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  1. I rather see Berti in CF than Villar. Not sold on Isan Diaz being handed the spot and the Marlins should make him earn it. Villar being at 2B with Anderson back at 3B would be best. Platoon Joyce / Cooper in RF.
  2. The original deal sounds very fair, especially after what the Rays got. The time has come and gone for the mega TV deals.
  3. They still need to tweak the black jerseys. Bummer though, putting in some wordmark with the blue alternates would be nice.
  4. I've gotten MLB the Show since MLB 99. Love it, it's a solid game, one thing I always looked forward to was the game coming out right before or right as Spring Training started. Ever since it went to PS4 it hasn't launched since right before Opening Day or the first year it went PS4 it launched in May. They have had plenty of time to promote this game fix some stuff why not launch it last week of February? I'll be getting the Stanard version only. If it was a Marlins player I'd get the MVP edition.
  5. Solid article, especially good information about the WAR part and how you broke it down. I felt it was very easy to understand the way you explained it. But I also feel you are being a homer with how you view the Marlins will improve. 2019 season was a step back from 2018 season. We can expect some improvement, either way, you look at. I think they will get to around 68 + wins. The offense as of right now looks good and the starting pitching will continue to improve. The bullpen is what will need to improve as that was an issue last year.
  6. If he plays CF then sure. But right now the biggest needs left are in the bullpen. Hopefully, they can sign multiple players. Jarlin Garcia and Stanek are really the only locks right now.
  7. He definitely will take a pay cut. The deal will more than likely be a 1-year deal with incentives.
  8. If the Marlins sign Brian Anderson to an extension in Spring Training I will consider the 2020 season a success no matter what lol.
  9. It sounds like a calculated risk to me. Which is crazy but that just seems like what they are doing. The players they have reached out want multiple years or higher annual salary and the Marlins are set in their ways.
  10. Honestly, I don't mind it, it doesn't make sense to overpay for a stopgap. The guy that should step it up for is Dickerson since his track record has been more consistent. Avisail has been up and down with production over the years.
  11. I read this when he posted it and I was like WTF? It's a rat race to tweet out the news the fastest. That tweet though was just sloppy.
  12. Unless Scoop legit got an inside source, I doubt it is $100 million. Craigh Mish hasn't even said anything about payroll and he generally breaks the news first nowadays. I am still thinking it is $75-80 million and like @MarlinsLou says Castellanos would definitely fit within that payroll.
  13. Agreed. High incentive 1 year deal with mutual 2nd year option for Betances. 2004-2006 the Marlins signed closers to 1 year deals and did very well on them. Armando Benitez, Todd Jones, Joe Borowski
  14. Deadline is 8pm. The Marlins first need to clear out roster space. Especially now after they claimed Jesus Aguilar.
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