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  1. what game was the sledge grand slam?
  2. hey jorg, thanks for doing this... Have there been any good nicknames going around the clubhouse for some of the new guys?
  3. Honestly... I'm more upset about all that orange. :plain :mischief I agree...bring back the teal uni's!!!!!....the dolphins have orange not the marlins
  4. It all comes down to pitching and The good ole US of A has the best
  5. I BELIEVE!!! I too told everyone some how some way we were going to win 3 straight against the cubs...we were going to go into wrigley and beat those two overrated pitchers... MARLINS 2006...I BELIEVE
  6. This one is the best "Dozens of Miami and Florida State football players are not arrested." GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Let joe close...hopefully he does well and we deal him around the break let resop setup to start the year, then take over the closer role after we deal joe
  8. good pick ups...lets just hope joe has 25 saves at the break and we can pick up a good prospect for him...got to love washed up closers and set up men making a cereer comback at joe robbie stadium... This team isnt going to score many runs, Pokey is not the savior by any means. This team will score more than last year where all our offense came from migs and delgado... willy, migs, hermy, and jacobs will do better than the core did last year
  9. right on the money rferry...bump is a solid ground ball pitcher
  10. dont forget that loria still gets to deduct some of the cost of the team when he purchased it...some where around 15 million...it is much easier to show an operating loss with that extra 15M loss :mischief2
  11. we must compare this team to past contenders to evaluate that question... our offense will be very bad at times but will be better than last year...we have cabs enough said...hermida has the potential to put up numbers not as good as delgados but close...other than that we have to replace juan encs season which was pretty good...and luies...jacobs will hit for a good average and provide a very good 5 hitter...hanram will be on par with alex and has the potential to hit better...if willy can hit for a good average, that can help make up for the loss of castillo, that leaves uggie and two outfielders to replace what lowell of the juice, and underachieving pierre, and an injured lo duca did last year, or if u prefer what they didnt do last year...our offense will be fine our pitching a bigger question mark...hopefully willis can repeat his preformance last year...if so we are set with our ace...Burnett and beckett pitched for a very good era 3.44 and 3.37 respectively...we will not be able to replace that...there win totals were decent 12 and 15 respectively, that we might be able to replace with olsen and who ever steps up...we should have better run support than last year...all we need is a 4 and 5 pitcher to fill in...i feel that moehler and vargas and mitre can be those fill ins and a long reliever/6th starter the bull pen will be suspect...but can it be much worse than last year...with the exception of jones... hopefully one or two players can be a mid season call up and have sucess a la dtrain and migs... call me optimistic but we can win 80-85 games next year
  12. this is a tough one pudge hit .297/.369/.474 with 16 homers and 85 ribs and 10 steals while delgado hit .301/.399/.582 with 33 homers and 115 rbis pudge played on a team that might not have been better on paper but played better...he also comanded the pitching staff and who could forget the playoffs with the play(s) at the plate with the giants delgado was 1/2 the offense on a team that under achieved last year...he clearly had the better stats and imagine how much better his stats would have been if the top of the order hit and the lowell and lo duca actually protected him...he also got us to top prospects in return... my vote is for delgado and the person who questions delgado as a future hall of famer...369 homers and counting and 9 years with 30 plus...if he isnt a hall of famer yet...give him a couple years at shea and he will be
  13. happy channukah to all my fellow jews out there...and a merry christmas and happy kwanzaa...and happy festivus for the rest of us
  14. chavez signed with the mets so that is not an option... sun sentinel reported it http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/basebal...eball-headlines
  15. i wish 4, 3, 2, juan the best of luck in st louie...he was a great member of the world series team who played great defense and hit well at times...best of luck Juan
  16. i wish we still had the sunday alternates and thanks Mr. Marlin I wish we still had teal on the uniforms. couldnt agree more...nothing i like wearing more than my fitted teal hat that is two sizes to big cause i was a kid when i got it and quessed what size i would be when older cause they stopped wearing the teal
  17. batting third playing left field number 19 JEEEEFFFFF COOONINE!!!!! ROOF ROOF ROOF ROOF thanks for all the memorize MR MARLIN... someone needs to post some old school pictures with #19 on his back
  18. i like byrnes...not bad numbers in 2004...if he is willing to take a big pay cut it is worth a look but that isnt likely stats: SEASON TEAM G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB CS AVG OBP SLG OPS 2004 Oak 143 569 91 161 39 3 20 73 46 111 17 1 .283 .347 .467 .814 he is the only position player besides phillips that i would consider
  19. jacobs has hit at every level...might turn out to be a bust but his ceiling is higher then choi...choi was fun to watch when he made contact but jacobs has always hit over 300...he is our present and future 1st baseman
  20. well said...well said I only wish i had more days in south florida to go see the team...that 5 hour drive from gville sucks
  21. tampa the rays want major league ready talent and it looks as if our prospects that are being named in the deal are major league ready...also olsen is more than ready and if petit is looked at more a future prospect ur team is still getting off well...just not as good as when it was just olsen for gathright
  22. If we trade Olsen, we still have a very nice 2007 rotation: Willis, Vargas, Sanchez, Johnson, _____ and in 2008, if everything goes accordingly (which sometimes it doesn't!): Willis, Sanchez, Vargas, Volstad, Nolasco. Now you're talking! (and of course seeing as how West or Pinto or any of those guys could just rocket to superstardom all of the sudden, it's hard to look that far into the future). Why would they trade Gomes? They Won't. OMG am I going to win the lottery? Please oh knowledgeable one, let me know!!! Gomes currently makes $ 300,000, hit 21 HR's with a .282 average and an OPS of .906 yeah, he's number one on the trade block... esp. for a poor prospect... poor prospect? Olsen for Gathright heavily favors Tampa (please don't deny this, as you will make yourself seem retarded, for lack of a better word). Add in Petit and Gomes, and you have a relatively even deal. dont forget allison...there is hope he comes through
  23. Olsen and Gaby for Gomes and Gathright? think that is a little better then giving up Pettit too. I think Gaby has a lower ceiling and not as far along as pettit. I agree Gaby has a bit lower ceiling, but he could very well turn out better. He's younger and who knows. But honestly, if it took Petit to get the deal done--git r done. I dont see the Marlins trading what arguably was the centerpiece in the Delgado trade Ah I hate when players are valued based on who they were dealt for. It's all about pride when you incorporate such tactics. And the centerpiece for the Delgado trade wasn't Petit--it was Jacobs. Wrong it was Petit. We definitely had this conversation a couple days ago. It was originally Jacobs and Milledge. But then it changed to Jacobs and Petit. Jacobs was the centerpiece. Petit!!!!!!!!! It doesnt matter who was the centerpiece...we have a boat load of pitchers, some of which are expendable...jacobs is just sick...and unless stokes is doing something we dont know about, jacobs will be a lock at first and will probably protect migs at the plate...you got to value jacobs higher
  24. WOW...i dont know what to say...this is f*ed up!!!! you have to build the farm system through draft...look at some of the studs we drafted like beckett... im predicting it here gator 1st baseban matt laporta leads ncaa with homers for the second straight year...and gets picked in the suplemental draft of the 1st round, and not by the fish cause they dont have picks
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