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  1. • We hear the Marlins have made a five-year offer, in the $13 million range, for ballyhooed left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman, a Cuban defector who has been clocked as high as 102 mph. South Florida could be appealing to him, but a few bigger-revenue teams figure to dangle more -- including Boston, which reportedly offered $15.5 million in a multiyear deal. Chapman, 21, impressed scouts in the World Baseball Classic and during a Tuesday workout in Houston. http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/columnists/barry-jackson/story/1390863-p2.html
  2. I like these two spects the Marlins picked. In 106 AB's in the GCL last year Luis Bryan walked a grand total of 0 times.
  3. The Florida Marlins president obviously has no shame. After finally succeeding in securing a new taxpayer-funded stadium for the Marlins in downtown Miami - supposedly enabling the Marlins to have the financial means to keep their star players - Samson demonstrated he has no intention of doing that when he refused to give his best pitcher, Josh Johnson, a four-year extension. Now it also looks as if Hanley Ramirez won't ever see that new stadium in a Marlins uniform as the Red Sox, who let incumbent Alex Gonzalez go, are reportedly engaged in talks with Florida about reacquiring the All-Star shortstop. My link I smell bulls***.
  4. It's official. Gaby Sanchez was called up to sit on the bench. Why not just keep him down and let him continue getting work at the plate? If we aren't gonna start Sanchez, it would've been best to just call up a utility bench player like Andy Gonzalez or Alejandro De Aza. Whats the point of having speed, if the person that has speed can't hit? I feel sorry for Gaby. Just utter stupidity. Really, Gload and f***ing Boner over Gaby? Really? Someone get a f***ng clue. Why would anyone want Gaby to rot on the bench?
  5. Well...atleast we know what will happen when Proctor comes back lol. I forgot Proctor was even on this team. That "when" is really more like "if." Probably see Taylor up tomorrow and than Carols Martinez up Monday
  6. Ceda is still on the 7-day DL. God knows what's up with him.
  7. The baseball rule of not taking your closer out no matter how bad he sucks is stupid. While I hate Fredi for not taking him out, its not like any other manager would have. Hanley needs to get his head out of his ass. Should have been beched after his THREE baserunning blunders in ONE inning. Not good enough.
  8. He's our guy............................ No rationale at all. Maybin has outperformed Boner. Maybin is prone to the braking pitch, batting 8th will not help. Remember how exciting the Maybin/Baker combo was the last week of the season? Why are we setting up our elite prospect to fail, while falling into love with a marginal one? ugh.
  9. Hair-brained policy raises Hanley's ire Dave Hyde | Sports Columnist March 27, 2009 FORT LAUDERDALE Hanley Ramirez, the lone Marlin with five stars to his resume, walked through Thursday morning's clubhouse with a message written across his chest in Sharpie. "I'm sick of this s---," it read. He was serious. "I'm angry," he said. A quiet day of spring was turning loud. "I want to be traded," Ramirez soon said. No, he doesn't. Not really. And by the end of this column the temperature will cool down. But it's never good when your best player entered Thursday's game batting .091 for the spring and blamed it on some silly organizational decrees. For a while, Hanley vs. Marlins Get your Marlins Tickets now! sounded like The Mane Event of spring. Ramirez, see, used to wear his hair in cornrows. "I had to cut it," he said. He also had to take off the jewelry dangling from his neck while playing. "It's incredible," he said an hour later in the dugout, still angry. "We're big-leaguers." For some hair-brained reason, the Marlins have adopted a new fashion statement that reads: It's the 1950s! Short hair was in. Jewelry was out. These changes came despite having the same front office since 2002. And the same manager from last season. What, they signed Sal "The Barber" Maglie over the winter? "We want to look professional," manager Fredie Gonzalez said. "Nice and neat." Poor Freddie. He can't be behind this decision. He's got bullpen issues. He's got a question at first base. Opening Day is coming. And now he has a superstar with a Supercuts complex? Part of you wants to laugh at this. We've had hairy Marlins situations before and hairy Marlins' seasons. But the only hair anyone wanted to clip was Rene Lachemann's flowing mullet. Besides, we're past this in sports, aren't we? The NFL just had a Super Bowl with Arizona receiver Admin Fitzgerald, who hasn't cut his hair in six years, and Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu, whose long hair honors his "warrior spirit and Samoan roots," as the team media guide reads. Yep, the Marlins need fans and just lost the Samoan market. The only problem with laughing this off as a bad hair day is Ramirez was angry enough to write in Sharpie on his chest. It's his hair, after all. And his necklaces. If the Marlins considered these such big deals, why wait until his fourth season to say so? Other Marlins were affected. Josh Johnson, Cameron Maybin and Leo Nunez cut their hair, too. But Ramirez is the proven commodity. He's the one player who seems sure to play at the new stadium in 2012. And they want to go to war with him on this? Well, evidently, they don't. Word got out Ramirez was angry. And after he left the game in the sixth inning, he was met in the clubhouse by the Marlins brain trust of President David Samson, General Manager Admin Beinfest and assistant GM Mike Hill. Ten minutes later, Ramirez left the locker room. So? "Everything's great, I'm fine," Ramirez said. What about the Sharpie message, the angry trade demand? "My mind calmed down," he said. Maybe he just needed a hug from the front office. Maybe they said he can wear his hair and jewelry as he wants now. All Ramirez said with a smile was, "Everything's going to be fine." So the Marlins won two Thursday. Beat Baltimore 11-6. And turned around Hanley's frown, which might turn around his game. You don't worry about him until Opening Day. But still. His at-bats were pop up, ground out, fly out, foul out. His average sits at .077. Let's hope an organization run by Samson knows the value of hair. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/community/news...,4524672.column
