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  1. Rydawg

    4-19 Marlins at Brewers

    Peters will be fine. He was being squeezed big time by that ump. Not every prospect comes up and dominates. He will figure it out. He's not ACE but I think he can be very useful for us. Same goes with Richards.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2016/6/6/11867364/marlins-knife-prank-prospect-injured-dl-mlb It was a prank gone wrong.
  3. I'm not sure if he belongs in the exciting player thread but has anyone else noticed what Ben Meyer did last season in Jupiter and Jacksonville and the start he is having this year in New Orleans. Maybe a late bloomer? Very nice numbers.
  4. He had a really bad season in Jupiter last year. He was however coming off of that injury where he was stabbed in the hand by Naylor so maybe that played a part in it. He's off to a really nice start this year in Jupiter. Still only 22. He has the tools.
  5. His bat will play at 3rd base as well. As long as he hits he will have a position. By the time he's ready we can move Anderson to 1st base and have Dunand at 3b. Who knows, he might be able to stick at SS. That would awesome. There's also James Nelson who can play 3rd and 1st but doesn't quite the have pop of Dunand.
  6. Rydawg

    04-17-2018 Post Game

    Why so negative? LOL
  7. I'm really excited about Joe Dunand and Riley Mahan in Jupiter. They are both off to great starts. Last years draft class might be thw best we've had in a long while. I'm also anxious to see how Peters and Richards progress in the majors this year. I know they are made fun of on here but I think they are both very intersting prospects even if their ceiling isn't that of ace.
  8. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    We're in the win column! Nice win and nice outing by Peter's!
  9. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Is that Devon White out there in CF?
  10. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Fair enough, but we really need to stretch the young starters out to see what we actually have. Peters didn't really have a stressful inning tonight. Just the one bad pitch to Diaz.
  11. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Who the Shuck is this guy?
  12. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Big Bour!!!!
  13. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Why do you agree that it was ok to take out Peters when her was still under 80 pitches going into the 7th?
  14. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    I think the runner blocked his view and he lost track of the ball.
  15. Rydawg

    4/13 - Buck-O's vs Fish-O's

    Here we go!