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  1. through 7IN 0H 3BB 3K...go get Ungs :thumbup
  2. I hope this deal is now DEAD
  3. According to USA Today, the Marlins may be on the verge of sending A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell to the White Sox for Brandon McCarthy and Damaso Marte. Florida is three games back in the NL Wild Card chase, but for some reason they seem intent on selling off at the deadline. Said Wild Card chase is packed with flawed teams and is entirely up for grabs. So for a franchise whose last two Wild Card berths netted championship rings, it would be more than a little disappointing for them to cut bait on the season. Most troubling, of course, is the Burnett rumor. If the Fish are to remain in the chase, they must keep Burnett in the fold. The back of the rotation is a weak spot, particularly considering that overachieving Brian Moehler could turn back into a pumpkin at any moment. Supposedly, Florida is looking to part with Burnett because he's heading into his high-salary and free-agent years and would be too much of a budget strain to keep in the fold. Nonsense. The Marlins' budget concerns are, of course, wildly overstated. And if you want to start sloughing off talent, you'd best start with someone else. This is because Burnett is a rare combination of high strikeout numbers and strong groundball tendencies. In 2005, Burnett ranks 10th in the majors in strikeouts-per-nine and seventh in the majors in groundball-fly ball ratio. He also has the highest K rate of any pitcher this season with a GB/FB ratio of 2.5 or better. That's a rare and potent skills tandem, and the Marlins would be foolish to part with it. Burnett will likely out-perform Dontrelle Willis and Josh Beckett over the next three seasons or so. If the Marlins have designs on contention over that span, they'd best hang on to him. Fox Sports
  4. 5IN 0H 1BB 2K the most underappreciate pitcher in the minors the guy(26yrs) is junky ball pitcher, but gives you everything he's got. I hope he does it...come on Ungs
  5. that is some prospect list 879382[/snapback] Yeah, for Huff and Baez, the D-Rays make out better than the Red Sox. BTW, why would the Red Sox have to give up Sanchez and Shoppach in addition to Manny...Manny for Huff and Cameron is pretty fair, I'd say they're getting ripped if it's Manny and prospects for those guys. I mean, it's not like Manny isn't earning his money, he's actually performing. 879392[/snapback] b/c there not going to pay any of Manny remaining contract, so that is why they would take less in this deal also what a package of prospects both the Mets and R-Sox ....wow what coup of top pitching prospects. haven't the Mets learn there lesson dealing with TB(Kazmir ring a bell )
  6. final stat line 6IN 4H 3R 1ER 1BB 4K...not bad for the his first start and he's in line for the win 5-3 in the 8th
  7. 5IN 1H 2R 0ER 1BB 4K...so far so good :thumbup
  8. 2IN 1H 2R 0ER 1BB 1K...his defense committed 3 errors in the top of 2nd
  9. Teal Shadow

    Jeff Francoeur

    they were supposed to be teammates at Clemson (Hermida and Francoeur) 877875[/snapback] and Marlins 2nd round pick DH Kris Harvey(2nd in NCAA in HR last year) in the same line-up
  10. oops sorry ramp I didn't see your post
  11. in a three-way deal with TB with Huff going to Boston and TB getting prospects, its in the serious stages right now...WOW
  12. Meche is questionable for next scheduled start. (Shoulder)
  13. I'd prefer the other Cali teams like the Dodgers and Angels as trade partners
  14. I think the reason it taken a little longer than expected b/c this could be a bigger deal with a Gil Meche included McKeon had a closed-door meeting with general manager Admin Beinfest, assistant GM Michael Hill and owner Jeffrey Loria after Wednesday's game but said the conversation involved things other than trades. Beinfest is most interested in adding some pitching help -- Seattle's Gil Meche is one name that recently has come up -- but is likely concentrating most on acquiring a reliever. Herald or this could be a case of Seattle trying to get the Marlins best propsect Hermida by including Meche and Villone
  15. Q: Barney Gumble from Springfield asks: Hermida or Franceour? And don't say Francoeur. A: Kevin Goldstein: Francoeur. I just said that to be contrarian. Gimme Hermida. by the way Francoeur is the Braves rookie RF who hit two HR yesterday to beat the Nationals Q:Brian from New York, NY asks: Best future closer, Craig Hansen, Joey Devine, Ryan Wagner, J. Brent Cox, or Jesse Crain? A: Kevin Goldstein: Hansen :mad Q:shakey from boston asks: Pls put the 3 Red Sox pitchers in long termupside order lester, papelbon, Sanchez A:Kevin Goldstein: Sanchez, Papelbon, Lester Q:Andrew Beynen from Des Moines, Iowa asks: Please tell me that the Red sox are not going to part with Annibal Sanchez A:Kevin Goldstein: The Red Sox are not going to part with Anibal Sanchez. I really have no idea if they will or not, I'm just trying to be nice. You still want to trade AJ to Boston? Q:Sean S from Fort Myers, FL asks: Lots of talent in the GCL this year. Can you list off the top 5 or so talents in the league? A:John Manuel: Wow, the GCL top 5 in July . . . after less than a month. I can tell you five guys making an early impression. Braves shortstop Elvis Andrus comes quickly to mind, he's 16 (17 in August) and the organization is abuzz about his tools. They like their shortstops, but I think they like him best among their shortstops right now. Another SS to watch is Audy Ciriaco with the Tigers, who has some power to go with his athleticism; he's another international signee, Feb. 2005 out of the Dominican Republic. Andrew McCutchen's in the GCL, he'd be up there, and I'd also suggest Jordan Schafer (Braves), C.J. Henry (Yankees) and Chris Volstad (Marlins). Q:Jay from Madison asks: A few o's questions for you. Is Hayden Penn more than a middle of the rotation starter? A:John Manuel: Penn's a front-line guy if he handles the way he's been used, the O's really had no other option to go to. some interesting question from the Q&A http://www.baseballamerica.com/chat/chat.p...05072901&rnd=11
