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  1. The biggest applause last night came on Dan Uggla's error. That's what it has come to. Slash payroll and use the money for new grass. I'd like to take a big hot dump on the owners face
  2. Heath Bell: Making Waves (because, you know, he's a whale)
  3. , and then one time he broke his bat by slamming it on the ground after a strikeout and people criticized him for it. I do not recall this happening. The best part of the Hermida talk on this board was from the Hermida apologists.
  4. Heath Bell's career is finished but his contract isn't. That means this won't be the last time he gouges out the eyes of the fan base.
  5. Very big fan of them having Corona Light on tap at Marlins Park Trolling? http://beeradvocate.com/lists/bottom Not sure what you mean. It's a beer thread, right? I'm definitely no beer expert (bourbon/whiskey is my area) but I thought I'd mention the Corona Light tap at the new park.
  6. TheDon

    Pujols Slump

    Obviously a bad baseball contract (but not necessarily a bad business contract) but its going to be funny when he gets back on track and all the naysayers start back pedaling.
  7. Very big fan of them having Corona Light on tap at Marlins Park
  8. If Cishek doesn't get the ball the next save situation then Ozzie will be the biggest obstacle in this teams way.
  9. TheDon

    I'm Back!

    Who are ya? I joined in 2005 and he was already a legend back then. Not Durable Tear legend status but legend nonetheless
  10. Norman Braman, Suck Deez Ballz
  11. OH HAI I'm a very big fan of Opening Night (and I consider myself a traditionalist). Breaking up all the other games into 2 days will definitely feel weird but I'm willing to give it a chance.
  12. Online poker was once lucrative (2002-2005). But now with all the restrictions and the fact that all the real fish are broke, it's not longer an easy game to beat. PWG, see if anyone is hiring at a golf course. Range attendant etc.
  13. I tried to get tickets for the Friday Yankee's game down here 2 months ago and they were already sold out, I wouldn't be surprised in the least to see 55,000 at the game, with 30,000 being new yorkers. Plenty of tickets still available dude. I'll be there on Sunday (have to work Fri/Sat). I hate the Yankees and will let all the Yankee fans know it. They told me at the stadium that all tickets were gone for the Friday game. That's all I can say. Only real way to get them now would be from a person last minute who couldn't go to the game. 30 seconds ago, I found two tickets in Sec 450 (Upper Deck right behind home plate) Row 27 on www.floridamarlins.com Plenty of tickets left.
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