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  1. I love the Marlins but after the last two games I dont need to see them play the Reds anytime soon. That said I'll be watching Thursday
  2. direct tv in saint aug , had both the rays and marlins games on fsn
  3. Sad to see so few at the game . I am trying to not to overreact this early in the season buy Maybin whenever it is late expands the strike by 2 feet . I know Maybin is fast but I thought he was supposed to have some power as well I dont see that aspect in his game yet . Hopefully his inability to drive the ball will be overcome as he becomes more comfortable but his approach and poor pitch recognition concerns me .
  4. I agree with the last two comments on Dominguez . His glove maybe MLB ready but he would eaten alive at the plate . I think the Marlins should attempt to sign Cantu to a 3 year deal particularly if signing Uggla is not in the cards. We all know Uggla has his flaws but he provides power , I think if we lose Cantu and Uggla we are going to have problems scoring runs.
  5. I got my tickets yesterday ! Super Saturday Plan as well
  6. The Marlins play the Jacksonville Suns on Friday night next week in Jacksonville. Does anyone plan on going to this? The Marlins once played in Greensboro a few years back...does anyone remember if any prominent players made the trip? Considering going, but the ticket pricing is a little ridiculous. I am going. As far as the price no complaints it is not everyday I get to see the Marlins without driving 5hrs.
  7. new tickets essentially you are getting 4 club seats for the price of 1 I am asking for $40 plus the buyer will be pay the 4 dollars ticketmaster requires to pick up the emailed tickets I will mail the hard tickets to rained out game , you will be able to exchange those tickets for 2 tickets to one of the remaining games payment will be via paypal , email me at IrishHarrington@hotmail.com or send me a pm the tickets will be available until I note otherwise on this thread and this offer is opened until Friday sept 11 2009
  8. I have not received your email , send me a pm if your still interested
  9. 2 club tickets for the price of 1 ($40) plus I will mail the buyer two tickets from the the rained out game against rockies which I believe you can exchange for 2 additional tickets . email IrishHarrington@hotmail.com or send me a private message . The buyer of the tickets will paypal me $40 and is responsible for the $4 pick up fee from the ticketmaster (tickets vs the padres have to be emailed)
  10. tickets still available pm or email me before 3pm if interested
  11. at this stage I think it is clear we really cant count on anything from miller or sanchez . Sanchez is always really injured . Miller is always "injured: as well with Miller injury is defined as a lack of control and consistency
  12. tickets are still available , email or pm if interested
  13. I have two club level B seats (aisle seats 2nd row ) for sale for $40 , ticket will be emailed buyer will have to pay $2 dollar per ticket charge to pick up through ticketmaster , if interested email me at IrishHarrington@hotmail.com or send me a private message
  14. we need to win tomorrow and we need to at minimum win the series against the Phillies, if we lose that series I think we are on life support
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