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  1. This is an ESPN arricle about what it feels to beMarlins player during this new regime. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26247236/be-miami-marlin-*rolls-eyes-takes-deep-breath*
  2. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/college/acc/university-of-miami/article205180244.html
  3. I love Yelich but I dont think we should do anything just because a player is asking for it. He is under contract and is time for him to act like a professional, if we are to trade him it should be for a great package since we really dont have to trade him.
  4. Why can't we let Coghlan play second and have Bonifacio play third, after all that is Coghlan natural position.
  5. Sean West sign my son card and took a pic with him, also Gaby Sanchez and Badenhop. it was great he loved it so we have a new fan in him.
  6. My wife and daughter went and got lots of autographs,I had to work. Cogs signed a mini bat with Rom (some numbers). My daughter did not know what he did until I told her that I read he was doing it. Personally, no place for promoting his religious beliefs. I respect hhis, but he must not respect mine. Just because he is a ball player, no difference if he owned a restaurant and I went there to eat. I wouldnt want him to offer me his beliefs, that is not why I go there. Overall, most were real nice, but out of all, Uggla is the most, let's say, least friendly-like an effort to be there. I don't look at it that way. That's his sig and he should be able to do it any way he wants, especially if he is consistent doing so. Folks should be happy he actually took the time to do it in the first place. It's equivalent to asking a friend to do you a favor and then getting ticked off because he didn't do it your way. I agree. He's giving of his time to sign an autograph, so no one really has a right to complain about what's on said signature or what sig looks like (I love the dealers when they complain how crappy the auto looks right after they get somebody huge, say Drew Brees at ESPN the weekend a few years ago; it's because "crappy" autos don't look authentic, thus not as likely to sell) if they asked for one. If you don't agree with his religous beliefs, you don't have to look up the Biblical verse or can cover it up with more ink. anotherrealfan, I wonder if you would be having as much of a problem if he shared your beliefs and put forth a scripture that conformed with your viewpoint? What's interesting to me is I got Cog's auto several times last year, including the party after the final home game- none had Biblical verses. Wonder if winning the ROY and visiting the toops in the Middle East deepend his spirituality? On another note, it's a bummer I missed out on FF this year (again) bc it was the first I had VIP passes for (seeing as I am a "season ticket" holder bc of my Flex Ticket). Anythign earth-shattering come out of the VIP town hall? I so bad wanted to go to that and make a comment about keeping Teal.
  7. Check it out, I have a new nickname. Wolverine. Wolverine, I like it. I second that
  8. That sounds great, if you can take pics. It will be great.
  9. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/florida-marlins/sfl-florida-marlins-notes-s10160sboct16,0,5863838.story So what do you guys think of Peterson as our pitching coach, he has a great track record and it seems to be a great fit for us.
  10. What about Padilla he is a hard thrower, he has the same record as Kevin Millwood during the same amount of time.
  11. http://marlins.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090727&content_id=6083852&vkey=news_fla&fext=.jsp&c_id=fla
  12. why don't they just split it in half, half city and half county?
  13. In spanish they call him "el tigre de Maracay"
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