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  1. Maybe we tried and he just preferred a contender?
  2. Yeah, I'm surprised he took the PG route. LMAO
  3. He'd be perfect for closer. He could also get you more than just 3 outs when needed.
  4. What's a realistic package for Contreras?
  5. Why not? He's better than any outfielder we have right now outside of Marte. Certainly better than the Dickerson and Joyce types.
  6. I specifically mentioned Contreras. That's probably the best option out there. I'm not against trades.
  7. You're barking up the wrong tree about the bitching. I was against the rebuild initially but now that we're here let's finish it the right way without shortcuts is all I'm saying. Also, I did say was in favor of trades and I mentioned Contreras specifically. I just don't want the Dickerson or Joyce type of stop gaps anymore.
  8. I'm probably in the minority here but I want the Marlins to stand pat. We have a glut of hitting prospects that we need to sort out. Harrison, Chisholm, L Diaz and Sanchez are probably not going to get many ABs this year with Dickerson, Cooper, Aguilar, Ramirez, and even Berti taking up most of the ABs. Not to mention that we have another wave of hitters not too far off either in Bleday, Scott, Burdick, Misner and Salas. Let's find out who's the real deal before we start adding any more free agents. The only exception in my opinion should be a proven closer or a experienced l
  9. Holly shit!! We're in position to win game 1!! Lets go Sandy!!!!
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