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  1. I saw where Franklin Gutierrez was just sent down to AAA by the Indians. Any thoughts on possibly trading for him? Is he still considered a top prospect by the Indians, or has he fallen off a little bit? Thoughts?
  2. josh wilson will probably win the second base job. he is a much better defender. uggla will have to out hit wilson big time if he is to start. with all of the young pitchers we have, middle infield defense will be a priority. can't have errors and unearned runs killing their confidence.
  3. Petit isn't going anywhere.. He might not have the stuff of the others but he will have the most success. Let's see! Who had the better stuff, Beckett, Penny, A J, or Willis? It wasn't Willis. Who is the better Major League pitcher? Hands down it's Willis. The heck with stuff and scouts, just get me results...
  4. On broadcasts of Hagerstown Suns games, the announcer refers to Dante Brinkley as ?The Inferno.? Brinkley, the starting left fielder for Hagerstown, laughs at the nickname he has been given for being the team?s top hitter. ?Right now, I?m just trying to stay even-keeled and not get too high or low,? said Brinkley, hitting .371 with 12 doubles, three triples, eight home runs and 32 RBI through Sunday?s games. ?I don?t look at my stats. I don?t think I?m Dante?s Inferno like everyone else. I?m just picking up a couple hits and minimizing the 0-for-4 games.? Brinkley?s maturity has impressed his manager Gene Richards, who calls the 23-year-old ?a gamer? and said he reminds him of Darin Erstad, the first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, whom he coached as a roving instructor with the club. ?He?s a throwback. He reminds you of an old-time ballplayer who wants to fight if things don?t go right,? Richards said. ?He?s my leader. Players tend to listen to their peers and Dante?s not afraid to tell guys what he sees. He criticizes, points them in the right direction. ?He?ll bunt, hit and run, throws his body around out there, will go into the wall. He does a lot of the dirty work that others wouldn?t do.? Maybe we have already traded for our CF ? I really like what I have read about Dante. I know that he is old for A ball, but I think he will only need a little bit of time in AA to get ready for the Marlins. He's certainly got the tools...
  5. The only one that I really like is Escobar. He was a super prospect at one time. You never know. Some of these kids develop later than most. Jose Guillen was a super prospect for the Pirates at one point, and basically became a journeymen until he had a breakout year in Cincy. We have nothing to lose with giving a young player a shot. Besides, I think he can handle the job defensively, and has a great arm. Byrnes can be a stop gap player but I'm sure he will want to go to a competitve team. By the way... OLVIO.. SUCKS!!!!
  6. I'm all for Choi and Phillips. The more competition the better. Besides, Choi might find his stroke and if he does, look out. Phillips can handle the pitchers well, and give us an option to move Willingham to the OF if needed.
  7. Would it have been better to leave Saddam in power to continue to kill his own people? Do some math and subtract the number of civilian and police deaths from the number of people that Saddam brutally murdered. You can also add all of the American soldiers killed in battle along with the Iraqi terrorist/insurgents/army that have been killed in action and you still won't come close to the number of people that Saddam killed. You can politicize this all you want, but leaving a brutal dictator in power was not the answer. Yes, I know there are other brutal dictators around the world, but you have to start somewhere and this one thumbed his nose at the UN and the entire world. As far as the Limbaugh quote, I guarantee that you have not listened to him for more than five minutes at a time. Maybe not even five minutes total. Please listen to his show for a while and you will see that's not his message. If you prefer not to listen that is fine also, but please don't quote him out of context. It's ok to disagree politically. We are each entitled to our own opinions and those opinions don't make us patriotic or unpatriotic. Respecting each other and always wanting the best for your country is patriotic. At least in my opinion.
  8. According to the Marlins they had already spent nearly $20 million with HOK on plans for a new stadium (at the OB). I would guess they don't want to flush that $$$ down the drain, so you have to believe they will want to salvage as much of that work as possible. I don't know the size of that stadium footprint, but if the renderings and models that have been published are accurate, it used a large sliding roof that would significantly increase the overall footprint of the stadium complex. I didn't know that Stadiums have feet. They must have some really big shoes... LOL
  9. I just read somewhere that Wily Mo Pena has or had requested a trade if he wasn't going to get regular playing time. Of course I am aware that they have traded Casey. However, given the fact that the Reds desperately need pitching, and would still have plenty of hitting even without Pena; wouldn't it make more sense to offer Olsen for Pena instead of Gathright? I'm sure they are going to want more than just Olsen, but maybe Olsen and Mitre would do the trick. Just a thought. I'm leary of trading away a top prospect for a lead off hitter without a proven major league track record, and a below average arm. I think we need a big power bat in LF to go along with Cabrera, Jacobs, Hermida, and Willingham.
