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  1. What about Josh Johnson he has to be mentioned in the ROY talks.
  2. It is about time he retired. I mean for the last couple of years he had been playing basically on one leg. It was sad how his career kept on dwindling through the years. He had the heart of a warrior but his body could not take the beatings.
  3. What is this guy smoking. The Mets time was this year, but they did not seize the moment. Now things will be harder as other teams will improve in the National League.
  4. orlumeca

    Red Auerbach Dead

    Very sad day in sports. This was a huge hit to basketball as a whole. R.I.P Red
  5. Very weird season, you never know what you are gonna see or hear in a season.
  6. He is not worth it at this point in his career and he wants a multi year contract which will mean more money than we can provide for him. Great player and talent but not sure about his price tag.
  7. Very exciting time in the city at the time.
  8. This is just great a hometown guy gets to play for him home team and maybe for another championship.
  9. Id love to get Edmonds to balance out the lineup a bit more. He's not nearly the defensive presence he was 5 years ago, but he'd still be an upgrade on Amezega and Co. He is an upgrade for the present. But he I would like the Marlins to invest in somebody younger and inexpensive. Jim Edmonds will come pricey and closer to the end of his career than to the begining.
  10. What a wasted oppurtunity by the Nationals to get long term talent. Instead they got stuck with a rental and frankly makes Jim Bowden look like an idiot.
  11. Second, MLB will not let a RACINO or ANY establishment that involves gambling contribute money towards a stadium. The sport is very sensitive about the gambling issue. We as "educated" baseball fans should realizea and know this. END OF MESSAGE "Educated" baseball fans in the past also thought that MLB would never allow "negros" to play. And they also never thought that MLB would allow for a designated hitter or a wild card. Times change. Talk about apples and oranges. The founders of the leagues and their predecessors spent nearly 50 years ridding the sport of gambling interests between 1870 and 1920, they will not "allow them back into the game" over a stadium site that doesn't make much sense in a single market. Come on really. You're comparing gambling in this country's society from 1870 to 1920 compared to gambling in 2006. And you accuse me of comparing apples and oranges? . . Personally, would any of you out there have a problem if this gambling company paid for a new stadium for our Marlins? Do any of you have a problem with this gambling company paying for a new arena for a professional hockey team? If so, why? Okay Mr. Selig.........as soon as you accept that gambling money for a new ballpark, what are you going to tell Pete Rose the reason is for his continued banishment from the sport? You guys can FORGET about gambling money paying for a ballpark. The politicos that made this announcement arent stupid, but they know it isnt going to happen. The reason for the announcement, I would guess, is because they are looking to further some type of political agenda. And I watch with amusement the way you guys argue about how far of a drive it is for you to x,y, z locations. Us Texans are used to driving long distances. I make the 1 hour and 15 minute drive every week during football season to see the Longhorns play. Hell......I drive 30 minutes to work each day. The types of distances you guys are talking about would be nothing for most Texans. Amusing I tell you. Hell I unfortunately live in Texas for the moment. And these long drives is nothing to be robust about, this is just one of the reasons why Texas sucks. Whats wrong with wanting the stadium near you?
  12. We are not just going to win the Wild Card but like I have said since the begining of the season we will shock the world. Marlin win it all for the 3rd time!
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