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  1. WWHHOOOOO YAAAAA!!!! GENERAL!!! I believe.
  2. dont know if any posted this but samson is on, i have to go get on a train but if someone can call up and ask about possible trades for a centerfielder like JP that would be great... also if someone wants to post some transcript of the convo that would be great
  3. hugg that picture brought a tear to my eye
  4. this would be great for JP, the marlins, and dtrain getting his best friend back... how bout this lineup 1. JP 2. hanram 3. cabrera 4. jacobs 5. uggla 6. hermida 7. ross 8. olivo
  5. Does anyone remember how we acquired Wellemeyer? IIRC we claimed him off waivers from the Cubs. was jorg part of that trade?
  6. id sell the rights to destroy the ball like the bartman ball, also sell the rights to a tv station to televise it...that will make me some money and set history right the best we as fans can do...forget that ball ever existed!!!
  7. or u can plattoon him with stokes...anyone know if he is still dl or is he back
  8. i dont think they offered it, dembrowski is a genius not an idiot...but if they did that would have been great, i would trade willis for them in a heart beat
  9. that would have been sick for us...verlander, granderson!!!!!!
  10. i think it is going to be pinto too, he needs work on comand and kensing has been doing better
  11. everyone needs to lay of herges, his kid is in the hospital sick from the day it was born...try going out on the mound thinking about that every night
  12. at least dontrelle is back to form...
  13. is anyone thinking about going to the game...ill be there and if there is a group going that would be cool to organize
  14. the hole thing with wayne is that he got a team here as a pure investment and not out of a love for the sport. He bought the championship in 97 so the value of the team will sky rocket, he then turned around and sold it but before doing so he signed a stadium lease with himself so he is still making money on the team... when it comes to the rise all dembrowski and his trades set up the ground work for the run in 2003
  15. so jakes new song is d lee's old one... maybe it will help him play like d le :whistle e
  16. Do you like apples... reggie is 3 for 3... How do u like them apples? lets not give up on him yet...if he learns some disipline at the plate he will be fine :thumbup
  17. 1st baseman from the University of Florida... Matt LA...Porta...LA...Porta...LA...Porta led college in homers last year...and he hits for a good average
  18. why not walk him to get the bases loaded and pitch to nady with a force out at home?
  19. anyone have any updates on coc cable gainesville/ocala? i tried calling and i am getting nothing
  20. I would have rather had all time there to lead the youngins rather then put that pressure on migs
  21. Just wanted to wish ur tigers good luck vs Duke...lets hope both SEC teams move on this weekend.... :hat
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