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  1. damn! Don't you hate it when you already have tickets? and then you see that these are on sale?! :plain
  2. so who are you voting for? Here is my voting 'card'
  3. ha! They showed a couple of 'baby' marlin fans!! Marlins fans...not Abercrombie's family...in Atlanta!?!? wow! yea they were white kids! lol
  4. ha! They showed a couple of 'baby' marlin fans!! :thumbup
  5. ha! I just noticed that Olsen wears # 34...wasnt that AJs number? What did Olsen wear last year??
  6. Turner Field is a nice park. I am guessing they added that big (HD)Tv in the last couple of years. But the fences on the lines aren't that far; to Centerish it's much farther. The big screen was added last year. I went for a 3 game set with my brother. The first time you see it you cant stop looking at it. Looks MUCH bigger than the one(s) at Dolphins Stadium because Turner Field isnt as big. is the one at DS bigger though? I thought I read that it was... :mischief2
  7. the braves radio guys said that Girardi started to come out of the dugout, but he stopped... Girardi needs to 'fight' for these guys and get these damn calls...back your boys up skip!!
  8. Alright Andino!! :thumbup lets put 3 runs on the board now boys!!!
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