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  1. never seen even a regular season game postponed for a a few light sprinkles. something is amiss.
  2. Cervelli was a spark plug early on. Not expecting much help from Diaz with that long swing. Hope Berti is back soon.
  3. 150,00 dead, "leaders" ignore science while pushing bs we'll be lucky to get baseball next year.
  4. I was one of the few attendees for Anibel's gem.
  5. holly blows... bring back Rich and Tommy
  6. Brian Anderson, God!
  7. Remember '98....if Bour does not stay healthy....this could be dismal.
  8. keep the sculpture, lose those lime green walls.
  9. Maybe I'll get used to him....right now, he is annoying at times. Can you imagine Hutton using "goodness gracious" twice in the same sentence?....or ever?
  10. Even worse he backs a criminal as President Not true......he hates trump.
  11. Wasn't Cole Gillespe much more productive? Is there room for 2 backups?
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