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  1. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

  2. Predict the Opening Day 25-Man Roster

    Please don't encourage him.
  3. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    The Rangers dropped the drop shadow a few years back and it's a big upgrade but yeah that uniform has several things going on at once.
  4. Former GM Larry Beinfest with some perspective on the 2005 fire sale/rebuild and how it almost worked even though it never resulted in a playoff appearance... https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/lessons-from-rebuilds-past/
  5. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    That's fair... is it safe to assume you love the Dodgers A's and Cardinals uniforms since they are piping-less?
  6. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    We still talking about jersey piping right?
  7. Marlins reduce cap logo size for 2018

    With all due respect what a strange thing to not be able to stand. So many great uniforms have piping. It's not like piping is some random out of place uniform element. How does it make a uniform "not clean?" As for the Marlins specifically I absolutely LOVE that little pop of bright orange piping. if it wasn't for that and the splash of color on the M logo our uniforms are actually a pretty bland black and white.
  8. Marlins officials wanted to rebuild after Jose's death

    And this idiot thinks it's all BS and putting the blame of this rebuild on Jose is apparently cheap and pathetic scapegoating. Needless to say I disagree... http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2018/03/21/the-marlins-are-using-jose-fernandezs-death-to-head-off-criticism-of-their-teardown/
  9. Good read on how everyone but Loria thought a rebuild was necessary after Jose's death. Loria disagreed and demanded a last push to contend which lead to money wasted and bad free agent signings... putting new ownership in an even bigger hole. This also makes me think maybe this is why Mike Hill was retained... maybe he really wanted to rebuild going into 2017 and he had good ideas to do so and maybe his bad signings and trades post 9/25/16 were more forced by Loria than we think. This also shows why adding for 2018 onto what was already a disaster of 2017 would have made things even worse than they already were. It would have been like putting band-aids on a severed limb. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/fish-bytes/article206096179.html
  10. Fabulous SI article on Stanton being traded to the Yankees

    Like it or not, Derek Jeter is in charge now so the next time the Marlins compete it won't be in spite of him, it'll be because of him.
  11. Marlins to install plaques in memory of Jose and Felo

    Finally someone posted a pic of the Felo plaque and while I still think it would have been nice to include their full names on there, seeing them together actually makes them look better since they're both obviously so alike...
  12. Who is going to be the marlins rotation?

    Yea this.
  13. He also missed the part about him starting the season on the DL.