look to bridging the gaps sooner than people thought.
  8. Gotta give to receive... did you think we'd get a team's top prospect for Conley or Granderson?
  9. I think we can approach .500 next year (hovering between 3rd and 4th place aka not being bottom feeders anymore) and then 2021 we can make a real push and by 2022 we are probably very good. In general I think a lot of people really believed the 5-10 years plan.
  10. You aren't not a fake fan if you don't do not like this trade or not. amirite @SonOfJack?
  11. Guys, I don't think this team is that far away from being competitive as people think.
  12. Number 1, when is he not? And number 2, he already should have known about this happening.
  13. So @gizmo @SonOfJack and @hovertical have said they might like the trade... too bad nobody else has said so.
  14. Everyone says this and then they do it and suddenly people freak out. Again though, I know seeing it being Zac is a jolt but just saying that this is probably what the Marlins need to do better and maybe they just did it.
  15. Yea this... we didn't have a full future infield a few months ago... suddenly we might have it in our view.
  16. Man, twitter lol... all fanbases do the exact same thing no matter what. Marlins fans hate this and I'm sure Arizona fans hate it too. The reaction is almost alwys negative at first no matter what. Its amazing how many people make their final judgment on trades before the players have even left their respective clubhouses.
  17. 2nd trade in a row that Mish says the front office has loved the guy returning for a while. At least it sounds like this team has targets in mind and is slowly acquiring them when they can. Different from Loria for sure. I like it.
  18. I can't believe not one of you guys like this trade.
  19. I'm not convinced tbh. Gallen hasn't had a rough stretch yet, Caleb dealt with trouble in 2018 and now he seems to have found his groove.
  20. This deal goes well with what Hill and Mattingly have said about treating this deadline not as sellers but as buyers for the future... in some ways that's just a nice PR line but it makes sense in the Marlins plan and it fits here.
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