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  1. All this gloom and doom, c,mon, Kevin Gregg is back-isn't that enough to turn it around. He can pitch the 6th inning of every game.
  2. Penny had some nasty numbers his previous chances in spring training and in 2012 in Japan. Each time he was let go almost immediately. Makes zero sense. http://msn.foxsports.com/florida/story/report-brad-penny-signs-minor-league-deal-with-marlins-061814
  3. I get to listen on the radio and have to endure Dave Van Horne describing the Marlins cap in full detail "stylized M with a stylized fish over the top of the M...". It is a bit much.
  4. I am so late to this discussion, but I just saw the article. From the headline to the detail, I kept wondering what this was about. Is the attorney contemplating a lawsuit or what? Then, once I kept reading his quotes, it is clear that right out of law 101, he used all the appropriate language of an opening statement-but again, to what end? I can only surmise that he has just purchased a few large billboards to place strategically throughout the Tampa Bay area hawking his services and needed to make a name for himself.
  5. TIn my opinion, I feel they need to trade Marmol and get a quality set-up man and another middle reliever. Who would be likely candidates? Tell me what you guys think.... Why would anyone give anything for Marmol? He is just Archimedes Caminero with a history and there are plenty of them out there. Regardless, the team is great to watch and even though I could only watch the first 3 innings, I had the radio on and the pillow speaker and ended listening through the 8th. Then, woke up at 3 and had to check out the results, watch the home run, read the wrap. Basically, the marlins killed my sleep pattern, so it is a good thing they won. With the starting staff, definitely sustainable.
  6. Redmond got outmanaged again. Dobbs shouldnt be the first choice off the bench (or second, third,.so on) This team cant move runners over to scoring position. Same old stuff Says a lot, getting outmanaged by Fredi.
  7. Caminero is not a major league pitcher I'm so sick of this front office force feeding us relievers who can't throw strikes. Dunn, Caminero, and Marmol are all guys who should be fringe major leaguers, not guys throwing a majority of our high leverage innings. we keep getting "Caminero throws 96-97..." blah blah, but so far he gets hit at this level all the time, just like Hatcher did. Looks great in the minors, but not up here, so we just keep getting ulcers.
  8. "As far as intentionally walking Rendon, Redmond liked Marmol's chances of throwing Werth some sharp-breaking sliders and inducing a double play." So, thus, the first two pitches were fastballs and the second one right down the pike. OK, I guess, Marmol, "he's our guy".
  9. I say start Marmol until he pitches to Strasburg, good chance he hits him in the knee and knocks him out of the game, then we bring in Koehler.
  10. Marmol-ized-always was just a matter of how quickly this would happen. Hope we do not see him in tight situations again unless the bullpen is totally overworked. Doesn't anyone on the coaching staff remember that Werth has problems with fastball up, so you throw him one down and in his wheelhouse. Just about the same spot as the first gift strike that was out of the zone, but instead you fix it by just getting it right over the plate and down.
  11. Great game all around. Opening Day gets guys amped up. Need to keep the same intensity every game. Nice to see Hechavarria continuing his strong spring finish. If he had better range, he would not have had to jump. Made an easy play look hard. (sarcasm)
  12. It's not the food, but the type of food offered for all you can eat. bleh
  13. Politicians will always take the easy stance. Being anti-Marlins is the easy, safe stance right now. Now, don't get me wrong, the Marlins have made it very easy for this to be the easy stance to take, but I just don't understand how publically bashing the team benefits the community. Regardless of how you felt about the stadium deal 5 years ago, it was built...it's not going away. What I would prefer from the Mayor and commissioners is to say "we may not have supported the deal then, but we are invested in this project and it is our duty to make sure the ballpark is a success." It's a dead horse at this point. When the media brings it up, why not just say "we've moved on from that" and talk about how Jose Fernandez is a great role model for kids in Little Havana? It won't happen, but it would be nice if they even thought about taking the high road just once. Absolutely perfectly stated. Regalado and Giminez are in the perfect situation. They could still get the political capital for opposing the stadium but could also be credited with creating a positive environment for the S. Florida and Miami community. They do not have to support Loria, but support the business that represents Miami. They get a lot of positive everytime the team is on TV, with national exposure to the beautiful downtown, the port and the view of all of S. Florida. Yet, they are too dense in their grudge holding mentality to take advantage of it and can't see beyond their pigeon hole minds.
  14. Let's not forget, until it did become popular, not too long ago, Minnesota was one of the teams marked for contraction. To the point of the article, I too am disgusted with the attitude of the politicians who say " I won't go" as a matter of principle, principle from a politician. Fact is, these jerks know that any political matter, be it a stadium or an underwater tunnel, has opposition. You fight it, you support it or you oppose it, when it is over, you accept the process. The stadium is built, and it is beautiful-not even Braman can dispute that. Now, for the benefit of everyone in our community, support it and make it another destination in a major tourist community. If it succeeds it benefits everyone, the economy etc and the politicians can grin and soak up the applause. But this attitude, sort of like saying, "let's promote failure because we did not want it" is disgraceful.
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