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  1. :lol Tomorrow Tommy Hutton will channel J.R and say "RAMIREZ! RAMIREZ! RAMIREZ! With God as my witness, Hanley has broken that baseball in half!"
  2. Yep that's the brilliance of Taker v Michaels .. I have NO idea of what the outcome will be. You'd think Michaels wouldn't be ready to retire, yet I just don't see how the streak could end this year either. I can't wait for that match ... everyone's saying it won't be as good as last year's ... I'm not counting those two out, they could very well top last year's.
  3. I felt kind of let down by the lack of Austin involvement ... but I understand why, they're more focused on building Mania so it makes sense. I think the last segment was brilliant too, I was actually expecting for Bret to reveal the injury was fake at Mania, but thinking about it it actually makes more sense to do it now, so people expect a "fair fight" going in (angle wise), it might convince them to buy the show. Is anyone here planning on buying Mania, and if so do you usually buy it, or are you going to buy it because this year's seems more special? I'm going to buy it, and I usually do buy Mania's, but I have never been this excited about a WrestleMania in years. The way they have built this card is phenomenal.
  4. Ratings are in: RAW: 3.4 TNA: .98 Ouch. TNA got pwned.
  5. Positives for TNA: - It looks like Hogan knows he can't ever wrestle again. - Flair. He may not be 30 years old anymore but he's still the best talker TNA has, and he actually didn't look that bad in the ring tonight. - The Pope. He didn't really have much involvement tonight but I just love everything he does and says. - The X-Division. They know they should be focusing on this as a big point of the company, and they're doing it well so far. - Knockouts. Far superior to the WWE Divas in every way. Negatives for TNA: - RVD's burial. I know why it was done, to get Sting over as a heel, but not a good idea to do it on his debut. He's over enough that it won't hurt him that much but still I would've done it differently. - Sting's heel turn. Only because it hasn't worked in the past. If they can get him over as a heel then it does have potential, but for now, I'm not liking it. - Get rid of Nash, Waltman, Hall, Jarrett. Focus more on guys like Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Motor City Machineguns, etc who were nowhere to be seen on this broadcast. - Not as much wrestling as there should be, considering the talent level of the roster they have. They really need better writers to come up with storylines that make sense and less campy segments and instead showcase more wrestling from their talented guys. If they do that then they have a chance to be a great wrestling company.
  6. With fishfan25's thread about the Mariners improving this off-season I thought it might be a good idea to start a list ranking what everyone thinks are the top 5 clubs that had the best off-season in terms of FA signings / trades / etc. I'll start. 1. Mariners: Obvious one. They've re-signed King Felix to a long-term contract and traded for Cliff Lee giving them probably the best 1-2 punch in baseball. Bedard is coming on a low-risk, high-reward deal as a 3rd starter. Chone Figgins will make a tremendous 1-2 punch with Ichiro at the top of their line-up. Brandon League is a quality setup man. Bradley has the potential to be one of the better impact players in that team. Their GM has done a great job. 2. Yankees: While the Yankees haven't made a lot of moves numbers wise, they've made the ones that have counted. They traded for one of the best CF'ers in the game today without giving up the world to get him, in Curtis Granderson. They shored up their rotation by adding Javier Vasquez and re-signing Pettitte. And they added the best OBP man of last year who we know so well, Nick Johnson. 3. Red Sox: This off-season they've worked on shoring up their offense. Adrian Beltre instantly boots their defense and has potential to bounce back offensively with the Green Monster. Marco Scutaro is a great addition at SS which has been a position of weakness for Boston over the last few years. Mike Cameron moves to CF allowing Ellsbury to move to his better position of LF. Hermida has the POTENTIAL to be a great fourth outfielder, or bust completely. Still, I like their moves. 4. Phillies: Ugh. As much as I hate to say it. Again they haven't made many moves but they made a BIG one that counted. Halladay. Enough said. Also Baez and Contreras are good depth signings for their bullpen although who knows how they may turn out. I think Gload is a huge signing for them. Last year, Stairs and Dobbs struggled mightily off the bench unlike in '08 when they won the WS. If Gload performs like he did last year with the Fish, then he will be very potent off their bench. 5. Orioles: For me this was a toss-up between the O's and Rangers, but I just gave it to the O's and the reason being is the positions they added their personnel. One of their problem positions long-term has been closer, but now they have a sure thing in Mike Gonzalez. They also have a legitimate ace in Kevin Millwood. And they added Tejada who will provide a spark and leadership to a team who I think is going to be much more competitive in future years with the young talent they have coming through. What would be your top 5?
  7. BTW, not that I think he'll make it, but Clay Hensley could be a surprise packet... if the FO think that maybe some of the younger guys need some further time in the minors to work on their control and/or conditioning, he could be called upon. He had some great numbers in AAA last year. At worst, he'll be a solid fill-in option when injuries hit.
  8. This HBK vs. Taker is all a swerve, IMO. The Rumble will come down to the final 3 of Cena / HHH / HBK. HBK and HHH start working together until HHH senses an opportunity and eliminates HBK, to everyone's shock. As they're arguing, Cena eliminates HHH. This will set up: Cena vs. Undertaker HHH vs. HBK (Never been done at a singles level at Mania and if they do it right it will be great, even though we've seen it before) McMahon vs. Bret Orton vs. Sheamus Edge vs. Jericho Hair vs. Mask: CM Punk vs. Mysterio Rhodes vs. DiBiase MITB: Featuring a combination of Batista / Morrison / Miz / Benjamin / Christian / Regal / Kane / McIntyre / MVP / Kofi Women's match US or IC Title match featuring who's not in the MITB. That would be a freaking great card, IMO.
