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  1. Would do a Benitez for Mitre and another lower level prospect with SF eating up half of his contract? ...just a thought
  2. JACKSON - The Florida Marlins made Chris Coghlan the first player from a Mississippi school taken in the baseball draft, selecting the Ole Miss third baseman Tuesday with the 36th overall selection in the supplemental first round. Coghlan, who is hitting a team-best .349, says his attention is on Ole Miss' upcoming best-of-three super regional series against Miami, and, possibly, its first trip to the College World Series since 1972. the game will be on ESPN2 on Sat at 6pm Coghlan Named To Wallace Award Preseason Watch List Award Honors College Baseball Player Of The Year Nov. 21, 2005 OXFORD, Miss. - Ole Miss third baseman Chris Coghlan was one of 12 Southeastern Conference players named to the 2006 Wallace Award preseason watch list on Monday. The award, which is presented by the College Baseball Foundation, honors the nation's college baseball player of the year. Coghlan returns to lead the Rebels in 2006 after helping Ole Miss to a Southeastern Conference Western Division Championship, an NCAA Regional Championship and the program's first-ever Super Regional in 2005. Ole Miss also won a school-record 48 wins, the most ever in a single season by a Rebel baseball team. "This is certainly a tremendous honor for Chris Coghlan, but it is an honor he is very deserving of as a player," said Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco. "Chris has been outstanding for us the past two seasons as a starter. Not only has he shown his skill with us, but he has led the Central Illinois League and Cape Cod League in hitting each of the last two summers. He is definitely one of the top prospects in the country." Last season, Coghlan hit .364, the second best of any returning player this season, as he notched six home runs and drove in 57 RBI. He also scored 66 runs, while legging out 22 doubles and a triple on the year. The third baseman from Palm Harbor, Fla., was also a part of anchoring a solid Rebel defense that finished 10th in the nation and led the Southeastern Conference in fielding percentage at .974 on the year. Coghlan was also rated statistically as one of the 100 toughest players to strike out in the nation last season with 22 strikeouts in 272 at bats. The Wallace Watch list will be trimmed to 12 semi-finalists in late May. The selection committee will then narrow the list to three following Super Regional play and announce the three finalists at a press conference in Omaha. The finalists, head coach and parents will then be invited to an award banquet in Lubbock, Texas, to be televised nationally by Fox Sports Network. http://olemisssports.cstv.com/search/ole-y...ol=ole&x=2&y=10
  3. Brett Sinkbeil is a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan and had a chance to sign with the team as a 38th-round draft choice out of high school. "It was tempting, but I thought I needed three more years of experience to be ready for the next jump," Sinkbeil said. "That's why I decided to go to Missouri State." Three years later, it's clear that Sinkbeil made the right decision. Even if the Cardinals won't have a chance to draft him again. Missouri State's junior right-handed pitcher from Sand Springs, Okla., is expected to be selected in the first round of Tuesday's draft, probably no later than the 23rd pick that belongs to Houston. The Cardinals have the 30th and final pick of the first round. So going to his favorite team might not be an option. "It's bittersweet because I'd like to go as early as possible," Sinkbeil said, "but it also would be fun to play for the Cardinals and come through (Double-A) Springfield. "It really doesn't matter who picks me. I'm just looking forward to going as early as possible." Missouri State pitchers Scott Carroll and Chris Krawczyk also are likely selections. Carroll is projected anywhere from the third to eighth round while Krawczyk is likely to go a bit later. Sinkbeil, 5-1 with a 2.45 earned run average this season at Missouri State, will follow the draft on the Internet with his family in Oklahoma. He said it's been a nervous last week of waiting. "Since our season ended at Missouri State, I've had a lot of time to sit around and think about it," Sinkbeil said. "It seems like everything is going in slow motion." Sinkbeil said he wouldn't be surprised to be selected by any of three teams ? San Diego at No. 17, Philadelphia at No. 18 or Houston at No. 23. "The Astros have liked me for a long time," he said. Anywhere in the first round will mean a signing bonus of at least $1 million. Obviously his decision not to sign out of high school was a wise one, but money is only part of the story. Sinkbeil said he's much better prepared to succeed in pro ball, physically and emotionally, than he was as an 18-year-old. "Not only have I gotten bigger and stronger, I've been living on my own for three years now," he said. "I"m just a lot more mature, able to handle every situation on and off the field." That maturity helped Sinkbeil deal with a strained oblique muscle in mid-April that sidetracked his season. He missed a month, but stayed patient and came back with a strong eight-inning win at the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. "I think that was important, to help the team in the Valley tournament and also to show people that I was healthy," he said. "Now I'm just ready to see what happens and go from there." http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a...371/1002/SPORTS
  4. Give me Drabek or Marrero
  5. Kazmir was considered by some to be the best high school pitching prospect that season, but signability questions scared off several teams. Kazmir was still on the board when the Marlins were set to make the 11th overall pick."We had a big Kazmir/[Jeremy] Hermida debate in the room," Marlins scouting director Stan Meek said earlier this year. "I know Kazmir is not a real big size guy, but I thought he was kind of a freak. And it turns out we might be right on that one because he's pitching very well for Tampa Bay." http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/basebal...-sports-marlins As some of you oldtimers here remember I hated the fact they passed on Kazmir back in 02' have I changed.... no, but I understand a little why they did, and it wasn't about money. I'm looking forward to watching the game today.
