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  1. Nobody wants Holaday. The Marlins barely tolerate him. Deal, in order of value, Castro, Urena, Walker, Prado, Conley. If somehow possible, Granderson. Bring up, Diaz, Dean, Brinson and anybody else who may have a future with the team.
  2. Puello, aka as the dick grabber, not any better, at least Riddle leaves his junk be.
  3. Marlins sweep this series. Place your bets with confidence. I just returned from the future.
  4. Yup, took me 6 weeks to respond to that topic title. Eventually it wore me down.
  5. Either meet it, ask for an extension or blow it off.
  6. Nah, they are eyeing Granderson, his youth K's, and .180 average. Makes perfect sense to have him in the lineup all the time.
  7. Maybe Glenn should bat fourth. Although, Marlins leading Yelich/Ozuna 60 to 59.
  8. https://www.mlb.com/marlins/news/zac-gallen-in-pablo-lopez-out-for-miami
  9. I guess he did discover the fountain of youth.
  10. Richards vs. Ponce de Leon. I can't believe this guy is still around. Must be over 500 years old.
  11. Went last night. The ac was set low again. Uncomfortable. Also, sat in the first row in my section with a bunch of empty seats next to me. In the third inning two families came down and took the seats (no, they did not have those seats). Why did I pay extra? On the positive side, the game was good. The stadium is well kept. The fireworks were phenomenal. Much better than I expected. All in all, a good time but they should monitor seating, also its expensive , beer $14, parking $25.
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