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  1. 6,000 people can't be that stupid...
  2. Misters Jeffrey H. Loria, and David P. Samson would like to thank you all for your continued support on their quest to get richer, while providing you with crap.
  3. I remember thinking the Indians' players had some of the funniest names ever. Sandy, Orel, Bip, etc.
  4. j-e-t-s JETS JETS JETS! ... have the same douchey fans as the m-e-t-s METS METS METS!
  5. Neither team deserves a handout. The Dolphins are actually being smart (for once) in trying to distance themselves from what the Marlins did, tho. I mean, what else are they gonna say, "look at all the wonderful things Marlins Park has done for the community"? No, they should just take the high road and not bring up the Marlins, its such a cheap, easy way out. There's no way they can't address that with it being on everyone's mind.
  6. Neither team deserves a handout. The Dolphins are actually being smart (for once) in trying to distance themselves from what the Marlins did, tho. I mean, what else are they gonna say, "look at all the wonderful things Marlins Park has done for the community"?
  7. Silly Dolphins! Look at the great team the Marlins have assembled, all the money that's been spent by their great owner, the lack of empty seats around the stadium, and the ASG that's not gonna be awarded to the city in 2015. Clearly this was a great deal!
  8. Fans that like teams in the same division.
  9. The thing is... Fuck Mike Piazza.
  10. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/miami-marlins-jeffrey-loria-almost-as-unpopular-as-fidel-castro-poll-shows-112612 A poll published by the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald on Sunday revealed as much, with Loria posting a paltry 6 percent favorability rating. To put in perspective just how low that is, similar polls showed Cuban dictator Fidel Castro holds a 1 percent rating in the same community, which boasts a large Cuban population. The survey was made up of 400 baseball fans in South Florida, with 89 percent of the respondents describing themselves as Marlins fans before the trade of Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle to Toronto. Of that majority, 10 percent no longer identify themselves as Marlins fans. Some other interesting results of the survey: • 95 percent of those surveyed thought the trade was a fire sale, not a genuine attempt to improve the team. • 89 percent think Loria has no moral obligation to field a good team because the new stadium was built mostly with public funds. • 18 percent think that Bud Selig should have blocked the trade. • 85 percent think the trade will benefit the Blue Jays more than the Marlins. Perhaps the most damning result of the poll was that 61 percent of those surveyed who identified themselves as season ticket-holders would support a boycott if it would force Loria to sell the team. With a new ballpark this year and a new-look team coming in next year, maybe what the Marlins really need is a new owner.
  11. They should rethink their policy of being assholes.
  12. I wanna remember Pierre as a Marlin, not as a Gayfish.
  13. This is 2005 regarding Marlins relocation: As of now, the Marlins are entertaining calls from other markets. Samson didn't mention any specific cities or areas, but he noted that the places that expressed interest when the Montreal Expos relocated to Washington are likely candidates. Las Vegas, northern New Jersey, Portland, Ore., Monterrey, Mexico, and Northern Virginia are likely choices. http://mlb.mlb.com/n...d=mlb&fext=.jsp I see NY/Brooklyn being the place they land. Rays coming to Miami would be exciting, and sharing the park would be ideal fan wise- but I don't see it happening. Yea, if the Rays and Marlins shared, that would be pretty cool. I don't think any two baseball teams have shared a field ever for a season or more, correct? The Yankees share Shea stadium with the Mets when yankee stadium was beening renovate, can't remember the year. 1974, and '75, I believe.
  14. The only players that should be here, are players on teams that I hate, and that's because I hate them. Poor Giancarlo doesn't deserve this.
  15. Loria explains deal. :We have to get better ... We have to take a new course.'' Which puts it the same terms that I have, on many threads. I have no doubt that he'll have more to say along the same lines. Boils down to this. If what you are doing isn't working, stop doing it. Admit that you were wrong. Reevaluate. Do something else, which will hopefully be better. That so many people have a problem with this is inexplicable. What he's been doing is exactly what he just did, and it's kept the team out of the playoffs for 9 years.
  16. ... and most anyone with a brain. Apparently not to include yourself. Whatever, Mr. Loria.
  17. Who the f*** in their right mind is gonna wanna come here? Jose Reyes thought he was gonna be living in Miami long-term and now he's stuck in Canada. He's not "stuck" anywhere. Almost nobody in MLB makes any long-term assumption about where they will play, turnover is the norm. They live where they want to live the other 6 months of each year. If Reyes wants to live in Miami in the off-season, he can. Any ballplayer can afford to live anywhere he wants in the off-season. Why would anyone not want to come here? You get paid X dollars to perform. Period. Just like any other franchise. You want to move here and live here? Fine, you can do that. You get to play half of your games in the newest and one of the finest stadiums in all of baseball. Or, you could sign a contract with the Cubs or Red Sox and play in one of the two crappiest stadiums in all of baseball, each about 100 years old, rats and all. The whole idea that no FA would want to come here is totally ridiculous. Unless you're like CJ Wilson, who wanted to play near his childhood home and gave up money to do so. Mostly, it's a matter of money and the Marlins will have plenty to spend in the next couple of years. The team is notorious for trading away it's best players even when they win. I sure as hell wouldn't wanna sign somewhere where I likely won't be around for long, as well as most of my teammates. I also wouldn't wanna play in front of a crowd of 3 people for every home game. If I can get a similar amount somewhere else, I'd go somewhere else.
  18. Blind Loria hatred is very unbecoming. Please try to get over it. For instance, you could wait and see who they sign between now and spring training. Wait for them to sign Stanton. If the '13 team does better than expected and contends, see who they add at the trade deadline. If it doesn't, see who they add for '14 to whoever winds up comprising the '13 team. If they don't improve on the current hash or they don't sign Stanton long-term (now that they can actually afford an elite player) over the next two years, then I'll join you in criticizing Loria. But that's 2 years from now. For the moment, I love this trade and the direction they have chosen. The '12 team didn't work for whatever reasons, mostly gross underperformance by a whole bunch of players. Nobody expected that. So, blow it up. Get out from under a bunch of onerous contracts. Start over. And so they did. Who the f*** in their right mind is gonna wanna come here? Jose Reyes thought he was gonna be living in Miami long-term and now he's stuck in Canada.
  19. Taxpayer? Do you mean a Miami-Dade resident who pays for a Miami-Dade hotel room? You know, someone who actually pays the hotel bed tax that pays for the stadium. If that's what you mean, then I'm sure you're right, there have to be a few people in M-D county who do that. Other than those very few, nobody in M-D pays a dime for the stadium. Tourists pay 99.99% of hotel bed taxes. Tourists pay for the stadium. What rock have you been living under? Perhaps you've been reading the New Times or other bad sources of information. Regardless, at this late date, there's no excuse for being uninformed about who is paying for what. Well, where the hell else am I supposed to bang all these random skanks without my girl finding out? Sex in public places gets tiresome after a while.
  20. The Thread Starter should be punched in the throat. How foolish to wish someone took the Marlins away, I take it your neither a Marlins fan nor a sportsfan living in Miami. You should punch yourself in the throat for being a Mets fan.
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