  6. If the Marlins do decide to trade Willis (not saying thats a good thing), then I would hope any deal would include a young catcher. A deal with the dodgers would be my preference. Russ Martin is playing well as the backup catcher there, he was no.42 in BA's top 100 prospect list this spring. The Dodgers have a bunch of other good prospects to add too, guys like Broxton who are major league ready. :thumbup
  7. for the organization to realize Reggie, Eric, Matt Cepicky and Chris Agulia are not cut out to start in the OF Yes I know I'm stating the obvious, but what can be done about it right now? A trade? its hard right now with organizations still evaluating there talent, and you'll more than likely have to overpay. Someone from the minors? Jose Campusano? I would think thats the best opition. He's bat appears to be ready, but he's defense could be a concern at home. Something has to be done
  8. its gone in the 7th George Kottaras singles on a ground ball to center fielder Jose Campusano. Oh man Ed...I can't believe you posted this... :banghead No-no's gone.... :mad
  9. Ben Julianel is through 6IN score is 0-0
  10. Congrats Admin its well deserved you were there for those fans who had nowhere to go to talk FISH I believe I speak for all fish fans THANK YOU
  11. Same old same old from the same old band of provacateurs. Half the story built on half-truths and BS. When a piece like this is published you can count on the same people to make the same comments over and over. I guess the idea is if you repeat a falsehood enough times sooner or later the gullible will believe it. agree well said :thumbup
  12. With spring training wrapping up, three veteran scouts who have seen the Marlins a lot this spring were asked for impressions on the young players. Here's some feedback, granted on condition they not be identified: ? Hanley Ramirez, expected to bat leadoff, is the position player who has most impressed them. ''He looks terrific,'' one AL scout said. ``He's got power and may be more of a fifth- or sixth-place hitter eventually. [At 6-3], he may outgrow shortstop eventually and end up in the outfield. If he plays like he did this spring, their left side of the infield [Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera] will be as good as anyone in baseball except the Mets.'' Two of the scouts see Ramirez becoming an All-Star eventually. ``He reminds me of Edgar Renteria -- good hands, very athletic, but more power.'' ? Two scouts said there's no way the Marlins should count on Chris Aguila to be their left fielder: ``He's a fourth or fifth outfielder. He doesn't bring enough power to be a corner outfielder every day.'' ? The scouts were encouraged by the growth of CF Reggie Abercrombie. ``Nobody has better tools. He can run, throw, field. But can he adjust to the pitchers? He shows you flashes, but then he'll strike out on the same [pitch].'' ? One scout said defensively, Dan Uggla might be the worst starting second baseman in baseball. But all think he has upside offensively. ? Jeremy Hermida's slow spring start isn't a worry. ''I'd take him in a minute,'' one scout said. ``He's a 25-homer, 100-RBI guy eventually who will hit close to .300.'' ? Josh Willingham and Mike Jacobs drew praise, but some concerns were voiced. Said one: ''I envisioned Willingham initially as a 25th guy on a team, but his bat has improved a lot. I'm not sold on him as a catcher.'' Scouts seem convinced Jacobs will hit for power, but his defense was an issue for one. ? Though all three scouts like the Marlins' young arms, one said none (other than Dontrelle Willis) looks like a No. 1 or No. 2 starter long-term. '' Scott Olsen could be a top-three starter -- there's deception in his delivery,'' that NL scout said. ``I don't see Jason Vargas having the stuff to rise from a bottom of the rotation starter.'' The scouts like Josh Johnson but noted his velocity is down from 2005. Two raved about Carlos Martinez: One called him the Marlins' best young pitcher this spring -- ''his stuff is electric.'' Another said, ``He's thrown the best of anyone I've seen anywhere this spring. He has closer potential.'' http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/sports/14211277.htm The kid has impressed alot people that have seen him this spring and could be closing by the end of the year, though what I don't understand is why they have him in the pen. He's a guy who has got four-pitches he can throw for strikes.
