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  1. Mike Maddux

    Why'd you come twice?
  2. Mike Maddux

  3. Mike Maddux

    Yes a change in pitching coach would be welcomed here. The rest of the coaching staff I think is fine, with several I think being stand outs. (Hill, Paglaruliolo/Menechino, Wallach).
  4. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    "Seasons" doesn't work as a terminology because if the sale were to happen in, say, November, then it wouldn't be during a "season" it would be during a "year". And I ain't French though I do enjoy French toast, French fries, French vanilla, and French kisses.
  5. Marlins hire Gary Denbo

    A more detailed article about Denbo... http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/fl-sp-marlins-gary-denbo-20171017-story.html
  6. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    Looking for a new Team President, basically Samson's old position, this post summarizes the job...
  7. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    But doesn't Stanton's salary go up even higher in 2019? If they're losing money now and don't step backwards financially won't they be in an even bigger hole in 2019 even with all those contracts coming off the books? As much as I want them to try and win, doesn't delaying a rebuild make it potentially worse?
  8. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    You think they should aim lower than 90 million is what you're saying?
  9. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    And I get the feeling that there were probably some pretty good/underrated/underappreciated front office people in the "underlings." People who may have made a difference. I know it's clearly too early to really judge but Jeter's front office changes seem to be equal to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
  10. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson/article179105686.html Jeter has now let go of about 15 front office employees but is looking to extend Stan Meek's contract. If I'd have picked two front office guys who needed to go it would have been Mike Hill and Stan Meek yet both seem to be sticking around. Geez.
  11. Loria vs Miami-Dade County: One Last Battle

    The wording says he pays so and so if the team is sold "in year 5" that means you count each year as a whole, not as "how many years since the ballpark opened." So 2012 was year 1 OF the ballpark being opened, not SINCE it opened. 2013 is year 2, 2014 is year 3, 2015 is year 4, 2016 is year 5, and 2017 is year 6. Yes @Marlins Phenom 2017 is 5 years SINCE the ballpark opened but 2017 is year number 6 of the ballpark. This is similar to the way people count their age. A one year old baby is actually in year 2 of their lives, not year one. We call them a year old because they haven't completed their second full year but they have lived through 2 calendar years.
  12. Jeter/Sherman target $90 mil payroll

    Call Flo and ask her?
  13. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/13/derek-jeter-and-diddy-party-marlins/ I betcha Diddy is the next one to join Jeter's front office.
  14. Derek Jeter: "First Day of a New Era"

    I still think favorably of Stanton's contract.