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  1. Our ace is on the bump for this evening's game at Oracle Park. First pitch is a little before 10
  2. The road trip begins with Mr. Straily on the mound.
  3. Are you a robot? I'm pretty sure you posted the exact same thing yesterday.
  4. Gordon was not producing much in April before the suspension but maybe that was because he knew the suspension was coming. You have to think the Dee Gordon we see this year will be somewhere between last year's and April's. That is to say, good but not great. Who do you think should come off the roster for him? Assuming Bour returns for Kelly's spot and a SP takes Perez's spot?
  5. DCFishFan: Why are you still posting on a Marlins site? Every post of yours is just a disparaging remark about the team or it's fans.
  6. Brush it off all you want, but when the stadium starts to look as empty as Sun Life did, don't act surprised. They had a chance at a nice rebranding, but why be classy when you can just be assclowns? You think the stadium will be empty because of the new look? Besides the fact that it is ridiculous to think that -- the new stuff is selling better than most other sports merchandise in the US. Clearly, YOU are in the minority.
  7. Hanley sucks in crucial situations. He's hitting .291 with 4 HR 19 RBI in high leverage close & late situations. (Plate Appearances in the 7th or later with the batting team tied, ahead by one, or the tying run at least on deck.)
  8. While they either did know or should have known about LoDuca and Mota, they were dumped. Paulino went when he failed a test. I'm sure I'm forgetting others. We have enough problems without adding that stuff and the FO has made it pretty obvious that they ain't interested in that type of guy. Dan Jennings was suspended in AA for PEDs and has been given multiple callups this year so your argument is not very valid.
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