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  1. Seriously, how did the BlueJays let Harry get away? I'm glad they did. Props to our scouting department. The kid can flat out hit.
  2. Why is JT Riddle still on the team? Furthermore, why is he our starting CF? SMH
  3. I disagree. Straily had no trade value and was only going to block the young guys. I wouls much rather let Gallen, Hernandez, Yamamoto, Dugger, and Niedert (when healthy) take the innings than Straily. We also have Chen and Noesi if it comes to that. Also, don't think Caleb will miss much time.
  4. Blessing in disguise for Marlins but not so much for Prado. Let the young guys play. Prado has no trade value both because of contract and injury history. Now we need to let go of Granderson, trade Castro for anything, and demote Conley. Chen too but that ain't gonna happen. Purge the dead weight.
  5. The young rotation is fun to watch. So are Alfaro, B Anderson, Cooper and Ramirez. Can't wait to see Diaz, Gallen, and Harrison eventually as well. There's alot to be excited about with this team. That last play however isn't one of them. Lol
  6. Who are these guys? This season has become interesting really fast. All of a sudden this rebuild is on track. Lol
  7. He's actually pitching pretty well.
  8. Just say #FuckEverybody #MarlinsLifer Who cares what they say? I'm no Jeter fan to be sure but it's way too early to judge this rebuild. Our pitching staff in the majors has alot of quality arms. They might not all pan out but our pitching depth in the minors is legit too. Look at then staff in Jupiter. Some serious arms there. Gallen is looking great in AAA and Neidert is hurt but had a great season in 18 at AA. The Jax team has Sixto and Guzman. Even the Clinton team has a couple of live arms in Mejia, Vallimont and Soriano. Hitting is way behind but Harrison, Diaz, Brinson, Mesa, Encanacion, Scott, Banfield and Devers all have the tools to develop. I'm sure I left a couple out. FO is now spending on IFA which is huge. Just have to see how they draft next month and which IFA they sign in July. There's lots to be excited about. You've come this far. Don't let what "they" say get you. #FuckThey #FuckTheDoubters #JustFuck
  9. I love you Silver but you have to be shitting me with this Astro's thing! Are you the new Das Texan? I hope this is just for shits and giggles. If not, you were one of the biggest proponents of this rebuild. You went out of your way to defend everything Jeter and now you'll be back when the rebuild is complete? I have a lot of respect for your opinions even when they differ from mine. Please tell me this is a joke my friend.
  10. I think I made my stance on Jeter and the rebuild very clear when it all started going down 2 off seasons ago. #FuckJeter With that said, I'm getting tired of the media and scorned fans piling on the Marlins. I will never agree that this was the only path. However, it's a done deal. Whether I like it or not, this is the path Jeter chose. As a Marlin fan, I have to hope he succeeds and that the Marlins succeed. I'm going to root for the young guys and hope this FO figures it out. Whether we got back enough on the trades is irrelevant at this point. The important thing is that they develop to their full potential the pieces we got back. It's important that they draft well going forward and that they spend money on IFA. So far they are showing a willingness to do so and that's all I can ask. Is Jeter a giant douche bag? From what I've read, Yes. Is Denbo a bigger douche bag, again, probably so. However, you can't argue with the amount of young talent he put together with the Yankees. Let's see how his 1st draft class pans out. Let's see how his 1st IFA class pans out. Let's keep an open mind and realize that both Denbo and Jeter have a proven track records as winners. Let's root for our young players to develop into new stars. Let's hope we already have the next Yelich, Stanton, Ozuna, Fernandez, J T, etc. Let's root for these douche bags to ge it right. If they don't, well, let's just hope they do. #FuckRosenthal #FuckHisStupidBowTie #FuckTheNaySayers #OurDoucheBags #FuckTheNegativity #JustFuck #I'mAnOptimisticFuck Rant over... Bring up Harold, Dean, and Brigham. Release Herrera, Demote Conley, Demote Galloway. #FuckChen Leave Gallen and Hernandez until we have a need in the Rotation. Bring up Monte after All Star break. Nite Mates!
  11. Yes, we'll call them the New Orleans Baby Cakes!
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