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  1. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    He was a rookie in 2015 and injured most of 17. I think 2016 is a better indicator of the type of hitter he is. It's not just the 30 hr's. He also had an .820 OPS. Prado hasn't had an .820 OPS since 2009. He's also 34 years old while Tomas is only 27. Tomas is the better player now. Also, I'm not advocating anything. I was just agreeing with Sherman's sentiment. Winning is obviously not the issue but if we can get a player capable of hitting 30 plus hr's while OPSing over .800 we will have a player with greater trade value at mid season. Getting better young players back is the whole point. Prado is done and isn't getting you shit back. Of course you are chosing to ignore Prado's injury plagued season at age 33 while counting Tomas small sample size last season because of injury at the age of 26. Yes defense does matter but he has also been played out of position because of Goldschmidt. From what I've read his defense at 1st base is adequate.
  2. Nope. He is a real player. Was with the Marlins Gulf Coast League last year. Another player to keep an eye on is Yeral Encarnacio.
  3. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    Well, I don't think you know much about anything so there's that. While you might be younger than Tomas, you could neither hit 30 hr's or OPS .820 so that was a ridiculous statement. Yes, his WAR sucks because he's bad at defense. That doesn't really matter since we aren't going to be winning regardless. Also, Prado is pretty much done. I did say that if Tomas hits well we could eat half of his salary and then flip him to an AL team that needs a DH. An old Prado isn't going to get you anything in a trade. The last thing is that salary won't matter much the next few seasons because we aren't going to have any highly paid contracts other than Chen and Prado or Tomas after 2018. One extra year of Tomas won't make any difference. I mean it might to Jeters bonus, but I really don't about that.
  4. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    LOL Yes, I read the title. That's why I read it to begin with. The problem is that I agree with Sherman so the title didn't jump out at me as unfair. I guess to an unbiased reader it would have stood out. Sorry, I just hate Jeter. LOL
  5. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    He's much younger than Prado as he's only 27. In 2016 he put up an .820 OPS and hit 31 HR. I'll take that over an aging Prado.
  6. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    I honestly hadn't noticed that he was being hard on Jeter. Of course that could just be because I loath Jeter myself. LOL I'm going to assume that they have a thin Baseball ops department because Loria wasn't big on analytics and didn't have a big analytical team. Jeter seems to be of that same mindset and probably hasn't hired a large analytical team either. Who knows?
  7. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    I think he's one of the best baseball journalists in the game today. Also, I never said he was pillar of baseball knowledge. I'm just saying that he is a very reputable and respected source.
  8. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    When I mentioned Frisaro I was referring to reputation and not necessarily working hard or doing their homework. Reading my post again I can see the way I wrote it makes it sound like that. I worded it poorly. Of course it's my opinion but I think Frisaro is terrible at his job regardless of how hard he might work or not. On the contrary, I find Sherman to be one of the best baseball journalists in the game today. Also, do you think that Sherman lied or didn't do his homework? Because in the article he mentioned that we have "one of the thinnest" baseball ops department in MLB. He never mentioned that they weren't good. Although he did take a couple of shots at Hill but who could blame him for that.
  9. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    You might not agree with his opinion and that's fine. However, if Sherman throws that out there I'm going to believe he has done his homework. This isn't Joe Frisaro we are talking about. As for the "we are still building it part", perhaps, we'll see how it plays out. However, haven't they had sufficient time to fill out the baseball ops department? I mean it's not like putting together the Presidents cabinet for God's sake.
  10. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    He's not an expert but as a respected baseball journalist who covers the game for a living, I would consider his a very informed opinion. He could still be wrong of course. On a side note. What about the fact that the Marlins have one of the thinnest baseball operations departments in the game ? Doesn't that concern you about the ability of this owneship group?
  11. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    Also, I would make that trade in a heart beat. If Tomas has a good first half he will have more value than any of the three we would be sending to AZ. Trade him at the deadline to an AL team that needs a DH and eat half of the salary and you might get a decent prospect in return.
  12. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    My biggest take away from the article is that we will have one of the thinnest baseball ops in MLB. What the hell is that about? I thought they were going to do things different yet the longer they run the show the more they look like the old owner. If you plan on drafting better and spending money on IFA then wouldn't you want the best possible information available? From the best possible evaluators? I'm sorry but nothing about this group excites me. I love ya @SilverBullet1929 but why do you take negative articles so personal? Joel Sherman is a very good and reputable reporter.
  13. His opinion is different than yours so lets not give him any attention? That "moron" at least puts his money where his mouth is. He has every right to speak his mind. If he were in favor of these "morons" running the show you would love the guy regardless of whether he does it for attention or not. So he's not a shill for the new owners? Bad Marlins Man, bad!! Do me a favor, when this "rebuild" goes sour, (I hope to God I'm wrong) please don't ever bash this group. You are not on the "lets give them a chance" crowd, you are in the "blindly all in" crowd.