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  1. Did we really need to shift for Almonte? That's was a DP ball.
  2. FYI... Jesus Sanchez last 10 games in Jax. .205/.295/.308 with 1 HR Shouldn't bring him up at this point. At least not until he gets hot again.
  3. Can we have Chi Chi pitch against us everyday? Lol
  4. He ran a terrible route but let's give him credit for making the catch.
  5. Do we really need extreme shifts on guys hitting .167???
  6. I get the sentiment but trading him is the correct move. He's 32 years old. How much longer do you think he's going to continue to play like this? I'd check in with San Diego. They are all in on winning now and are desperate for OF help. They just might overpay.
  7. And that would be 100% the right move.
  8. Why are we pushing Pablo back? To ensure a loss? Wouldn't it be better to pitch Zach and Castano tomorrow at home vs a lesser lineup than the Red Sox? WTF?? I just don't understand some of these moves.
  9. There goes our shift again. Also, Dick is a terrible defender. What a bad throw.
  10. Either we suck at shifts or our pitchers pitch against our shifts.
  11. Jose Devers coming out party!!! FYI.. He'll be benched tomorrow.
  12. Cody needs to keep the bat on his shoulder the entire at bat.
  13. 2 consecutive walks and Berti comes out swinging at everything.
  14. I agree. Our options are limited. It would hurt the team more than it would hurt him if we benched him.
  15. Jazz demoted to 6th. I like it. Hopefully the message is well received by Jazz. Alfaro with the day off, why??? Not a day night thing and Alfaro is well rested from his IL stint. Also, rested on Sunday and Monday without games. #FuckDonnie
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