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  1. I will say this. Sixto against a team that has never seen his stuff sounds fun.
  2. This is crazy talk. Gallen is a stud. Definite number 2 and borderline 1. Have you watched him pitch this year.
  3. I assume Guzman might get the start tomorrow.
  4. I home game because they need to fit 4 games in 3 days. No time to travel etc. plus we need to make up 3 games vs nats and 3 vs phillies with These 7 inning double headers.
  5. so those 13 plus urena, alfaro, cooper, ramirez. Who am I missing?
  6. a couple tests came back inconclusive so they had to re-run those players. all came back negative. Play Ball.
  7. he also is pushing the word of a doctor who said we make vaccines from alien DNA.
  8. how is there no national talk of the braves giving it to us.
  9. imagine we didnt do those stupid trades for Relievers and Staily... Urena Castillo Paddack Heaney Evoldi or someone from our system... Now imagine them all with Jose (RIP), and the lineup we traded away.
  10. Could you not watch it on the fox sports go app?
  11. Hey all. Havent posted in ages, but if you can deal JJ for Olt and Perez, you do it... would like to get martin too but not sure if thats realistic. In FA you get a power bat for the OF or 2nd ideally Hamilton. And go after a FA pitcher. Lineup 1. Reyes SS 2. Boni TBD (2nd/CF) 3. Hamilton CF 4. Stanton RF 5. LoMo LF/1st 6. Olt 3rd 7. Buck C 8. Insert one of Gaby, Ruggiano, Solano, Coghlan to play 2nd, 1st or LF 9. Pitcher Rotation 1. FA (grienke or Anibal Sanchez) 2. Burhle 3. Turner 4. Perez 5. Nolasco Bull pen would have some of these aquisitions from these trades, bell, leo nunez, etc could be a contender
  12. Not sure if it changed, but in the past we got 105 of the 155 televised games. so you got most of them...
  13. So is Anibal's nickname officially "The Animal"? Anibal the Animal...do people like that or dislike it? Yes I know, a silly question..just curious what you guys think Animal-bal. Aniballs sanchez. COJONES GRANDE! :thumbup did i just read over it, but someone should mention coghlan as part of the core... he did win rookie of the year 2 years ago...
  14. I would love to send them Leo for Michael Young, IF texas is willing to pick up some of, if not most of the contract, and we can if need be send some B or C level prospects back. Or I wouldnt mind their outfielder Murphy....
  15. Congrats to Cody Ross on a great NLDS. Well deserved for a great former marlin.
  16. Congrats to Cody Ross on a great NLDS. Well deserved for a great former marlin.
  17. C-CJ 1st- D. Lee 2nd- Luis Castillo 3rd- Mike Lowell SS- Hanley LF- Cabrera CF- Chuck Carr RF- Sheffield Bench OF- Devon White OF- Jeff Conine IL- Bobby Bo IF- Alex Gonzalez C- Pudge (did catcher based on there play with the marlins P- Josh Beckett P- Kevin Brown P- Brad Penny (what he did vs the yankees?) P- Al Lieter P- Levan "I love Miami" Hernandez CL- Rob Nen MR- Dennis Cook (was unstoppable in the 97 playoffs) MR- Bryan Harvey MR- Trevor Hoffman MR- Urbina MR- Alfonseca LR- Alex Fernandez
  18. interesting thought would be to take a page out of LaRussa's book and bat maybin 9th... he will see better pitchers and it allows for some interesting coaching moves if he is on base with the top of the order coming up...
  19. What a moron, if I was the AD and my head coach didn't know the rules, I would probably fire him immediately. Dont forget that he already had to self report 3 recruiting violations to the NCAA...
  20. minor league players do not have to clear waivers The whole gentleman's agreement thing is bulls**t though... for example: if the red sox's are going to acquire someone from waivers and the yankees have a higher claim, they could put out a claim to block them and worst case they just eat that players contract (they did this with jose canseco once)
  21. Teams can place up to seven players on waivers a day. If the player goes unclaimed through both leagues, the team is free to trade him. Teams can claim players off waivers from worst to first in that League first, then the other league (so an NL player is offered to the NL teams first then the AL) If the player is claimed with in 47 1/2 hours from the time he is put on waivers, then the team has 47 1/2 hours to trade him to the team that claims him, let him go to the team that claims him and that team will pay the contract, or remove him from waivers and keep him
  22. ill i got to say is that the pirates are a mickey mouse club...moss and hansen are from boston... LA only had to give up andy laroche and morris... personally i think hermida and what ever mid level prospect we were giving up was better then the LA prospects...
  23. You are fixating too much over the word "much." His OBP is terrible and I think Baker has the potential to match his SLG as early as this season. I'm not opposed to Molina, but he will likely cost more than Jacobs. If we are going to give up that much I'd rather look for someone like Laird. I dont know what to take from this, but Chris Davis, Texas young first baseman, started at 3rd today. They could have done this because they expect to get a first baseman (jacobs?) in return for laird or because they can then play salti, max ram and teagarden in the future between C, 1st, and DH...
  24. If we're building for 2010, then I prefer Max Ramirez, Salty or Teagarden. If we're talking about pushing for the playoffs this year, then I like Laird. No question that all three of the younger guys have higher ceilings. But this year, we're buyers, not sellers.... We need someone for the present, not the future. For the record, I prefer Doumit to Laird, but I like both over Molina or Torrealba. couldn't agree more, could we get max or teagarden or salty, what would it take? but like DC said, i would take Doumit or Laird over both molina and Torrealba and not just because of the contracts...
  25. Good liquor store i stop at when driving through valdosta...they got 190 proof grain alcohol... but seriously, should not have won titletown...gainesville is titletown...
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