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  1. Solid signing. I wonder where Cishek's value is right now. He's still cheap (and probably as cheap as he's going to be if we close with him this year) but has he shown enough to warrant a B type prospect? If so, I'd trade him now and close with Rauch. Maybe we should just keep the pitcher we have since he's young and under team control for quite some time.
  2. I remember ncaa 07 using him and steve slaton to run the option. UNSTOPPABLE! I think Slaton is available, so we may sign him and end up with the best option offense in baseball.
  3. I'll definitely be rooting for the guy, but I'm not optimistic. Based on what I've seen, he's likely to freak out in the batter's box and try to scramble for more yardage on the ground.
  4. Don't raise her as a Marlins fan, if she wants to enter into a sports relationship full of grief suffering, let her do that of her own volition. It's much more magical that way. But besides that, congrats.
  5. All-time ugly team would be fun. Julian Tavarez team MVPCharlie Hough making a strong bid for co-MVP. I second this. What about Bryan Harvey?
  6. Ah geez, I understand his health comes first and he definitely shouldn't rush things but this stinks. My initial reaction is that if he doesn't come back soon enough and/or strong enough as in performance, this could be a huge blow to his chances of sticking in Miami long-term. I'm starting to get the Hermida, Maybin, Miller, Volstad feeling... where if he doesn't fulfill his potential soon, he'll be another bust on his way out of here. Damn shame. And does the FO see this as big enough to add a substitution to the roster? Or is it Mahoney/Dobbs time? Is Carlos Lee now a potential candidate on an extremely cheap deal? coughMichaelMorse?cough? Considering lomo was a 22nd round draft, I don't think a comparison to any of the above players is remotely warranted. Fair enough, but draft details aside, I'm getting the same feeling with him that I had with of those I mentioned. After a few mediocre years from all of them, their stock slipped drastically and their ships all sailed. Same idea. I get your point, but he worked his way up in the minors to get noticed where the other guys were first round can't miss prospects I think when he finally gets to play his real position, and that knee is finally healthy, he will be a productive 1b. A first rounder who doesn't show up in the minors is forgotten, Morrison and Hermida are comparable because they both distinguished themselves as top prospects a couples years in. Right now we've seen a flash of talent and then disappointing results, and it's certainly beginning to feel like we won't see Morrison become the player that matches the better projections out there.
  7. No matter what he did, it couldn't be as bad as praising a Cuban dictator.
  8. Maybe the Marlins can also find a way to send el penguino back to school to learn the meaning of context. Probably too much money. You screwed your self over when you made that post. Now that is one of the jokes he'll keep on repeating for the next few weeks thinking that it's funny when it really isn't. I myself come back here just to read those jokes, so I have no idea what you are talking about.
  9. Well first off it was all down hill for Hermida after his first AB, he was never going to live up to the hype. I think it boils down to expectations of each of these players. Hermida was compared to a Paul O"neil type player when drafted and never developed to that level. Morrison was a draft and follow( one of the last) and would certainly have been drafted higher if the Marlins hadn't signed him, but other than Greensboro, where everyone homers has not shown any significant power for a first baseman. So I guess Morrison will be like Hermida in that he won't live up to the expectations of his former prospect status. He matched his Greensboro total in 2011. So, he can definitely be a 25 homer guy, I think. If he stays healthy. One would have hoped that, like many legitimate prospects, he would not only meet his minor league power numbers, but actually exceed them as he filled out throughout his twenties. I'd be glad if he managed 25 homers, especially in our ridiculously spacious park, but I still fantasize what it would be like to have a first basemen hit like a first basemen.
  10. Why didn't we offer up Nolasco??? UGH, I hate this team. Are you serious? Shields is everything that Nolasco could have been, not what he actually is. Shields has had one bad year, but other than that has been pretty darn good. I'm a little surprised Davis was included, because I thought part of the plus side to trading Shields was that Davis could slide back into the 5th starter spot. I guess they believe in Alex Cobb or they have another super prospect waiting. You must have missed the part of the deal that says they got Odorizzi in return. They still have a shitload of pitching depth, really. Good for KC too though because they get two starters and they really don't have a bad team with some better SP. Their lineup is alright and their bullpen is rather elite. Edit: Also, he was definitely not serious. I'm not as educated on the prospects in the league right now as I have been in years past. Maybe it's just I'm getting to the age where top prospects I can remember breaking through are all retiring? I don't know.
  11. Why didn't we offer up Nolasco??? UGH, I hate this team. Are you serious? Shields is everything that Nolasco could have been, not what he actually is. Shields has had one bad year, but other than that has been pretty darn good. I'm a little surprised Davis was included, because I thought part of the plus side to trading Shields was that Davis could slide back into the 5th starter spot. I guess they believe in Alex Cobb or they have another super prospect waiting.
  12. All of the people saying "why not" would be saying "what a joke" had they given him a chance. The team is a joke. Already saying it. Exactly.
  13. Considering we've traded away most of our big league talent, I don't see how he'd be much worse.
  14. Trading a player in his prime? Why that's just like trading Miguel Cabera! We could get a boatload of prospects in return, and as long as they are highly ranked by BA we can be sure that a couple of them will pan out. What could go wrong?
  15. Darrius Heyward-Bey Got the speed to chase down any fly ball but lacks the glove work to actually catch it.
  16. I've never heard of the Week, what is it? More like the Weak. As well as the Rays have been run recently they still have no championships and no sustained fan base. And the marlins do? I know there are serious fans on this website, but really, it's all I see. Kinda sad that, in 2011, our POS last place team that was doomed for last in the middle of June was just around 8,600 fans less in attendance over the entire season than the division winning Rays. Say what you want, but at least our casual fans show up when we win. Our last place team in a state of the art stadium and not a lifeless dome.
  17. What probably feels pretty good now is going to become Atlanta's 15 million per year vacuum. Upton is virtually invisible most days of the year, and usually ends up padding his numbers with one streaky month that hides the fact he produces almost nothing every other month.
  18. figgins will have a pretty hefty price tag...if we got rid of Bonifacio who would have cost us a lot less why would the Marlins take on a potentially bigger salary? Because Chone Figgins will put fans in the seats? :headscratch
  19. Sizemore would be a great pickup if he comes cheap. He's had major problems with health, but the upside is vastly more than what we could get anywhere else and even the top name free agents don't have much upside this year.
  20. I don't think the FO is the issue. When they tore down the '03-'05 teams they built some pretty good rosters. Our payroll right now is about the same as the '06 team, and that year they were a .500 ballclub when they were supposed to lose 120 games. If they HAD any payroll flexibility from '06-'10 they probably could have made 1, 2, or 3 FA signings that could have put those teams over the hump and into the postseason. At least this time around, if the talent we've picked up this time can develop into an 80-win roster like those teams, we probably DO have some payroll flexibility to add a guy here and there to make a run... The team assembled a nice group of young talent in 2006, but the real test comes in what they did with that talent. Other than Cabrera, who was a different beast altogether than the rest of the roster, the organization failed to leverage their young talent into something meaningful, instead they just waited until guys hit their rock bottom and were making arbitration money before shipping them out for meager returns. Maybe if the Cabrera trade had even half worked out it would have been a different story, but the fact remains that the Marlins traded for two prospects who were highly rated but also high risk guys, and their production ended up fulfilling the latter category. Post 2006 the Marlins game plan, as far as we can tell by what they actually did, was to trade whatever players stopped producing. The problem is that you end up constantly removing talent without really adding much talent. We did get lucky on a couple players here and there, like Cantu, but in the you are getting less and less talent on your roster every year unless you are also drafting good players, which besides Stanton, we aren't.
  21. JP>Boni IMO Ok, doesn't change the fact we pretty much traded Bonifacio for Escobar, which is a downgrade if you ask me. It's not. I think a lot of people tend to overrate Bonifacio. He shouldn't be a starter on most teams. People tend to overrate speed in general and Bonifacio has a lot of that. A couple of months in 2011 aside, Bonifacio has been garbage. Speed is a tool that is pretty useless if you don't have the contact or OBP skills to put it into play often enough.
  22. Sirspud

