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  1. Doubleheaders are swept only 26.2% of the time. This is one of those (rare) times. Source: Elias Sports Bureau.
  2. Marlins offense dried up. Miley is good. His 2.88 ERA is not a coincidence.
  3. why is stanton not playing? Stanton has undergone surgery on his right knee and needs some rest.
  4. Miley vs. LeBlanc 35 hits in the first two games of the series. 5 hits in the 3rd. Stanton is due to hit a HR. He is not playing to rest his knee but can hit as PH. Rich is due not to pronounce LeBlanc as Le Blank (the c is silent.)
  5. Gorkys is not allowed to hit in a situation. LOL
  6. Nobody out. Solano and Reyes are on. Lee and Stanton next. FOX-AZ announcers are in a panic mode.
  7. Turner: 4 innings, 58 pitches, 4 H, 3 ER Not bad so far.
  8. Much better than Nolasco's first inning yesterday... Stanton got no hittable ball. He is walked. Ruggiano tied the game (HR).
  9. Skaggs vs. Turner Marlins have 35 hits in the series' first two games.
  10. Nolasco looks sharp. He hasn't given up a HR yet.
  11. 115 pitches and JJ is still in the game. I do not like it.
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