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  1. Gay Perry you look like Val Kilmer yet your name is Gay.


    Like I said, Im knee deep in p***y...I just like the name. I do look like Val Kilmer, thats why they picked him to play me on a movie based on me.

  2. Being a private detective and boning beautiful women all over California is the life for me.


    Being a Chief Meteorologist and boning beautiful women all over Florida is the life for me.


    Predicting the weather, wow...the women must come rolling in.


    The only thing I predict everyday is whether it will be a threesome or one on one action that night.

  3. Agreed.


    Someone needs to make a real life version of Dave Chappelle's Real World.



    Tha' MAD Real World! Heh.


    I was waiting for someone to reference that. Anyone else feel sorry for the honky/ bitch in that episode?

    "Nighty Night..... Keep Ya Butthole Tight"


    "Hey I brought some brownies!"

    "They got any weed in 'em?"


    "...and you'd better sit down when you pee!"


    "Katie had some big ass titays!"


    "Man, can you hold it down? I'm tryin' to make love over here!"


    And the best... *drum roll*


    "No, Tyree, you had sex with me too."

    - Katie

  4. I love how it's called "The Real World" yet they work 5 hour a week jobs, live in multi-million dollar homes, go on ten thousand dollar vacations, party every night of the week, and all look like models/movie stars. Mmmm, the reality.



    Conclusion: The Show Sux.


    I think they call it Real World because once the average "Real World Fan" (is there such a thing; sadly, yes) turns it off, they look around and see themselves at home, alone, in their undies and eating cereal. After you're done, you realize you don't live in the Mtv Universe and probably never will. You don't look that good, you get zits on occasion and hell, the clothes in your closet aren't as cool as the one's provided Mtv celebs.


    Maybe I'm wrong. But, I doubt it.

    It seems like you have experienced this revelation yourself.... :mischief2

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