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  1. But why send down Dan Jennings? He pitches good everytime hes called in
  2. Did they apologize for the Justin Milelr mistake?
  3. Why would they platoon Ruggiano?? He should be a steady force in his lineup to provide at least some power. Can't believe Coghlan will get the majority of the starts -_-
  4. Yes he wont manage the Marlins!!!!
  5. I'm sorry but I am tired of having Peterson + Hernandez clog up the top of the lineup. Why not have Solano/Brantly on top of the lineup instead? Or give more playing time to Kearns? Cousins? Call up Coghlan? This is why Ozzie is not gaining points right now...
  6. Fire him! Let's bring Lowell in!
  7. off-topic, but does anyone know if i can get a customized sweater at the actual marlins store instead of the website. (I have those tickets that include money for the store)
  8. I'm just using AAA numbers to evaluate Mattison. He was hititng .250 before he was called up
  9. yea i mean, his production won't be worse to the numbers we're getting from the Big 3(Cog, Peter, Mattison). How sweet would it be if they promote him this series vs SanFran
  10. .279 BA, 5 HR, 23 RBI OPS of .810 Those are better numbers than what Coghlan, Peterson, and Mattison have produced
  11. How come he hasn't been called up? Is he injured or did they lose confidence in him?
  12. Hey guys! I remember Chris Aguila being a decent backup OF in 2005 and I noticed he is in AAA with the Marlins this year. What are the chances that he is brought up again?
  13. Hey!!! At least Mike Lowell was faster than Gaby Sanchez lol
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