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  1. yeah, there's a fine line between encouraging support and enabling bad owners. As someone who roots for a team owned by guys who treat the fans like shitheads and laugh about it, you are lucky to have a guy willing to be outspoken like LeBatard.
  2. Sounds like Loria knows his days of pocketing revenue sharing is over after what happened to the A's. His golden goose is cooked, time to move on Also, Forbes valued the Marlins at 520 Million as of 2016, the purchase price is INSANE
  3. Absolutely terrible news, my heart goes out to his family Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  4. You lie. Better hurry, Yankees fans are grabbing the good seats on the bandwagon.
  5. Very occasionally. But when I do get to check forums, this is one I head to first.
  6. @Admin, you should really bring back the Mets April Fools theme.
  7. Yes! Hojo was the man. My favorite Met as a kid. Come back to the dark side Admin, we've got Shake Shack waiting for you.
  8. I think it's hilarious and love that the Yankees best player is a guy no one wants on the team.
  9. ​Don't let Lurry fool you, this place is run by a Mets fan
  10. Pardon, I forgot you guys turned into a bunch of sensitive pusses who can't put up with any kind of friendly discussion. I'll head back into my hibernation.
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