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  1. SilverBullet1929

    In game audio

    It was an MLB.com article when we were in, um, I think San Diego, because Bowers was on there to observe how the Padres in game experience is and they interviewed him and he said he had a list of ballparks he was visiting this season to observe them. I agree less can be more and hopefully that's something that Bowers may figure out. So far in the little details we've gotten about him I like how involved he seems to be and how open to outside research he is as well. I think the previous front office was pretty close minded to the way other teams did things in those aspects.
  2. SilverBullet1929

    In game audio

    I don't think it's that much different outside of feeling more "latin" with a lot of the in game music and entertainment and they're definitely highlighting the city and the community more in their marketing and signage. Everywhere you go there's this collage style signage with the names of specific Miami areas or towns like Hialeah Wynwood Kendall etc etc. And there's a video that goes up every game on the big screen that shows Marlins fans in the community like playing dominoes in the park, riding bike, or even just standing outside hanging with friends. That feels different though it's not much. I'm curious though because Chip Bowers did say that despite whatever you see this year, bigger changes would come next season. What could that be? How much bigger can those changes actually be?
  3. If you actually watch, they're not boring. Understanding that they won't win every day, a lot of their wins are hard fought comebacks. Sunday was a great example of how fun this team can be. And in a twisted way expecting them to lose makes their wins more exciting.
  4. SilverBullet1929

    In game audio

    Responding to you for real now because my joke wasn't fair to your topic... Were u possibly sitting in a different section than usual? I swear I hear the audio differently depending on where I sit in relation to the speakers and how much open space there is and all of that technical sound and acoustic stuff. With that said, if it's too loud anywhere it then it's probably too loud. I have felt it louder this year myself. Hasn't bothered me much but I can see where its unnecessary.
  5. SilverBullet1929

    In game audio

    Why are you posting about the ballpark experience if the Marlins have 0% chance of making the playoffs this year?
  6. This thread isn't about our playoff chances but you decided to bring that up because you have a problem with what this thread is about. If you wanted to discuss a different topic than the thread is about you could have started an entirely new thread but you purposely chose to do it in here which is exactly what makes you look like the positivity police. Don't act like your comment about Fangraphs wasn't posted in direct response to SonofJack posting something positive about the team lately.
  7. You threaten to leave every week and you're still here. You've heard the story of the boy who cried wolf right?
  8. Who said we're suddenly making the playoffs? Did someone say that? Is anyone saying we suddenly are a contender?
  9. SilverBullet1929

    Mike Matheny Fired

    There was some point where the Marlins were cleared to not interview anyone but looking back it might have been when we made Jennings the manager.
  10. Don't think I believe you.
  11. SilverBullet1929

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    I think most have the same impression.
  12. No it's just to mention that they've had a nice 39 game stretch. Nobody knows what this really means but its nice to point it out. In my opinion, this, about a span of 39 games and 12 series does "mean more" than losing a span of 3 games though. Don't know how anyone can say otherwise.
  13. It's called "positivity police." The Marlins can lose three rough games against the Nationals and we're supposed to consider it a big deal. But the Marlins can play relatively well for a 39 game stretch and we're supposed to act like it never happened. How fun.
  14. SilverBullet1929

    Mike Matheny Fired

    Who was it that Matheny had an issue with like a year ago? Was it Molina?
  15. SilverBullet1929

    Mike Matheny Fired

    Didn't the Marlins get permission, for some reason, to not interview anyone else but Mattingly? If so how did we even get a runner up? Or am I thinking of another situation? Can anyone clarify this?

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