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  1. How did Todd Jones not score one single vote? I'm not saying he deserved to, but judging from the other names on that list, he deserved to be there based on those standards. Scott Eyre? Jose Reyes? WTF...
  2. I think we need to worry about our own team first before we start worrying about the other teams......
  3. Delgado is pretty much already gone. The sooner some people here dig their heads outta the sand, the sooner people will come to accept it. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.
  4. A lot of people here are going to look silly if Delgado is traded...
  5. I found this info here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/content.c...nt_type_id=9523 Chicago Cubs' Prospect Felix Pie a Rising Star - Future of Cubs in More Ways Than One Published Oct 2, 2005 by Phillip Barrington Felix Pie, pronounced PEE-ay, is currently the hottest prospect in the Chicago Cubs organization. He stands 6?2, weighs 170 pounds, is 20 years old. Hits and throws from the left side. His smile: contagious. The future of the Chicago Cubs. A five-tool talent:. speed, swing, power, fielding, glove. His speed allows him to stretch singles into doubles, and doubles in to triples with ease. His patience at the plate gives him the option of getting a hit or talking the walk and stealing second. His frame is large enough that his power numbers are already on the rise. In the outfield, where a player?s prowess is very underrated, Pie makes hard, consistent and precise throws, and doesn?t hesitate to flash the leather if necessary. But enough about what Felix will become. Let?s talk about what he?s done. Born in the town of La Romana, Dominican Republic, Pie was signed at the young age of 16. The Dominican Republic has produced some of today?s top major leaguers like Vladimir Guerrero, Sammy Sosa, and Pedro Martinez. The town of La Romana itself has produced 10 major leaguers. His first professional campaign, the short season Arizona Fall League, gave the world a glimpse of what Pie had to offer. The year 2002. Pie?s speed was most on display, as he paced the league with 13 triples to go along with 17 stolen bases. In 55 games Pie hit .321, was voted the Top Prospect of the Arizona Fall League, as well as sharing the Most Valuable Player honors. He was 17. His 2003 season Pie spent playing for the Lansing Lugnuts of the Midwest league. Lansing is a high Class A division, which Pie was suited for. In 124 games, he hit 4 home runs, 9 triples, knocked in 47 RBI?s, and slugged .388. He was selected to play in the MLB Futures Game during the All-Star weekend. Pie also made his first appearance in a Cubs spring training game, getting a hit in his only at-bat. In 2004, Pie played the season for the Daytona Cubs in the Florida State League. Daytona is considered Class A Advanced, so a step up for Pie. In 110 games, Pie hit .297, hit 8 home runs to go with 10 triples and 47 runs batted in. Pie also attended Cubs spring training, this time playing in five games, and getting 3 hits in 5 at-bats. Already a minor league veteran by age 20, the year 2005 saw Felix moving up the ladder, this time to the Double A. He again attended Cubs spring training, and played in three games. He ultimately started the season with West Tennessee Diamond Jaxx. During the first half he teamed with fellow young hitters Matt Murton and Adam Greenberg to strike fear into opposing pitchers. The three sluggers combined to lead West Tennessee to the first half division crown. Murton and Greenberg where called up soon after the first half, but Pie would have to wait his turn. Not because he wasn?t wanted, or needed by the big league club. Pie?s 2005 season ended abruptly, with a stress fracture in his ankle. At the time of the injury he had played in 59 games, hit .304 with 11 homers, 5 triples, and was about to be called up. The Cubs were hoping for a September call up but it is now out of the question. Pie will be healed up in time to play Winter ball in his native Dominican Republic. Probably the greatest attribute the Pie possesses is not a god given talent. Its his desire to win. Coaches say that he is much more concerned with whether the team is winning rather than personal glory. That is an attribute which cannot be taught. To be on a winning team is important to Felix, and hopefully he can bring some of his good attitude to Chicago as soon as possible. With the Cubs currently being mired in a dismal season, it would be the perfect time to Pie show what he?s got, or at least get big league at bats. The point is moot however. Looking on the bright side, Pie will be back to play winter ball. Current Cubs general manager calls Pie the only real candidate in the Cubs? system that could be a lead-off man, and it is for certain that Pie will compete for a roster spot during 2006 spring training. Uh, wow. Do that trade now, regardless of who else we package with JP!
  6. Anyone got any info on Pie? What position does he play?
  7. -Let Gonzo, Easley and Alfonseca go. -Re-sign Jones, Moehler and Conine. -Sign Nomar to a one-year deal. -Sign Byrd to be the third starter. -Sign Urbina and Scott Eyre. Urbina can compete with Jones to be the closer. Eyre should be used as a lefty specialist only, where as Villone could pitch to both. The line-up: Castillo - 2B Nomar - SS Cabrera - LF Delgado - 1B Hermida - RF Lowell - 3B Lo Duca - C Pierre - CF Bench: Harris Willingham Conine Aguila Andino Wilson Treanor Starting Rotation: Willis Beckett Byrd Vargas Johnson/Olsen Bullpen: Urbina Jones Mota Villone Eyre Moehler Messenger Resop That bullpen is probably a pipe dream but that's what I'd like to see. I don't think we should give up Lowell unless we get something really good in return. I think he was embarrassed by this year, I think he'll really improve next year.
