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  1. The man hit the ball really hard and got a hit. Cut the man some slack. Lol Hopefully that gets him going.
  2. That's bull shit. There's an obvious anti Marlins bias in NY.
  3. 1.15 WHIP in minor league career. Walks weren't an issue. Could just be nerves still. Only second start and this one is in his hometown.
  4. Didn't realize how good of a defender Duvall is. With the exception of the whiff in LF yesterday, he's been really good out there.
  5. That Jazz trade was a good one. He's been the one hitting prospect that seems to be panning out. Thank God
  6. Jazz looks really relaxed at the plate right now.
  7. His ERA just jump from 1.5 to almost 5 for the season.
  8. Pablo should never start against the Braves again. Ever!! On the night we score 8 runs he turns to shit.
  9. No Jazz? Like, why bench the only semblance of a spark plug in our lineup? Fuck the match up BS. Mattingly sucks so bad. He's supposed to be an old school type of player???
  10. Yup, that's why they carry 3 catchers. Wouldn't mind taking a stab at Collins if they make him avialable. Former Cane and 1st round pick. Not sure if he was ever considered good defensively though. I know he was a bat 1st prospect.
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