  13. Andino is stubborn and immature, he has only to blame but himself. From AFL thing where the organization was really upset over, to him being stubborn about making changes to his swing. Andre Dawson has tried to work with the kid but he's hard-headed. JMO I feel the organization is teaching the kid a lesson. They could have easily moved him over the 2B earlier in camp. Everbody knew if Hanley showed anything in camp the SS was his, you just don't trade a Beckett for a kid who's going to play in minors. The organization wants the kid to grow-up and not expect things to be given to you and I agree.
  14. What should the Marlins do at 2B? I would like to see Andino get the job, seeing its likely now that Han-Ram will be our SS. Why Andino b/c I want to see him up with the big club and not down in the minors. Andino as of right now will be sent down to AAA to get a bats. Uggla will be the starter at 2B as of right now, but I'd put him on the bench and start Andino. JMO Starting 5? Willis, Vargas, Olsen, Johnson, and.....Ricky Nolasco. Yes Ricky Nolasco the kid deserves it. Moehler didn't lose it. Its just if your going to go with a youth movement then Ricky deserve to start. Hey if Olsen or Ricky struggle throw Moehler back into the rotation. JMO LF? If Reggie Abercrombie is your CF then go look for a LF, if not you need a CF(leadoff hitter) One last thing do I feel the organization will make a move? YES
  15. Why do people try and compare this team with 98' All I hear is this team is 100 lost team bah bah bah...the only similarity is the teams starting line-up and 4 out 5 starters are different. Thats where it ends IMO... in 98' you had a manager who didn't want to be here and show it everday at the ballpark in 06' you have a manager who loves being here and loves the young talent he has to work with BIG PLUS when you kids who have never been through a whole season in 98' your staff Ace didn't want to be here, along with your young superstar SS in 06' your staff Ace loves being in the ML period, but also loves the challenge that his team has no chance to compete ditto with our all-world 3B. in 98' the talent received were not ML ready players and weren't the other teams best prospect, also we had no top talent from our own system to help in 06' the talent for what I've seen and read appears ML-ready, also we had top talent from our own system to help fill in the gaps are we going to take some hard losses? some, but not as many as some might think...look I'm not saying this team is going to go out there and win 90 plus games, but there not 100 loss team. I'll make a prediction this team finish ahead of Washington with around 70 wins. Keep the faith this is nothing like 98' as much as OUR LOCAL media tries to tell us. :thumbup
  16. He made a comment where San Antonio was offering $200 million for the stadium and all that was needed from the Marlins was $100 million (up front money not rent). He said if the Marlins would have had $100 million during their failed negotiations then there would have been no problem getting the construction going for the new ballpark in Miami. This is just San Antonio's first offer. Miami's first offer was for the Marlins to pay two-thirds of construction costs for both a joined stadiums. Exactly, this is to show the Marlins they are serious about getting them to San Antonio. I've read and heard Red McCombs(spelling) former owner of the NFL Vikings and the Spurs are going to get involved with this move to bring baseball to San Antonio. Maybe putting some $$$ into the pot to build the stadium for a small% of the team ownership. I know this if the SFla leaders don't feel this threat by San Antonio is real, then they are as blind and dumb as most us think. As far as the media in this town it makes me sick the way they treat this team.
