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  2. But can the pitching machine throw strikes?
  3. To be clear, the player pool has chlorine so spread of infections is unlikely.
  4. I think its now called the Uber Squad.
  5. Good pitching will always stop good hitting and vice versa.
  6. If the bat don't whack, you must talk smack.
  7. At first glance, I thought it was coverage of Lewis Brinson.
  8. One player wants to go to Uranus.
  9. No. They are going back to Jupiter, or at least given permission to return.
  10. My arms feel good , my legs feel good, let's play two!
  11. I've bought a ton of toilet paper. I have enough TP to wipe my ass until the end of all times. I plan to continue buying until I have enough TP to build a castle. Then I'll built a moat around it and sit in my TP castle and wipe away. Just saying.
  12. How about the virus infected vs the negative tested. That way they are kept apart, and no going to the face while on the mound (I'm bored now expect more drivel).
  13. There is only white space between the lines.
  14. Garcia has been better than Conley.
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