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  1. do we have new shit yet or not? i'm getting bored of rooting for the yankees
  2. ummm duh. we're the only team whose CEO has won 5 Gold Gloves
  3. Dwayne Wade's having a really good game tho
  4. pretty much. well, they threw them on stubhub and vividseats and whatever for under 10 bucks and tried to get rid of them... and couldn't. so now tickets for tomorrow are going for under 5
  5. i figured. i haven't turned on the game. watching the heat. but to be fair the weather's shitty in nyc today. it was pouring all morning and then it's just been overcast and windy all afternoon.
  6. there's ton of tickets available to the game tomorrow available online for $3. Yankee Stadium. $3.
  7. he doesn't have a single extra base hit this year
  8. "Hill signed an extension through the 2015 season on September 29, 2007, and was promoted to president of baseball operations of the Miami Marlins in September 2013." wikipedia the day the franchise died
  9. If he hadnt asked for a trade before the season started those would be all be valid points. He's gone the second he has the opportunity to, but he'll probably be traded before that
  10. It is 100% that he won't re-sign here.
  11. Sounds great, but Michael Hill
  12. because the stereotypical latin-american floridian loves bright orange. that's it. do you have any other questions? dimelo
  13. guys. this thread is not titled FIRE MATTINGLY. there's not even any alliteration there.
  14. he waved Bour. Mattingly said it was a "great call" in the post-game interview, and Bour was only out at home because it was "a perfect throw"
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