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  1. Hech has been making solid contact, his glove is still shaky imo
  2. That is the only thing missing for a perfect off-season Woohoo!
  3. Friday and Sat night games will always have the best crowds. You can buy tickets at the park on gameday or in advance. I suggest in advance since it's your first time. You can also pay for parking when buying your ticket in advance. If you don't want to pay $20 for parking, you can park in the area below on the street for free, or pay $5-15 to park at someones house. You will see them holding signs and waving you in. If you want to be a little adventurous and save $, do what I do. It's not difficult at all. Parking = free. Tickets = $5 each. Food = Good and cheaper than inside. Beer = Whatever you want. Parking: Anywhere in yellow will be free street parking. It's the best area, but it's not dangerous at all. Just find a place to park, and walk to the park. Tickets: Find a scalper. They are all over the place on the ballpark grounds. It will usually be a black or black looking guy. They will want $20. Say you will only pay $5. They will try and say no, but don't be afraid to walk away and look for another scalper. Usually they will call you back and say OK. You won't pay more than $5 a ticket. I've paid $3 a ticket when the game was just about to start, and the marlins were really bad. The scalpers pay $1 a ticket, so don't be afraid to get your price. Check the tickets before you pay for them. It's never happened to me, but I have heard stories at other ballparks where the scalpers sell old tickets. Just check the date. Make sure you are sitting with whomever you are going with. Best part about this, besides the price, is being able to really go wherever you want in the ballpark. Walk around, checkout the bar in left field, and if you see an empty area that you want to checkout the game from, just go sit there. There are plenty of aisles that don't have someone checking tickets. Most games are 1/2 empty so you can take your pick of where to sit. Food: Street food. There are people selling food on the street. Eat that food. It's good, and cheaper than what's inside. Beer: BYOB. You can't take it inside (unless you are motivated to), but you can buy food, drink beer, and enjoy the ballpark grounds. Then once you've got a nice buzz going, head inside. Last season they had some standup tables and the layout of the exterior provides a decent amount of sitting area. If you don't want to bring your own, you can walk to the walgreens on the north corner of the park, and buy some there. This is what I like to do. It ends up being really really cheap, and I have a great time. Squall you are a genius next time I'm in town I''ll hit you up...It's on me!
  4. Arturo Rodriguez didn't make the list? What?
  5. I know I had seen this but I couldn't find the details Well, here there are: http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/minor-league-transactions-dec-24-jan-8/ Miami Marlins Signed: RHP Salvador Sanchez (Somerset (Atlantic)), C Arturo Rodriguez (Tijuana (Mexican)), 3B Scott Sizemore, OF Tyler Colvin A 23-year-old catcher who threw out 40 percent of basestealers in the Mexican League in 2014, Arturo Rodriguez appears to have intriguing upside potential with the bat as well. The righthanded batter hit .379/.421/.618 with 15 home runs in 300 at-bats for Monterrery and Tijuana last season, ranking third in the ML in batting and slugging.
  6. Can play CF has Major league experience...good signing!
  7. Marlins still have great pitching depth in their Organization Nicolino, Urena, Jarlin and even Conley Someone will begin asserting themselves by the end of this upcoming season I would not rule out Hand and/or Koehler Hand was pitching very well by season's end for the Marlins he was starting to look like what we all wanted him to be in 2013 when we were counting on him as a top starting prospect. Big Salad has done nothing but get better in that 5th starter spot. I really believe that no team in the majors looks forward to hitting him when he is due in the rotation, he was one of the best 5th starter in the majors last season, and is still improving. Pitching-wise we are OK , bringing in another starter is a luxery even if Latos pursues free-agency
  8. I would sign Shields. The contract won't be massive, and it gives us insurance if Latos walks next year. The rotation in 2016 looks like total shit as it stands. Fernandez Alvarez Cosart Shit 1 Shit 2 I wouldn't call Latos shit Sorry Too Much Champaign Happy New Years All
  9. These Minor League Free agents are still available One may actually be our 4th Outfielder Jeremy Barfield Engle Beltre Lars Anderson Xavier Avery Ezequiel Carrera Tyler Colvin Mitch Maier Adam Melker Melky Mesa Edinson Rincon *except Lars Anderson he is more of 1st baseman Left Fielder
  10. mhmmm Breaking Bad Marathon or Marlins Marathon? Marlins are in the Win Column!
  11. Maybin is a throwaway...He has no chance at making the roster Franchy is a low level SS almost 3 years away ( I love the name I love the power)
  12. I am sure the Padres would love Haren the problem is what to get back.... I would Love to get Franchy Cordero and Maybin
  13. What the Hell are the Padres doing down there? They might have a decent team for once
  14. The only major move I want to see the Marlins do is to sign Yoan Moncada...I don't think he can be signed yet but The Marlins need to make it happen... You put him as your starting SS over Hech, the lineup would be explosive! 1. Dee Gordon (L} 2nd base 2. Martin Prado ® 3rd Base 3. Christian Yelich (L) LF 4. Giancarlo Stanton ® RF 5. Michael Morse ® 1st Base 6. Marcell Ozuna ® CF 7. Yoan Moncada (S) SS 8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S) C
  15. People keep on forgetting how well Hand was pitching at the end of the season . He has a legitimate opportunity to open the season in the starting rotation. As he has had chances for the last 2 season. I saw him becoming the type of pitcher we all hoped last season. I guess with Heaney we all have set aside the thought of Hand being the southpaw in our rotation but now that he is gone Hand can be again the lone lefty starter Rotation Anderson 24y/o Cozart 24y/o Latos 27y/o Hand 24y/o Koehler 28y/o or Phelps 28y/o Haren 34y/o (hopefully will be traded)
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