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  1. I'm signing Cespedes, Darvish (providing he gets posted), Reyes, K-Rod, Vazquez (providing he is willing to pitch again). I figure all of these guys together add up to roughly 50 million in payroll additions. I'm also trading/non tendering Hensley, Nunez, Volstad to free up some cash. Gives us the following C - Buck (I'd trade him if there were any takers) 1B - Sanchez 2B - Infante 3B - Hanley SS - Reyes LF - LoMo CF - Cespedes RF - Stanton SP - Johnson SP - Darvish SP - Sanchez SP - Vazquez SP - Nolasco MRs - Mujica, Webb, Choate, Dunn, Hopper, Cishek Closer - K-Rod
  2. Hey Guys! I have 9 Infield Box vouchers left, and I don't think I'm going to be able to use them before the end of the season. I'm looking to sell what I have left for $20 each. You can buy all 9 if you'd like, or even just 1. If you don't know how these vouchers work, you can just take them to the box office at the stadium, and you get the best available seats left at that price. You could also pay the different and get better seats if you'd like. I can mail the vouchers out to you or you can pick them up at either my home (in South Miami) or at my office (in Doral).
  3. Ross Gload Park opening April 2012!!
  4. I think the fact that he pitched Friday night is a better source
  5. It'd be cool if we had a thread where we could keep track of all the New Stadium Facts.
  6. Makes sense...Andino had no future here.
  7. I really hope Dallas gets the 3B job and Cantu gets the 1B job. Bonifacio makes more sense for us as a UTIL guy off the bench until Amezaga is healthy.
  8. Isn't Utley going to miss like 2 months of the season? You could argue Uggla for that spot.
  9. Why not hold the County meeting before March 4th? Is there a specific reason that it has to be done after the City meeting?
  10. I'd be surprised if none of our boys hit 30HR next year. And only 21 SB for Maybin seems a bit low doesn't it?
  11. Yeah, it looks like the seats are blue, and it fades into a lighter blue in the upper deck. Looks like the home bullpen is in LF while the away one is in RF. There seems to be a swimming pool out in left center (don't know what else that kidney shaped thing would be). The thing in CF really looks like a tank to me, with maybe a ramp surrounding it so you could view him from above? Maybe they'll make him jump by feeding from there similar to what you see the Dolphins do in at the Seaquarium. The dimensions are there too.. LF - 340 Left Center - 384 CF - 420 Center - 416 Right C
  12. I'm really excited! But man...did we need to have the vote on Friday the 13th? Do we really need anything else working against this project? Seriously...
  13. To be honest, I'm surprised that he made the team.
  14. Give Tank a break...17 IP is not enough data to draw any conclusions from.
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