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  1. Desperation requires giving a **** about the product on the field, which you can't tell me this organization honestly tried to put together this year.
  2. 2006 was a large outlier of over-achievement based on preseason expectations. To expect a similar performance "just because" when it seems like we have less upside just seems outlandish. I get the super optimistic fan routine when you have nothing to lose but if you really believed that we will be comfortably over 70 wins, you guys should all go make a killing on the seasonal over/under. As a sidenote I say lower upside because back then teams traded higher upside prospects in firesale type deals. We got Hanley and Anibal while making the Red Sox eat Lowell in the Beckett deal. Today the Red Sox would never trade a Hanley as a prospect. Even ignoring how both of their careers turned out that's more than we got for moving half of our team north of the border this year because teams value high upside prospects more now. Teams have gotten smarter over the years so we have to go for lower ceiling guys. Teams have gotten smarter, but given that the Marlins jettison high caliber players frequently for little payoff, other gm's know they don't have to pay a lot. 2006 was the last time we really got fair market for any of our decent players. (cue someone who will name some one off trade to contradict me)
  3. I find it funny how former Marlins "fans" who "quit" being a fan of the team due to the firesale continue to pay attention to the team. If you quit being a fan, that's fine but act like it. Seen several of them already on Twitter and Facebook. They endlessly feel the need to remind you how they are no longer a fan and why you shouldn't be one either. I quit on this team's ownership and I will not do anything that will contribute a single penny until something in the upper management changes. I'm not here to root against anyone or taunt anyone who is still in 100 percent. I'm not emotionally involved in any of the games anymore, but I will admit that I am "intrigued" to see what actually happens on the field, even if it is comedically bad, which in all likelihood it will be.
  4. The 2006 Marlins had Josh Willingham hitting clean-up. The 2013 Marlins have Placido Polanco. Exactly. Cabrera and Stanton pretty much fill the same role, except Cabrera was better than Stanton. But pretty much everywhere else, position by position, 2006 was hands down better, and on that team there was potential upside at every position, even if we couldn't have guessed that some of the hitters would be as good as they were. There is no untapped potential with this offense.
  5. When Coghlan proves to be a steaming pile of s*** again this season, will Canescop and Wild Card finally shut up about him? I had this same debate with them before the 2011 season. Who cares about the board, what about the organization who keeps trotting him out there?
  6. We always suck in April, but when May comes around we become hitting/scoring machines. Stanton will probably hit 20 home runs in May alone. For 21 RBI.
  7. This team really has a chance to surprise. If we keep working, we might even score a run soon!
  8. I hated Matt Dominguez but it was a really stupid trade.
  9. I'm happy Coghlan made the team. I think he can surprise people this year. His decent line in spring is the first sign of life he's shown against major league pitching in several years. But he did have hitting talent once.
  10. Fernandez will be kept on an innings limit of 150-170 this year. That's really gonna hurt the team in the playoffs.
  11. Looks like we're going to be right there with the Padres this year for Worst NL Rotation. At least the Mets have guys like Harvey and Wheeler who can step in sooner rather than later. We've got a Jose Fernandez who, in this organization, is only an arbitration deadline away from being declared ready too.
  12. Projected opening day lineup: 1. LF: Juan Pierre 2. 2B: Donovan Solano 3. RF: Giancarlo Stanton 4. 3B: Placido Polanco 5. C: Rob Brantly 6. CF: Justin Ruggiano 7. 1B: Casey Kotchman 8. SS: Adeiny Hechavarria 9. SP: Ricky Nolasco Source Not all that bad could be worse. That's one of the worst opening day lineups I've seen of any team in recent memory. Even if all of these guys were in their peak it wouldn't be an average lineup.
  13. I was just lucky enough to see that wonderful showdown between the Astros and Marlins. It's amazing knowing you are watching the two most pathetic teams in the league square off.
  14. It's taking shape, but what shape is that?
  15. Some of you seem to think that Miguel Olivo is good at baseball. He's probably feeling fortunate right now. He's easily up there on my list of Marlins I've disliked over the years. There's no way I could lump Miguel Olive in with Jorge Julio, Heath Bell, & Nate Robertson.
  16. This is a sensible move by the Marlins. Olivo really isn't good, but neither is anyone else who is going to be available at catcher. If there is a guy who could provide average production and defense at the position, he'd already be on a roster. It's an improvement over a guy who wasn't even average in the minors.
  17. My first reaction was, I'd pretty pissed if I'm Nick Green, Chris Valaika, or Matt Downs and Valdez swoops in and is granted a spot that they've battled all spring for. The way I see it these guys have had nearly a month to impress enough to earn a spot, while another guy is only going to have a week.
  18. Does anyone really expect Slowey, LeBlanc, and Maine to fair better in the regular season? Maybe a little, but this pitching rotation has 2007 written all over it. More important to make sure Turner's right. Besides it could very well be just a few starts.For some reason, the Marlins version of making sure a player is right is to have them struggle through 3 months of the season in the majors, sending them down for a month of mediocre minor league action before calling them up again.
  19. He was terrible today. This guy doesn't belong near a major league rotation right now.
  20. Bro it's baseball. Kind of. Did he say that to Adam Greenberg when he was here?
  21. We've gotta get this guy to the majors and quick. It's about time he start hitting other organization's best players. If only AJ Burnett had that type of command.
  22. Josh Willingham was my favorite Marlin. Wow, I shouldn't have forgotten him. He was really one of my favorites, partially because he was far more productive than more heralded teammates and also because he seemed to really play like Jeff Conine part II.
  23. How will I be able to tell the difference between the ST games and the regular season games? The talent level will be the same either way.
  24. I've been a big Ricky fan. It said favorite Marlin, but that doesn't rule out guys who frustrate you with inconsistency. But if I had to pick one guy I wanted to have a stellar year every year since he's been here, it would be him. From what I've seen in person he seems like a genuine guy and he was very respectful. It's also not really a cop out to say Stanton. Sure, his talent makes him far to obvious to say favorite, but his personality also makes him very easy to root for.
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