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  1. Marlins Trade Rumors

    Excellent news. I did read the other day where Manfred did say he wants the ownership issue to advance because he'd want the next owners to have their say in big trades... which is exactly what I've been hoping for so I'm glad MLB sees it the same way.
  2. Hech of a trade

    Bad Riddle is pretty much the same as regular Hech. If they can get anything for Hech they still should do so. At least Riddle can improve, Hech will never be as good as he was in 2015 ever again.
  3. Hech of a trade

    Peoples preferences may vary but I think the bottom line is there are now not one but two better options than Hech, which is why exploring a trade for him is the right move.

    No the way I remember it they were intent on keeping him here at all costs and basically guaranteed him a roster spot. They were always gonna give him every opportunity to prove himself this season. He's pretty much the reason for the 4 man bench idea.
  5. Hech of a trade

    Yea they might as well shed his entire salary in this potential trade but I think there's a strong argument that this is not just a salary dump and there is a legit baseball reason for this trade and that reason is clearly JT Riddle. If Riddle hadn't been doing what he's been doing this past month this trade absolutely doesn't happen right now. And a salary dump of about 4 million? Even the Marlins can afford that. The Marlins have a younger and cheaper option at short now, so yeah might as well move the perennially underachieving Hech now but this is not just a salary dump. I also think this trade would still be happening if the team was in first place and 20 games over 500, assuming the same situation played out with Hech and Rojas' injuries and Riddle getting the playing time.
  6. Remember Luis Castillo?

    Seemed that way but with our crap farm system he was our only piece with any value and they might have been shopping him because they knew he was the only good bait as opposed to solely trying to get rid of him. For example, if the Marlins do trade Ozuna this year, is it because they don't like him or because they know he can bring the most in return?
  7. Marlins Trade Rumors

    It's not exactly that easy.
  8. Inside the Battle for the Marlins

    Lol this is becoming a soap opera. It doesn't make sense for Jeb to suddenly join the other group and get control. Why would the Romney and Glavine give up control? But the bigger question is if Dave Stewart is still involved in this crap because he's the one guy I want nowhere near my team.
  9. Marlins sign 28 draft picks

    Great news!
  10. Prado returns from disabled list

    So the Marlins cleansed their colon?
  11. Marlins willing to deal relievers

  12. Marlins Trade Rumors

    So you wanna keep the same players forever even when they're not winning? It's not like they're trading away players off a team that makes the playoffs every year. It's getting close to ten years since we last had a season that ended with a winning record. As much as I like a lot of our players I'm definitely open to trading some to try to improve this team. I don't get how anyone can complain about how much this team loses the last few seasons and then complain just as much when there's news of them wanting to improve the team through trades.
  13. Marlins willing to deal relievers

    As a Marlins fan since 1993, I care.
  14. Ziegler to DL, Tazawa back

    Tazawa sucks immediately upon returning... hopefully this starts the process of his departure.
  15. Hech of a trade

    You and I have the same dreams.