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  1. Do you think there will be a lot of fans there tonight? Or is it one of those nights where you can go to the stadium buy fish tanks seats and sit in the infield box?
  2. Today's concet is Willy Chirino....Nelly and Kevin Rudolf were opening weekend FML. Thanks man.
  3. Hey guys, I'm in town from college and planned on taking a couple of my cousins to the game tonight. My cousins are big rap fans and really like Nelly and Kevin Rudolf. In the past I remember a booth where you can get free passes to get on the field for the concert. Does anybody know where to get these passes and how early you need to get to the stadium to get some? Thank you. Thomas
  4. you actually LIKE THAT SONG????!?!?!?!? do you not realize that it is the worst song known to man? It's good when all your friends are Met and Brave fans! lol
  5. Love this song but can't find it anywhere! Is there a way to get this song on your computer in itunes?
  6. Vegas is Vegas. Disney gets boring.
  7. Was watching his report this morning and all I have to say is I love how he mentions all the clubs he played for except for Florida. ohh well.
  8. i had to stay for the concert saturday. i had a headache. it was a slice of hell. such terrible music. I agree it was horrible. They all sounded so bad. Then again rap concerts usually sucks live because they have no talent.
  9. During the home stand I kept hearing a song by pitbull "lets go marlins, lets go marlins" which was a freestyle of one of his songs. Has anyone found this song?
  10. That's a question you shouldn't even ask. If it happens it happens. any given night.
  11. Why are we rushing all these trades? I feel we are dumping the team to sign who?
  12. didn't get to watch the full video because I have class, but how long is his sentence and when does he get out?
  13. this is awesome. Man what a good day this w and completed my weekend besides the Gators losing yesterday but it was priceless seeing Jose Jose Jose Joseeeeee's face at the end of the game.
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