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  1. Only if we can get a decent return. I wouldn't just trade him for the sake of it. His personality alone is great for club houze chemistry. He's also a productive hitter and would make a good DH next year.
  2. I don't get this post. Hanley was a very good player for the Marlins and Cabrera is ticketed for the Hall of Fame.. You don't want Watson to be that good?
  3. If we were in contention I would agree with you. At this point, he's not the type of player the Marlins are looking for. He's almost 30 and only has 1 more year of control left. At this point, the Marlins are looking for younger and more controllable players. Mullins on the other hand is only 26 and has 3 or 4 years of control left. He also plays CF which is a position of need once we trade Marte.
  4. I just listened to the Mish podcast. Aside from Heliot Ramos, he name dropped Buxton and Mullins as potential targets. Buxton would probably cost us Meyer or Eder. Not sure how I feel about that one. Buxton is great but injury prone. I'm guessing we can probably get Mullins for less than Meyer or Eder.
  5. Maybe Heliot Ramos and Joey Bart for Starling Marte, a RP and one our draft pick pitchers from last year? It won't be Meyer and I think Eder is in untouchable territory right now. Wouldn't surprise me if it's McCambley.
  6. You don't count. LMAO
  7. From everything that I've read on Jazz, he'll be staying in the infield. He's made some easy errors but he has great range and he's been considered a plus defender in the minors. Rookies make errors. That's why they're rookies. Tatis Jr. has 19 errors already. I don't hear anyone trying to move him to the outfield. Just have to give Jazz time to go through growing pains. As far as Cappe and Salas, they might be capable of playing SS long term, but they might both out grow the position. I've read where Cappe is projected at 3rd base long term and Salas at 2nd or CF. Watson seems like a lock to stick at SS. They're also between 17 and 18 years old and 3 to 4 years away. Either way, one of them or Jazz will be our long term answer at SS. They're all terrific athletes and project to have good hit tools. The future is bright with those kids.
  8. I'm really excited to follow Salas and Cappe's development. With Watson in the fold now (hopefully), the future is bright at SS for the fish.
  9. I always watch all of the games. At the very least there's always an intriguing prospect or young player that makes it worth watching. Without Jazz or Sanchez it is kind of boring right now but I still like to watch. I have been on here less because it's too negative. Too much sarcasm and synysisum around here lately. Even for this blog. LOL
  10. I disagree. At least with the approach part. He was walking at a good clip and swinging at pitches in the zone. He just wasn't making much contact with those. He was also hitting too many ground balls. That was probably swing related. Also, he did mashing the minors. We'll see, I guess.
  11. Maybe he figured something out in Jacksonville?
  12. "His defense is far from Elite"? LMAO Do you even watch the games?
  13. I don't understand why it's a pipe dream to trade Pablo. I guess it depends on what you're smoking in the pipe. LOL Pablo is the kind of young player that we are trying to build our core around. If we can't extend, and build around our young home grown talent, then we might as well give up all hope right now. Trading away vetrans like Marte, Aguilar, Duvall and Cooper makes sense because we have possible replacements that are younger, cheaper and have higher ceilings. Trading away a building block for more unproven prospects is ludicrous. And please don't tell me that we have better pitchers in the minors so he's expendable. Until those pitchers prove themselves in the big leagues, there's no reason to move anyone. Just my cents.
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