  9. Yeah I know, this may be too early, but I'm bored and thought I'd generate some discussion. You can do it however you want - based off potential, based off performance towards the end of last year, whatever. My rotation: 1. JJ 2. Nolasco 3. Sanchez 4. Volstad 5. West I'm predicting Miller starting in the minors, with a call-up a few months into the season. RVH in the pen.
  10. - To make the playoffs. - To have no major long-term injuries. - For back-end rotation arms like Sanchez, West, Volstad and Miller to really show what they're capable of and fulfill their potential. - Logan Morrison has a ROY-candidate season.
  11. Awesome. Can't wait for us to light up the often-erratic Contreras. :thumbup
  12. He should have compromised by asking for a trade to the Padres. I lol'ed. :lol
  13. The Marlins and RHP Anibal Sanchez avoided arbitration Monday by agreeing to a one-year, $1.25 million contract. Sanchez has struggled since breaking into the league with a 2.83 ERA over 18 appearances in his rookie season. He finished 2009 with a 4-8 record, 3.87 ERA and 1.51 WHIP. The Marlins and LHP Renyel Pinto avoided arbitration Monday by agreeing to a one-year contract. The financial terms have not yet been disclosed, but Pinto is surely looking at a raise. The southpaw posted a 3.23 ERA, 1.60 WHIP and 58/45 K/BB ratio in 61 1/3 innings last season while earning the league minimum. Source: Rotoworld Hopefully we're able to avoid a lot of arbitration hearings this year. It's a good sign that deals are getting done.
  14. I also really hope Miller as well.
  15. Excellent news. Well done to all involved.
  16. Excellent news. Well done to all involved.
  17. From Rotoworld: Update #1: Carlos Beltran underwent microfracture surgery on his right knee Wednesday afternoon and is expected to be idle for the next 12 weeks. The Mets released a statement on the matter just moments ago stating that Beltran began experiencing "osteoarthritis of the right knee" several weeks ago "to the point where pre-spring training conditioning became too painful." He opted to undergo the procedure through his own personal doctor and will almost certainly miss the first month of the season, if not more. The Mets may rush to sign another outfielder before spring training begins. Update #2 The Mets are maintaining that Carlos Beltran's right knee surgery was done without their blessing and may pursue some form of action. It's possible (but unlikely) the Mets could move to void Beltran's entire contract. More than likely, they'll try to recoup partial monetary loss, perhaps in returned salary for the time he will be out. However, these types of suits against a player rarely succeed, never mind win. Beltran is expected to be out no less than 12 weeks with the injury. Uh oh....... That's a shame. :whistle
  18. I must say our system is worryingly thin on SP prospects, compared to a few years ago.
  19. AFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 5. New York Jets at 4. Cincinnati Bengals Paul Brown Stadium, Jan. 9, 4:30 p.m. ET, NBC 6. Baltimore Ravens at 3. New England Patriots Gillette Stadium, Jan. 10, 1 p.m. ET, CBS Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 3. New England Patriots at 2. San Diego Chargers Qualcomm Stadium 5. Cincinnati Bengals at 1. Indianapolis Colts Lucas Oil Stadium Conference Championship Jan. 24 2. San Diego Chargers at 1. Indianapolis Colts NFC Wild-card Weekend Jan. 9-10 6. Philadelphia Eagles at 3. Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Stadium, Jan. 9, 8 p.m. ET, NBC 5. Green Bay Packers at 4. Arizona Cardinals Univ. of Phoenix Stadium, Jan. 10, 4:40 p.m. ET, Fox Divisional Round Jan. 16-17 5. Green Bay Packers at 2. Minnesota Vikings Metrodome 6. Philadelphis Eagles at 1. New Orleans Saints Louisiana Superdome Conference Championship Jan. 24 2. Minnesota Vikings at 1. New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Feb. 7 AFC Champs vs. NFC Champs Land Shark Stadium, Miami, 6 p.m. ET, CBS New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts WC=0 + D=6 + C=8 + SB=0 Total= 14
  20. RAW: 3.4 TNA: 1.5 It was the most people watching RAW since August and most people EVER watching TNA. Which means it was the night most people watched wrestling in YEARS. This can only be a good thing for the business.
  21. Matt Holliday has re-signed with the Cardinals for 7-years & $120 million according to SI's Jon Heyman. He also receives a full no-trade clause. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/baseball/mlb/01/05/heyman.holliday/index.html?xid=si_mlb Hell of a deal for Holliday and it gives the Cards an awesome 1-2 punch with Pujols for years to come.
  22. From my calculations it will be a 3-way tie with DTrainFan, JetsMania and myself. Fair result. Well done guys. I'd like to thank Green Bay and Dallas for allowing me to come back, and curse me for picking Tampa Bay when if I hadn't, I would have won.
  23. New England Buffalo N.Y. Jets Carolina Dallas San Francisco Pittsburgh Cleveland Tampa Bay Chicago Minnesota Baltimore San Diego Green Bay Denver Tennessee 13-3
  24. So I'm guessing the Marlins weren't affected by this? :|
  25. Uh, no. It's only dead this time of year 'cause there's nothing to discuss in the Minor League level. Come April this board is buzzing just as much as the MLB one. No need to change it IMO.
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