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  1. Rydawg

    Pablo Lopez

    We also got Nick Niedert, Chris Torres, and Robert Dugger from Seattle for Dee Gordon and Int slot money. If you look at what those three guys are doing in the minors you'll be very happy with the results. We might have really fleeced them twice. We should always trade with the Mariners!
  2. Rydawg

    The Opener

    No I don't. Chen should go to the pen so that Niedert or Gallen etc. should get a look. We aren't going to win anytime soon regardless. Lets just develop some pitching. We might not have an ace but we have plenty of young arms that should give us plenty of depth. Pablo Lopez and Trevor Richards have held their own so far in the show. Alcantara should be joining them for good soon also. Gallen has been unspectacular but very solid in the PCL. Neidert has been very good all season and Dugger has come on strong in the second half after being promoted to AA earlier this year. We still have Guzman, and Cabrera in A ball who both have top of the rotation potential. Trevor Rogers is also developing in low A ball and Jordan Yamamoto was great in A and AA before getting hurt. Also, Braxton Garrett should be ready to go next spring. The point is we have a shit load of young arms to develop and there's no need to use a gimmick like an opener. At least in my opinion. They won't all make it but if half of them pan out, we are in good shape. If we dont have an ACE by the time we are ready then they can sign one.
  3. Rydawg

    Stanton still wants the Marlins to succeed

    I would forgive Jeter. Lol
  4. Rydawg

    The Opener

    Forward thinking. How's this for forward thinking. Develop better players.
  5. Rydawg

    The Opener

    I hate the idea. That's taking away from the game. Pretty soon it's bullpen games every night with each pitcher getting two innings. There aren't going to be an stars to cheer for pretty soon. Just relievers and platoon guys. Boring.
  6. Very good read. Thoughts??? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2791455-i-find-it-very-difficult-to-watch-why-mlb-greats-think-baseballs-in-trouble?share=twitter
  7. Rydawg

    Brian Anderson compared to other NL rookies

    Anderson is a nice player and will be a solid contributor. I've said it before that he reminds me of Conine. I don't think he'll ever be a superstar and he might be on the fringe of our next core but not a major piece of that core.
  8. Rydawg

    8/15 Marlins @ Braves

    Still don't think he should have been tossed. Especially 20 minutes after the fact. Umps are idiots.
  9. Rydawg

    The Monte Harrison Appreciation Thread

    17 hrs and 24 stolen bases. He also has a .315 OBP despite a .238 BA. The tools are there. Just needs better pitch recognition. Or a wider bat. LOL. He just turned 23. There's still time. On the other hand Scott , Pompey, and Banfield have all been promoted to Greensboro. Might have a good draft class on our hands.
  10. Rydawg

    Austin Dean

    He's starting in LF today. Ortega to RF and Anderson to 3rd.
  11. Rydawg

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    FWIW Twine has been on absolute fire since being promoted to Jax. Still only 23. Was a football star in High School and was drafted mostly because of his tools. I'd be funny if he turns out to be a useful player after all of the jokes about him on here.
  12. Rydawg

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    I've been very critical of Jeter since he decided to dismantle last years outfield. You know, #FuckJeter ! LOL With that, I will say that I've come to believe that Jeter and company want to win in the long run. I believe they are being sincere. Of course, Jeter and company answer to their investors and at the same time they have to make money. However, I think building a winner is their main focus. This trade could turn out to be pointless but the bottom line is that they were willing to include money in a deal and that was very refreshing. By the way that money is meaningless of any real consequences. It was just half of Bour's remaining contract this season. It doesn't effect our finances next season. Bour will help the Phillies in the short run and Mills should help us in the long run even if its out of the pen. Those of you that have written Mills off before ever seeing the kid throw a pitch are just being foolish. You can't possibly know enough about this kid to come to that conclusion. I'll take the Marlins FO (who did their due diligence and are actual scouts) opinion over (and I say this with love) wanna be GM's. Again, whether this move pays off is not as important as the Marlins FO showing that they are changing from the cheapskate ways of the old regime. It was a baseball move and that's what I want to see. #FuckJeterAnyway
  13. Rydawg

    Austin Dean speculation

    Dean deserves the call up.
  14. Rydawg

    Marlins acquire Bryson Brigman & pool money for Maybin

    Competitive balance. Real money isn't traded but rather slots of the amount of money permitted to be spent by teams. If not the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, etc. would always sign the cream of the crop. Without an International amateur draft, this is the fairest way to go. I also like the fact that the money slots can be traded. It gives teams more flexibility.
  15. Rydawg

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    Pink bleached buttholes are my favorite. RIMMING!!!

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