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  1. Not sure about this move. Sanchez has been slumping in Nola recently. I'd rather bring a guy up when he's hot.
  2. I think it's a smart move. Besides all of the young arms already up this year, Neidert, Sanchez, Guzman, Dugger and possibly Rogers should all be ready to see MLB action next year. No room in the rotation for Urena. Also, with the injury and inconsistency as a starter, his trade value is minimal and he's still affordable. Nothing to lose with this move.
  3. Or, if it wasn't for all of the stupid trades, we could have had German, Castillo, Richards, and Disco in the rotation. Doesn't really matter at this point. It is what it is. We are in the middle off this rebuild and I'm happy with the progress so far.
  4. Just having some fun. Not trying to insult anyone. I am guilty of being lame with my made up stat. BALLSACK+% is much more creative. LMAO
  5. Seems like with Gallen making the jump he did this season, Neidert has sort of been forgotten about because he's been injured. Neidert was much more highly regarded than Gallen before the season. Hope he can finish the season strong and get back on track.
  6. They're too busy calculating the metrics from the game to see if he actually did toss a gem or if our eyes deceived us. I'm sure his BABPIPMADOO was terrible so the results were just luck. LMAO Just fucking with everyone. Seriously, his stuff is great. The fact that he can keep his velocity up in the high 90's late in the game is great. Seems like his biggest problem is confidence. When they can get him to be aggressive, he's almost unhittable. I'm excited to see him continue to improve. #SpareParts
  7. I'm having Miguel Olivo flash backs with Alfaro lately.
  8. I know Brinson hasn't gotten off to a hot start but the swing looks so much more compact. Hopefully he can put it all together.
  9. I get it. It makes sense for some teams. However, all sports are copycat leagues and I fear this will become a trend where only the Verlander's of the league are the exception. I just hope the fish don't try any shortcuts and fully develop all of the young talented arms we have in the system right now. We shall see.
  10. I agree with this. His biggest weakness by far.
  11. If you have a pitcher that can't go 3 times through a batting order then get another pitcher or just have him go 4 or 5 innings. What difference does it make if Stanek pitches in the 1st or the 5th and beyond? There's already too much specialization in baseball as it is. Platoons, 7th inning guy, setup man, closer and LOOGY. And don't get me started on this stupid shifts. We are taking away name recognition from the game. Baseball, like any sport needs star power. Relievers (with the exception of some closers) and platoon players aren't usually superstars. Baseball is more than just about stats. Yes, I'm old. Get off my lawn. I get it. But pretty soon the game will be diminished with all of this specialization. It just takes away from the game. Baseball has been around longer than any other sport and has always been successful and enjoyable. Why do we have to change it so drastically now after all of these years? I know my opinion is in the minority on this site but that's just how I feel. Part of loving baseball is the traditions and they are flying out the window now.
  12. What must the guy that he K'd feel like? LOL
  13. God I hope we don't ever use an "Opener". Such a dumb idea.
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