  10. Will Ohman, one of the top relievers left on baseball's free agent market, has major league offers in hand from the Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins and San Diego Padres, but plans to continue discussions with three contending teams before making a decision on his destination for 2009, his agent said Monday. The Phillies, Mets and Dodgers have all stayed in touch with Ohman, but their interest has yet to progress beyond the talking stage. "When Will gets an offer he's comfortable with, he's going to sign,'' agent Page Odle said. "Right now we continue to have dialogue with several teams on a pretty regular basis. There's no timetable.'' Ohman, 31, figured to be one of the most hotly-pursued lefties on the market this winter based on his performance in 2008. He posted a 4-1 record with a 3.68 ERA for Atlanta, and struck out 53 batters in 58 1/3 innings. The market began promisingly, when Damaso Marte signed a three-year, $12 million deal to remain with the Yankees and Jeremy Affeldt agreed to a two-year, $8 million contract with San Francisco. The Braves were also discussing a possible two-year deal to keep Ohman in Atlanta. But then the bottom gradually fell out. While Arthur Rhodes, Darren Oliver, Alan Embree, Trever Miller, Brian Shouse and Eddie Guardado all found homes, Ohman and fellow lefties Joe Beimel and Dennys Reyes remain unsigned. It's believed that the Pirates, Marlins and Padres -- all of whom rank among the game's lowest payroll clubs -- would be hesitant to give a lefty setup man more than a one-year deal for anything beyond $1 million, if that. The Mets and Phillies, both citing spiraling payrolls, have also given indications that they're limited in what they're willing to spend. Beimel, 31, posted a 5-1 record with a 2.02 ERA in 71 appearances as a Dodger last season. He's allowed only one home run covering 154 appearances over the past two seasons, but remains in limbo. Beimel told MLB.com last week that he's spoken to 16 clubs this offseason, but none has made an offer worth accepting. While Beimel waits, he continues to work out at UCLA and stay in pitching shape. "Joe is willing to be reasonable and flexible to cut a deal, but he's not going to panic,'' said Joe Sroba, Beimel's agent. "He knows his value. When he's comfortable with a deal that he considers reasonable, we'll make a move.'' http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=3911730
  11. Marlins baseball hits airwaves in spring Spring Training games to be broadcast on radio, television By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com MIAMI -- Marlins baseball will be hitting the airwaves during Spring Training. On Monday, the team announced that 15 of Florida's Spring Training games will be broadcast on the team's flagship station, 790 The Ticket and the Florida Marlins Radio Network. Additionally, two spring games will be televised on FOX Sports Florida. Once again, the radio team will feature Dave Van Horne and Glenn Geffner. They will handle games on 790 The Ticket. The television team will be Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton. The televised games will be on Saturday, March 14, when the Marlins face the Twins in Fort Myers, Fla., at 1:05 p.m. ET, and on Monday, March 23, against the Astros at Kissimmee, Fla., also at 1:05 p.m. The radio broadcasts will begin on Friday, Feb. 27, when the Marlins are facing the Orioles at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. Other games on the radio will be: March 3 (Dominican Republic), March 6 (at Red Sox), March 7 (Orioles), March 8 (at Cardinals), March 11 (Cardinals), March 15 (Mets), March 19 (Phillies), March 21 (Red Sox), March 22 (at Tigers), March 24 (Twins), March 28 (at Mets), March 29 (Nationals), April 1 (at Orioles) and April 4 (Blue Jays). Marlins pitchers and catchers take their physicals on Feb. 14, opening Spring Training for the team in Jupiter. Tickets to all Marlins Spring Training games are available online now. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/articl...sp&c_id=fla
  12. I hope the Yankees sign him and shove up Samson's cheap ass.
  13. As much as this move shows Loria's awfulness, it is also a statement on the FO. With a $35 mil payroll, you find 150,000 extra dollars to f***ing pay Joe Nelson. Really, Kensing would have been fine. Now we don't have a setup guy next year, an unproven closer, and a bunch of wildcards. Just awful. The FO is being greedy. They think they can find a Gardner/Nelson/Miller/Waechter every year. You can't get that kind of luck every year....
  14. This is absolute bulls***. This shows that they were lying when they said payroll would not be factor with arbitration players. There's no way with payroll not being a factor, you would not want Nelson back. I mean really, Joe Nelson for $800,000? Even with regression, that's very fair. We were willing to pay Justin Miller $750,000 last year coming off a worse season than Nelson, and yet we could not pay Nelson $800,000? We can pay Helms $900,000 and not Nelson? We better not let the pen struggle next year, or I'll be pissed.
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