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  1. Hutton is way better and even Minervini was more interesting. Holly makes me mute.
  2. Give Dean a chance, hitting .372 with .455 OBP. Earned a call up. Marlins OF hitting .179 (Grand) .192 (Herrera) .167 (Galloway & Obrien)
  3. Yeah, good pitching beats good hitting and vice versa.
  4. As a team Marlins are hitting .218 with a .281 OBP and 24 HR (Ozuna +Yelich = 28). I don't know what the future holds but I cant imagine hitting gets worse. On the positive side, Smith is looking very good.
  5. I like that lineup. Except Prado at 3rd. Compare to now, the pitching still sucks and the offense is abysmal. Are the Marlins rebuilt yet? 2020 is next season.
  6. How this team to have a GOOD lineup ASAP ? Go back in time, keep Yelich and either Ozuna, Realmuto or Dietrich (latter if you want to be cheap)
  7. Also, Bryan Holiday is a better back up catcher.
  8. Or cakes. But I would bring up Ramirez (.356). He's tearing it up. Riddle (.409) and Dean (.363) are also dick slapping AAA pitchers. Harrison (.301) is hitting good but Ks a lot.
  9. Jacksonville .226 (next to last in league).
  10. Update Yelich + Ozuna = 24 HR, Marlins= 23 HR.
  11. Galloway more productive than Brinson right now.
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