  16. Baseball America's Daily Dish Complete Daily Dish Archive Compiled by the Baseball America Staff July 29, 2005 Travis Chick is becoming a trade-deadline expert. The new Reds righthander has been traded at the deadline now in each of the last two years. A 2002 14th-round pick by the Marlins out of Whitehouse High in Texas, Chick was traded by the Marlins to the Padres on the final day of the 2004 deadline for veteran Ismael Valdes. The deal looked like grand larceny by the end of the season, as the 6-foot-3, 220 pound Chick was named the Padres top pitching prospect in the offseason after going 5-0, 2.13 in seven starts for the Padres at low Class A Fort Wayne with a 55-9 strikeout-walk ratio on 42 innings. Following an MVP performance in instructional leagues and a strong spring training, the Padres jumped Chick two levels to Double-A Mobile, where he struggled to a 2-9, 5.27 during an up-and-down campaign that saw him allow two or fewer earned runs in 10 of 19 starts, but also three games in which he allowed eight or more runs. It was enough to impress the Reds, who sent third baseman Joe Randa to the Padres for Chick and fellow righthander Justin Germano six days ago. We caught up with Chick the day after his Reds system debut with Chattanooga, where he allowed one run on four hits over six innings. On learning about the trade: ?We were getting on the bus to go to the gym and the pitching coach pulled me off the bus. My roommate just went to the big leagues and there?s been a lot of player movement in the system, so I just thought I was getting moved as well. At first they wouldn?t tell me what was going on, but (Padres general manager) Kevin Towers was in town and met with me and explained that he was sorry to see me go, but they?re trying to win now, and I was the one the Reds wanted if this trade was going to happen.? On the next 48 hours: ?I barely slept for three days. We were in Mississippi when it all went down so I had to fly to Mobile. We landed at 10 p.m., I packed until two in the morning, and then woke up for a 6 a.m. flight that got cancelled. So I finally get a flight to Knoxville, and then it was a one-hour drive to the park, so I show up late for the game, and immediately afterwards, we have a seven-hour bus trip to Carolina. So it?s been rough. You don?t really get to say goodbye to your teammates in person, and I still have a bunch of stuff in Mobile that my parents are going to go get and drive home.? On being traded twice in two years: ?I could be upset about it, but it?s kind of nice to think that I?ve been traded twice now for major leaguers. I?ll admit that it would be nice to settle down with an organization. But there?s a great opportunity here in Cincinnati. (Reds general manager) Dan O?Brien told me that the club needs pitching and I?ll get every opportunity to move quickly, and that?s what it?s all about for me--getting to the big leagues. On his season so far, and his future: ?If I stop walking people, I?ll be fine. I feel like I?ve thrown well and I?m competing on this level, but I look at my ERA and it?s over five and I?m like, ?eeeewwww?. Overall, I?m happy. I?m 21, and I?m in Double-A and I feel like I have a legitimate opportunity to pitch in the bigs late this year or next. I can?t complain.? --KEVIN GOLDSTEIN
  17. Last Night Aaron Thompson 6IN 6H 2ER 2BB 6K nice work :thumbup
  18. Wow he was just drafted this past June...GO CANES
  19. The White Sox agreed to trade pitching prospect Brandon McCarthy and left-handed reliever Damaso Marte to the Marlins for starter A.J. Burnett and third baseman Mike Lowell, if the Marlins agreed to pay half of Lowell's remaining $18 million through 2007, reports USA Today. Brandon McCarthy's name has popped up a lot in trade rumors lately, and he certainly helped his value last night. The White Sox righthander threw eight shutout innings while fanning eight and allowing three hits and four walks to earn the win for Triple-A Charlotte. He is now 4-7, 4.69 with 102 strikeouts and 25 walks in 86 innings. His bugaboo has been the home run--he has allowed 14. b/a
  20. One NL scout on Guardado, who is pitching with a partially torn rotator cuff: "I'd be worried about his shoulder. The guy's got big (guts), and he is a true closer, but that arm worries me."
  21. A deal for Ron Villone the Marlins are targeting Seattle's Ron Villone, and sources said the Mariners hope to complete a deal soon cbssportsline
  22. It was just said on AM 1270, that the Marlins were asking starting lefty Maroth and top outfield prospect Granderson and Detroit won't pull the trigger for fear of not signing him. 877907[/snapback] I wouldn't do that deal
  23. Manny doesn't want to come here. He wants to be traded to go to the Mets. Last year he said it was his dream to play in New York and now Pedro is there. 877916[/snapback] I agree he's a NY guy
  24. Its pretty simply AJ wants to go to Boston and sign a deal, so the Red Sox have to offer something else in the deal White Sox deal is base on just renting AJ for this year, b/c he isn't signing in Chicago. I'd bet you that this, if AJ says he'll sign with the White Sox that deal is a little different 877886[/snapback] It may be different but AJ said he wont 877891[/snapback] So you answered your own question...it will take more then Arroyo/Sanchez 877900[/snapback] No, because if the White Sox could sign Burnett, which they cant, then they may offer more but since they cant then we dont need to raise our offer. I dont think they should so its probaly those two offers or the Marlins keep Burnett. I wouldnt add any more if I were the Red Sox, as the deal is now, I wouldnt mind getting Burnett for that, and at the same time I wouldnt mind keeping Arroyo/Sanchez. But its looking like the Marlins will keep him. 877906[/snapback] I thought every team played for the now, I guess Boston feels it can wait for the offseason to get AJ but he could get dealt to a team like the Tigers(or WSox, Angels) like it enough and stay...though your right as it stands right AJ is staying in Teal.
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