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  1. This is why we're taking it all folks... its been said that a team that has several players having the infamous "Career Years" will be the big team to make the playoffs...well its obvious, 19-20 Marlins will have the best years of their entire careers in 2006! I'm willing to bet that, when its all over, Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez, Taylor Tankersley, Josh Johnson, and even Paul Hoover will have the best years of their careers in 2006! Isn't that enough? Let's make it happen! :shifty ...I'm not wrong though...and you know it :whistle
  2. bleh, still doesnt top 493 :shifty
  3. i agree about the nostalgia factor...I'm always tempted to go buy a teal cap both with and without the black lid just for nostalgia...but I usually resist because I realize I will never wear the dang thing
  4. well...I love the black caps and black jerseys...I liked the '03/'04 Sunday Alternate ALOT because the Marlins cap logo is my favorite logo ever, I think it should be displayed more...as far as teal...I do think the Marlins should use it more...but NOT on the caps...its sooo not intimidating, its so Little League...I wouldnt mind the all teal BP jerseys with the black text...but Im not a fan of the teal pinstripes nor the sleeveless jerseys...I think should be used more, but it shouldnt be so prominent cause its not tough...
  5. this really upsets me...but anyways, if it truly cant be Girardi here next year, I'm scared of 07 already...I'd take Fredi Gonzalez if we absolutely must...but I'm afraid of messing with whats already been working :confused
  6. hey babaru, I kinda dont think that you are the type of fan he's talking about...its those bandwagon people who havent gone to a game since opening day '04 and are still wondering why the words "San Antonio" keep popping up...those people
  7. the shape of her head reminds me of Chewbacca
  8. yeah i do think they went by the fan vote...because if you watched the whole thing, you'll realize her fan popularity did rise weekly....I know WWE can choose whoever they want, and I can be just as skeptical of the WWE as anyone else...but I see no basis to immedietaly assume WWE simply "chose" her...just saying that I dont wanna point fingers without any evidence or support...but thats beside the point, she still won... and as for her not being attractive, there are more beautiful girls everywhere, but if you watch her, thats beside the point because she's more character and energy than looks...I'd rather have a slightly above average looking girl with the energy that Layla has, as opposed to a Perfect 20 with the personality of a lima bean...
  9. :thumbup I'm just being picky but...WWE didnt pick her...anyways, the afro doesnt bother me too much, she's definitely a special girl, with a lot of offer...she's definitely eccentric, unique, and loaded with energy...I'm not big on the whole Diva Search thing, but she'll do well for herself if she has her head on straight...the performance aspect of it all should come to her fairly easily...she earned her way to win that whole thing because I remember her being booed out of every building when she first started, just because her initial look seemed silly...but she proved herself every week and now she got to her goal...time to reach higher...
  10. SilverBullet


    so did they do it?
  11. yea i never seen whitmore's catch...any clips? and what year was this?
  12. actually, as bad as that was...u could see the Dad was the one who initiated that response... now I have no clue what a Manx cat is...but lets say its a trick question and a Manx cat is just as normal as anyother cat...then it has both hair and a tail...and it definitely doesnt have an actual sense of humor...so in that sense, I'm guessing the dad just over thought his answer and in that way, he actually chose the logical option... the kids though, should have picked up on it...
  13. this probably is a relatively meaningless play, but I remember in 05 (though it may have been 04), I'm pretty sure in Houston...Juan Pierre made a diving catch where his face planted and when he came back up, he was literally spitting out grass...I love that one... but yes, Conine/Pudge in the NLCS is definitely number 1 because of the meaning it has to the ballclub's championship success...
  14. Yeah I figured those damn Sox fans would get upset...but I made it clear this wasnt a crack on them... And what do walkoffs have to do with steroids? If youre on them, then presumably your chances of hitting a homerun increase with every opportunity...and look at the numbers for Ortiz, he has a HIGH number of walkoffs... I mean, Josh Willingham hit a walk off last night...but, no offense to him, the chances of him hitting another walk off homerun tonight, are greatly diminished...even if the Hammer were to get an at bat in the ninth inning of every close game, the chances are low that he'd actually hit one...with Papi though, he's already done it 5 times this year alone
  15. ok so we've got vendettas, evidence, and what seems to be your biggest point: age. In that while Papi and Pujols may have bigger numbers in 2006 theyre still relatively young and are more likely to just be "good" power hitters. Bonds is above 40, so the fact that he's hit so many home runs in recent years is suspicious? Thats what we're at here? Ok, I can accept that...but let me play Devil's Advocate for a second...in 12 years, if David Ortiz is still hitting half a dozen walk off shots a year...can we PLEASE accuse him? Thanks :thumbup ...and thanks for answering my question, it clears things up a bit, I think I just needed to debate it a little to get it off my chest...
  16. ok, so youre admitting that part of it is just a vendetta against Bonds. I'm not Bonds' biggest fan, but that's not right at all then. Basically my question has changed then...this isnt about Papi...but why is Bonds the only one being questioned when others have put up more telling on-field home run numbers. If its clearly just a vendetta, that's not right.
  17. Ok, first off...this will sound absurd but just let me make it clear that its a serious question, I'm not trying to be funny, and I'm not picking on the Red Sox...so hear me out... After David Ortiz's walkoff a few nights ago...in realizing how many times he has come up huge in the clutch...I first thought of this just being funny...but then I really questioned... Why is David Ortiz, or any other MAJOR home run hitter, like Pujols, never questioned for steroids or any other enhancing substances? The reason I ask is...we constantly question Barry Bonds...but damn, Pujols and (especially) Ortiz, have been hitting bigger, more frequent home runs than Bonds for a while now...its almost "not fair" to the opponents just how many times Big Papi has had a walk off home run... So why is the question never brought up? I'm not accusing them, nor do I believe they are doing anything illegal...but I'm just saying that, at least for this season, isnt the on-field evidence against Ortiz much greater than the evidence against Bonds? Bonds swings and misses way too many times this year...but Ortiz has 5 walkoffs this year alone...who do you think is more likely to be up to something? I'm lost and I may not be making sense, but maybe someone can hear me out, cause this has been on my mind for a few days... thanks :thumbup
  18. "Here comes the duck" "Girardi has unleashed Amezaga"
  19. did anyone hear when Beltran's homer left the bat...Waltz gave a straight up: "Oh my goodness!"...ironically, on the same pitch, at about the same moment, I myself said "Oh my God"...that ball was no doubter with the way Beltran has been hitting. I love how Waltz's call was just like me, a fan watching at home...just shock and awe at what was a no doubt blast... "oh my goodness"
  20. I apologize...am I allowed at the funeral?
  21. normally I'd say the Mets, Braves, or Phillies...but I'm gonna have to be optimistic and say... the Tigers, 4 straight games, in late October...thank you very much :thumbup
  22. she doesnt have to be Selena Spice but sadly, I looked at that behind and it reminded me of my own...and thats not cool at all :plain
  23. hot, though I cant help but think she has a below average behind...or is it just me? :mischief2
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