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  1. And underwear must be changed every inning and worn on the outside so it can be checked.
  2. Not fair, after a few years the Marlins will be drafting their first pick in the 3rd round.
  3. Update in. Various teams are interested in Realmuto.
  4. Dolphins are now interested in Realmuto.
  5. Straight up for Ted Williams. He is somewhat slower now but still better WAR than Sierra (-1.3), Ortega (-0.6) and Brinson (-0.2)
  6. To SF Giants for Mays, McCovey and Alou straight up. They've slowed down some but still better than the Marlins OF.
  7. To Yankees for Maris, Mantle and Tresh. They are not that active anymore but still better than the Marlins OF.
  8. https://thenewtropic.com/no-que-barato/
  9. Second worse historical Marlin trade, after Cabrera (that one is hard to top).
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