  8. I don't have that one, but I do have this one: http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?prod...rentPage=family And I have to say it's fricking sweet.
  9. Paul Byrd will be a Marlin in 2006... I'm calling it now! 1. Willis 2. Beckett 3. Byrd 4. Vargas 5. Johnson
  10. Not to mention, being a catcher probably gives him the best chance of any former player to make it as a manager. A catcher probably has every facet of the game down, unlike a specialist fielder or hitter. They understand hitting. They understand pitching, because they had to handle it. They understand baserunning because they always had to be aware of the players on base. I'm not saying that all non-catcher managers don't understand all those aspects, but you'd think being a catcher would have to be some kind of advantage.
  11. Pinella? lol, they haven't even interviewed him. It's Giradi for sure.
  12. If we're looking at rebuilding the bullpen, one option would be Octavio Dotel. He's been out pretty much all year and he is getting on in age, but he used to be the best setup man in the NL. He struggled in Oakland but only because he was forced into the closer role. Because of injuries he'd come pretty cheap and he has good stuff, I guess it just depends how he'd recover from his injuries. I reckon it'd be worth the risk.
  13. Does anyone know any site that would list all free agents? I have no idea who is and who isn't available.
  14. Spooney had so much potential... what a waste.
  15. Damn, that is one HELL of a line-up. I'm not holding my breath though.
  16. I'd definitely bring him back. But the thing that annoys me is not Mota himself, but Jack's use of him. More often than not, Jack uses Mota for 2 innings. Is it any surprise that this is the first year he's had arm troubles when Jack has used him for 2 innings on a fairly consistent basis? He needs to be a setup man, and he needs to pitch for one inning, period. I guarantee he would've had better results and less injury problems this year if he had just stuck to one inning. It's no surprise that when he did pitch 2 innings, he always screwed up in the 2nd inning of work.
  17. ultimopain


    Toss up between three or four - Delgado, Cabrera, Willis and Jones. All their contributions can't be understated. Delgado gave us another power bat that we've been lacking for years, and we have a lethal 1-2 punch with him and Cabrera. It's just a shame the players around didn't give them more chances. Cabrera is just getting better and better. His numbers are fantastic for 22 years old. Todd Jones has been lights out apart from the 10-run 9th fiasco a few weeks ago. I shudder to think our record if we didn't have him in the bullpen. Very reliable closer. Dontrelle Willis is phenomenal. What a competitor. I just love watching him play because he's so intense. Plus he carries a mean bat to boot. Who in the hell heard of a pitcher batting 7th? I choose Willis. I know choosing a pitcher as MVP is kinda ridiculous as he doesn't play every day, but when he has played, he's been extremely good. cabrera a close second.
  18. Why in the hell wasn't Delgado used as a pinch hitter? Surely he would've been better than Dillon. If he had a hit, who knows what would've happened. Same with Lo Duca and Encarnacion, they could've at least been used as pinch hitters.
  19. The offense could be better, but let's face it, we're not going to go out and sign another Delgado. Encarnacion has been good, but if we're not going to trade Lowell, then we shouldn't keep Encarnacion, as Hermida needs to start somewhere. Hopefully we can build some good depth. The main thing I think needs to be rebuilt is the bullpen. Had we had a good bullpen all year, I guarantee we'd be in the playoffs. Besides Jones, and at times Mecir, everyone else has sucked. Mota has been extremely disappointing, and I think this is Jack's fault. Mota has been used for 2 innings way too often, and he's just imploded. Alfonseca should also be let go, he's a waste. Hopefully Spooneybarger will be back, I thought he was tremendous before he got injured. Same with Bump. The rotation should be good if Olsen, Johnson and Vargas come on. The good thing is that we have a good, young rotation that we can build around for years to come.
  20. I read somewhere that Lou Pinella has been paid out by the Devil Rays and could be the top target of the Marlins if Jack moves on. It'd make sense since he wouldn't have to relocate far from Tampa Bay. I'm not sure if it would be the right move though. He's a great manager and he knows his stuff but he's kinda explosive, and if the players do want a people person as a manager (unless it was just A.J going overboard with his rant) then he may not be the best choice.
  21. Hey guys, first time poster. That White Sox trade looks extremely tasty now, but hindsight is a luxury. I'm just glad we didn't end up doing that "blockbuster" trade with the Orioles that was almost a done deal - trading Lowell and A.J for Admin Bigbie, Julio Jorge and some prospect whose name escapes me. As much as Lowell has sucked this year, that would've been the worst trade ever.
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