  10. I just read where Corey Patterson might not get offered arbitration by the Cubs. If he is not to expensive to sign, why not give him a shot? A change of scenery just might be what he needs, plus he is a good defender. At least this way we don't have to give up a young pitcher, and he has a ton more potential than Gathright. Still doesn't solve the lead off hitter we need but I think we can afford to take a chance on him. Any thoughts?
  11. You have to kidding if you think that Jacob was the main player we received in the Delgado deal. It was Petit and there's no doubt about that. Forget the rankings, and forget all of that "his stuff doesn't match his numbers" stuff! Petit has been a winner everywhere he has gone. He will probably be in the rotation this season. Hey, Willis wasn't a big time prospect either, and pretty much the same was said about him. Good numbers but not the greatest stuff. Look at his results in the majors. You can't argue with that. I remember when Vargas came up last season and Tommy Hutton said it was refreshing to see a kid come up to the bigs because he knows how to pitch and not because of his stuff. I agree with that. A.J has great stuff too, but he didn't win crap here. If anything, A. J and his stuff killed us down the stretch last year. That said, I understand that we need to add some offense. I think we should only include Olsen or Petit if Gomes is in the equation, and even then I don't throw two top notch prospects. Either Olsen or Petit, and then some lesser prospect like Gaby or Marceaux. I'm sure Beinfest will make the right deal.
  12. I'd go with Wagner, Lee, Lopez, Sizemore.
  13. Hey TampaBay21! How many Championships have the Devil Rays won? How many winning season have the Devil Rays had? I guess if I were a Rays fan I would find solace in another teams misfortunes also. Your time might be better spent urging your front office to spend some money and field a competitive team instead trying to put us down. After all your team does have a stadium and your payroll is always among the leagues lowest. You sir have no room to criticize any team, not even the Marlins!!! But, your apology is accepted...
  14. I would like to see Aguila get a chance at the CF job. I think he can hit .280, with about 20 hrs, and steal some bases. He is also a very good defender with a decent arm. Call me crazy but I think Aguila will be a poor mens Johnny Damon. I could be wrong but what have we got to lose with giving him a chance? At the very least it won't cost us Scott Olsen!
  15. Marlins2003 is absolutely correct on the bed tax issue. That money will not go to the school board under any circumstance. If they don't use the money for a stadium, they will end up using it for some convention center, museum or some other venue along those lines.
  16. I honestly believe that Dupuy is here because MLB doesn't want to give up on this market. I think he is a good mediator for these negotiations. Remember, MLB can't make Loria sell the team, but they can stop him from relocating the team, which would really put Loria behind the eight ball. The only leverage that Loria has now is that MLB is backing him in his search for a new city. If we could prove to MLB that the stadium can get done and that it's Samson and Loria that are being unreasonable, their stance might change. If MLB doesn't back the relocation then Loria has to negotiate in good faith with Wayne, the City, and the County. He can't continue to lose money so he either sells, or negotiates a stadium. The whole key here is MLB. As for Wayne? How much can he really be asking for if he would be the one giving the least amount of money. The county 138m, the Marlins 212m in rent, and Wayne only 50m. He is also throwing in the land but let's remember that it's not prime real estate that he is giving up. I really think that he is doing this for the sole purpose of his Wayne's World thing and to bring the Superbowl here on a permananet basis. I think he is looking at the big picture here and realizes that he will make alot more money in the long run by chipping in to the Marlins Stadium. Who knows?
  17. Am I missing something here? If the county is willing to kick in 138 mil to the 212 mil the Marlins are going to pay in rent money, plus the free land and 50 mil that Wayne is willing to kick in, then I don't see such a big gap in funding. Do the math. That is 400 mil in money not including the land. That's well over 400 mil total. Plus that doesn't include anything from the City of Miami whom I still think will get back into the negotiations. From what I see the money is out there. It is just a matter of all sides sitting down and hammering out a deal.
  18. The Marlins need our support now more than ever. Instead of trying to get refunds (which is your perogative) we should be busy trying to get more people to attend the games. Don't do it for this front office, don't do it for our crooked elected leaders, and don't even do it for the Marlins players because they have plenty of money and will move on with their lives, but do it for us as a community because we love baseball. You shouldn't be seeing this as a down payment for the 06' season but as a down payment for the future of baseball in Miami. This is our last chance to make a stand and be counted. How terrible would the front office look (not that they care) if they tried to move a team after drawing 25k-30k a night. Of course I'm dreaming, but that is the kind of pressure we should be putting on them. That is what the "Save The Marlins" campaign should be all about. It should be all about getting a big turn out to the games. If they leave anyway, then we can hold our heads up high and know we did everything we could.
  19. I generally don't post anyting, I just mostly read from this site. However, I have noticed that some of you have links to some "Out Of The Park" simulation leagues. I would really appreciate it if someone could send me some information about it. My e-mail address is Hmpalmetto@aol.com. It sound's very interesting. Thanks
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