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  1. I agree that the article was stupid and dismissive, but nationally Luis Castillo is thought of as a Met and Lowell as a member of the Red Sox, whether you guys like it or not.
  2. The article was about who had the SCHEDULE advantage... not the actual advantage. Do some of you even read the articles before flipping out?
  3. Everyone keep in mind that deals have to be passed to the commissioner's office by 4 PM not released to the public. In years past, deals have leaked out later in the evening... Nomar to the Dodgers being the most prominent example. I remember that coming out around 7-8 PM a few years back. It's still possible we made some minor moves.
  4. This thread should honestly be deleted.
  5. Jeremy Hermida is 24 years old. YOUNGER than some of the prospects you gush over. Some of you shouldn't even be allowed to watch baseball.
  6. I never thought I'd see a "Big Three" referenced and Sergio Mitre actually a part of it.
  7. I happen to think that it's accurate. Should the Tigers be ranked #30 right now? This sort of production needs to be sustained over a longer period of time before your perceived strength of the team is changed. The Marlins in the bottom 10-15% is completely accurate. I'm sorry, but it is.
  8. The short answer is yes: yes it is THAT far-fetched.
  9. I don't like this from FieldofSchemes... What happens next is slightly unclear: There doesn't appear to be a lease agreed on, for one thing, and while Miami Herald adds that the two commissions still must approve the stadium project in further votes, and that "some of those votes could happen later Tuesday, some not for years." Marlins execs have talked about opening a new stadium by 2010, which would seem to require that the team put shovels in the ground, like, yesterday. More news as it develops, but clearly this is the closest that Jeffrey Loria and David Samson's stadium quest has come
  10. I actually think it looks fantastic for the type of movie it is. Great winter popcorn flick that looks to have Jaws-type element of suspense to the ID of the monster. January is a good month for these type of movies with Rambo the week after.
  11. http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/10684 5 minutes of the movie.
  12. Awesome. Thanks for posting those.
  13. That can't actually be him... If it is, he is looking like a real duche to me Commenting on "Tigers' acquisition of Cabrera, Willis not done deal" 1. dontrelle , 52 minutes ago | Reply 0 pts | | | i think its a great move hahahahhaha If it says Verified Athlete you can be assured it's the real athlete. Yardbarker has many pro athelete bloggers ranging from Ray Lewis to Baron Davis. Fine, then he just lost all respect from me. If he wants out of here, im not going to lose any sleep over him not being a marlin anymore. Really dissapointing. Over-react much? My go
  14. Ok, the best part of that is him posting comments on random dudes blogs. Very cool.
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