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  1. Blame the stupid shift. It was a good pitch and Adams made weak contact.
  2. Not a spot at the moment. All of the young guys have had their good and bad outings but no one has been flat out terrible like Chen for example.
  3. Yes, Brice and Anderson have been impressive. Kinley and Guerrero also. They've been better than Conley Streck and Romo. Go figure. Lol
  4. Pitched 3 innings the day before I believe. In our blowout win.
  5. Charge the ball! Might have had a better chance to get the out at 1st.
  6. That was unfortunate. Dean should have called Castro off.
  7. Are there really those people around? LMAO
  8. Not sure why the hate on Ozuna by Das. He a solid if unspectacular 2018. His slugging hurt his OPS but still a solid campaign. He doesn't have a huge contract and according to Das, they got him for spare parts. What's the problem? Also, I don't watch Cardinals games but Ozuna had plenty arm strength when he was here.
  9. Someone forgot to tell Steck that this isn't BP. SMH
  10. Remind me again who we traded Castillo for? LMAO
  11. I fucking HATE all of this shifting!!
  12. Keep in my mind that if we don't use that stupid shift, the first batter basically hit a week grounder to SS. More than one thing went wrong against Streckenrider in that inning..
  13. It doesn't have to be in a Marlins uniform?
  14. Mattingly has no guts. Under 100 pitches, no stressful innings, still hitting 96 in the 8th and an extra day of rest comming up. Pussy ass move!
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