  17. should he? could he? and will they? its a thought... Boston thought he could handle the move this season to CF if they didn't move Edgar....its just a question
  18. Look in the mirror are you Marlins fans?...baseball fans? in every team sports tough times occur with every sports fan favorite teams. Ya it s*cks to be a Marlins fan right, your at the bottom of ladder, and everybody is to blame. Everybody is laughing at us. So are going to jump ship? Look I understand the frustration with ownership, but is a deep pocket owner the key to all our money problems? Is Loria the problem? We had 3 owners in the last 8yrs, and the last two with deeper pockets than this one. What happen to them? they jump ship on us. Look I'm not saying everything Loria is saying is the truth, but I know for a fact there are people out there in media and political circles who want the Marlins to leave town...fail.They have made it near impossible to make a deal happen. Right now I have to be a true fan and take Loria word that his tried to make this happen. Are there certain things he's done wrong? YES(ie.. Samson) but what are our options as fans? Well go out and support the team...yeah the name on the front. Because if we don't show up everybody( Loria, politicians, MLB) will have reason to take our Marlins away....that's a fact. I've heard those talkin heads who by the way are loving this, talk about the Marlins going nowhere, that this Marlins ownership trying to bully a stadium out of us....Ok if thats the mindset the team is as good as gone. And then what? wait on another team? Ok 20yrs..30yrs? who then will flip the bill for the stadium? someone will take entire cost. Bottomline is NOBODY here wants the Marlins to leave as piss off as we are, we want baseball to stay. So as much as it hurts you to go to the ballpark this season its a must, just think about why your going.
  19. More than 5.5 million though? I don't think that's a certainty. Plus, if you assume he gets 6-7 million from arbitration which I would question, isn't it still likely he would choose the security of a two year deal for slightly less than having a one year deal and needing to prove himself again on a much less talented squad? And before someone chimes in with the possibility that this was an unsigned deal until the Marlins declined arbitration, I've considered it. The Tigers' first round pick is protected, I think they would take losing a second round pick to sign someone they saw as one of the premier relievers in this year's class. Just saying I think the most likely conclusion right now is not that they were afraid Jones would take the arbitration but that they did not want the surplus draft selections for whatever reason. I don't think the Marlins are totally to be blame here, Jones did make a statement a week before signing with the Tigers about returning to the Fish. Something about helping Willis win more games, IMO the Marlins got scared he would have accepted the Marlins offer and be stuck paying a contract they didn't want to pay. Also the Tigers 1st round pick is protected, so the chances the Marlins would have been taking don't merit the reward. Just a thought
  20. Jacobs was the main part. Petit was the throw in.....Unless I'm mistaken, they wanted Milledge and Jacobs? Or was it Petit and Milledge? So many trades, so hard to keep track. :confused Wrong why would Petit be a throw in when he was ranked ahead of Jacobs in all the prospect lists and in all the top 100 list. One is 20-21 the other 20-25. If anything Jacobs was the throw in. In reality Psosumas was the throw but Jacobs was the secondary player in that deal. Kinda like Mitre in the Cubs deal. Jacobs was the main part in the Delgado deal, the deal the Marlins ask for was Jacobs and Lastings Milledge
  21. LHP Renyel Pinto (Marlins) rung up 6 batters in 6 shutout innings of 2-hit ball to collect his 1st win of the VWL season, Pinto had been horrific before this stellar outing. He entered the contest allowing 8 runs in just one inning of work. His ERA is down to 10.29 now. The key for Pinto is always walks. He issued just 2 free passes yesterday after handing out 8 in one inning prior. If Olsen is dealt its b/c they believe Pinto stuff is on par with Olsen
  22. LHP Renyel Pinto (Marlins) rung up 6 batters in 6 shutout innings of 2-hit ball to collect his 1st win of the VWL season, Pinto had been horrific before this stellar outing. He entered the contest allowing 8 runs in just one inning of work. His ERA is down to 10.29 now. The key for Pinto is always walks. He issued just 2 free passes yesterday after handing out 8 in one inning prior.
  23. http://redsox.bostonherald.com/redSox/view...rticleid=116810
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