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  1. Rule 5 Draft

    There's that boat again. See? I wasn't wrong.
  2. The Disney/Fox deal includes regional sports networks

    Mickey's not doing the hiring. He is the owner but he's letting Donald, a former SS for the local baseball team, do all the moves.
  3. Rule 5 Draft

    They didn't make the Ozuna trade official before this right so they lost a chance at someone there.
  4. Rule 5 Draft

  5. Rule 5 Draft

    Hopefully they take the rest of the bodies too. Drafting just the arms won't help much.
  6. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    Yelich for Hand. Also, if Yelich is really unhappy here... would switching to the Padres of all teams actually make him happier?
  7. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Sooo, umm, what if this really was the best offer out there? I understand wanting or wishing for more but none of us were in the trade negotiations. Just sayin...
  8. Hey look, I finally found a positive article about what Jeter is doing!

    You must be so sore by now.
  9. Richard Justice saying Jeter deserves a chance to get the rebuild right... http://mlb.mlb.com/r/article?ymd=20171213&content_id=263510540&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb
  10. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    You say that now because u know what those players have become. Does your brain really work the way it does?
  11. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Frisaro says there is no reason to continue the trades for the lowering payroll goal. So are we under $90 million?
  12. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    I wonder if they have a miserable fuck of a Marlins fan on there who just talks shit to the Cardinals fans there. Probably has a Donald Duck avatar and a username like Das Floridian or Das Virginian or something like that.
  13. Marcell Ozuna Traded to the Cardinals

    Damn this is good.