    Samson on 790

    probably make-or-break year for Logan. And that includes injuries. If he makes it to next season. Is the organization putting out hits on players for rambling on twitter?
  23. Sirspud

    Samson on 790

    I think beinfest is somewhat at fault, but the entire scouting department needs to go. Look at the cardinals and the other successful teams in the league and they are great year in and year out because they draft well. Our drafts are consistently terrible and our scouting of other players in trades isnt great either. You can;t go 10 years with hermida/volstad as your best draft pick. you simply can not do that. To be fair, that's only the 1st round. But yeah, at this point, still terrible. We're left with Stanton, Morrison and Cishek from drafts. There might be more on the team but they suck. If this guy doesn't get himself in gear, he's gonna be an afterthought real quick. As a 1b/LF, you have to hit.
  24. Sirspud

    Samson on 790

    Seriously. If they spent the money poorly, get rid of the people who built the sh*tty team. This FO needs to be refreshed. That's the biggest problem with all of this. He admits that they poorly spent the money last offseason and their moves were disastrous. So I can't understand why the f*** they are keeping Beinfest and Hill. It makes no f***ing sense.Because they are both good capologists. If they can field a team for cheap, they're what Loria needs. It's really not that hard to make sure you trade away anyone actually making money.
  25. Well, root for Toronto then. Sigh. No longer being a fan will not change the management of the Marlins. Actually, it's probably the only thing that will.
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