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  1. Not quite sure what you're saying, other than it seems you're getting carried away a bit. Look, the rotation with the exception of Alvarez is cratering. Wish all this babying of Heaney will come to an end, his arm is needed now, not in a month, not in two weeks, now. Not saying we'll be staying in the race with him though I think our chances are better, but without him and the staff performing as it currently is, the handwriting is definitely on the wall. Pace Heaney's innings with the big club, not at New Orleans. Haha anger took over and wrote that. There's a part in the article where th
  2. Oh good, management went Full Retard. Really? Save him so we'll have him ready to take us into the playoffs in September? I didn't realize we're all of a sudden good for playoff contention ever since we improved our rotation by swapping out Fernandez for Wolf/Turner. Just call the kid up already so fans will have a reason to come back to the park and improve ticket sales because lets get real, this team probably isn't nabbing a playoff slot so shut the kid down in September if you have to. At least with the slight bit of hope that the kid does give us a shot at contention, the slight hope and
  3. John Patterson I remember the 2005 season where he looked like a promising arm for washington. I really liked the guys stuff, lol I thought it was weird he could dominate so many teams during 05-06 but when we would face him we'd pound him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Patterson_(pitcher)
  4. Glad to see some 500 ball, all I really want at this point is to see JJ and Bell back into form too
  5. How are they picking up the breaking ball so well, that's what I wanna know. because he cant throw it for strikes so when they see it coming, they just assume a ball once the first two at bats went through, they knew something was up when they saw that thing going in the dirt
  6. WHY IS THERE NO ONE IN the PEN?! I gave you a reason already. Leaving him in to slowly blow the game when he knows he has just a fastball? even when he's yay high in pitches for just in case? I get it if he works himself into a bad jam but this is a joke! All those fastballs are getting hit, Hairston is the only one who actually swung and missed
  7. Can someone explain to me how they see he has nothing working but a fastball but the bullpen is still empty?!
  8. anyone blaming reyes for that is an idiot. even on the SNY replays, the ball wasnt even on the screen by the time reyes touched the bag. just a blind or biased ump
  9. Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen sought to clarify his remarks about Fidel Castro today by focusing on the many flaws of the Cuban dictator. Guillen recently told Time magazine, “I love Castro� – comments which have created a huge backlash in South Florida. But Guillen sought to clarify his comments with those he angered in Miami’s Cuban-American community today. “As far as dictators go, the Fidel is basically the shittiest,� Guillen began. “Look at his island. The Cuba. It is crap. They say it used to be nice. I doubt it. But he took it from a hell hole to even worse. I
  10. Thanks to the pussification of this country and the joke that is the 1st amendment, because so many idiots cannot take sarcasm or take something out of context, we will be managed poorly for 5 games. Thats cool
  11. Whats with JJ's stuff, he looked ready in spring!
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