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  1. Legit forgot about this guy. Victor Mesa Jr. seems who we signed at much less seems to be the one that will end up making it.
  2. Just looked through the 40 man roster. That is a really good question on who it might be. Almost makes me wonder if it would be one of the Rule 5 guys they got. If not them I would guess Harold Ramirez or Jeff Brigham?
  3. I still think we should pursue a veteran LHP for the rotation allowing Rogers, Garrett and other upcoming prospects the time needed in the minors.
  4. 100% the one thing I can really commend this new regime and their mindset has been having a plan and sticking to it. Marte and Kintzler seem like absolute locks to have their options picked up Veteran pitcher would be very nice to have in the rotation to be that 3/4 guy that was mentioned previously. Many of the rookies that made their debuts this season will find themselves back in the minors to start the season, the exception might be Jazz but that is why you have someone like Berti. Re-sign Mike Hill to an extension and I look forward to the winter meetings.
  5. So what is this? Everything started with you saying Marlins should approach Yankees about Urshula because of Andjuar when it's been noted already that Yankees aren't high on Andjuar at 3B because of his defense. In fact it was his injury that opened the door for Urshela to get playing time and succeed. Andujar's value is with the glove and right now he needs to get his value back up because he had been hurt. YOU got upset because I said what you are offering wouldn't suffice what the Yankees are looking for. It just wouldn't. And that's cool because when someone gets upset they don't wanna see the reasoning. But either way I am done arguing with you or even discussing anything with you. I am here to talk baseball. Not go back and forth with you. Shame I even went down this route with you.
  6. Not a war zone. I just stated Andujar wasn't a good option and he got upset about that..
  7. THIS is what I been saying. But I am speaking nonsense I guess lol
  8. Again do me a favor and look at the stats. Yankees want controllable pitching it doesn't even have to be veteran they just gotta be good. But yeah lemme know what the Urshela deal costs you. Because your offer is laughable at best. Yes it would absolutely take a top pitcher like Sandy or Lopez to land someone like Urshela because like you say he is an impact bat. Not once did I say he wasn't good. He is better than Anderson and teams know that. Yankees know that. I wanna see the Marlins succeed, I been watching them for longer than just about anyone else on here. But your offer just isn't realistic. If you wanna slam me on that? Go ahead my dude. Grow up too.
  9. I reiterated that Urshula isn't a need and your original post doesn't get him what you are trying to offer. Yankees are gonna want young controllable pitching in return but Urshula is young and controllable as well. Facts on facts are that stats don't lie. Do yourself a favor and look at the stats and the potential of these players. NONE of those players you offered have a ceiling except Anderson. Possibly Alfaro can do something if he turns it around next year.
  10. Good luck buddy! Lemme know how that offer would turn out. Yankees aren't picking it up for your 2018 prospects. Considering there are much better players to offer than those you did. Urshula isn't even a need. Address the other areas on this roster, like the OF. I tried to keep it civil with you, but apparently you know the values of these so called prospects. Only person that has value in that offer is Anderson. Sierra had a nice bound back but Alfaro has much to improve. Yankees have all the leverage.
  11. What you are you talking about? Those prospects were good in 2018 ! Come on my dude. Keep up. ANY team wants controllable pitching. The Yankees aren't throwing money away at free agents and long contracts like they used to back in the day. Except Gerrit Cole lol. But if the Marlins were to offer Sandy or Lopez in that deal it would get it done. You are basically offering them players that don't exactly fill their needs. Instead of saying I don't get it, why don't you answer my question? What pitching would you offer?
  12. Oh I 100% get what is being said. But I strive to be realistic with what I say and I tell you that trade wouldn't happen. You are overvaluing the players outside of Anderson. You have yet to propose a pitcher in that trade. Unless it is Sandy or Lopez it isn't happening. They want pitchinggggg
  13. Gotcha on the LB. But Lewis Brinson had an improvement year from last year but still no where he needs to be. His OBP wasn't good and he still struggled to end the year. He had a nice stretch for a bit which was greatly needed. They pretty much got him hitting LHP which worked out this year because Matt Joyce was playing a lot against RHP. Anderson isn't a super star many will tell you that here, but he is very solid and does hold value. He can play high calibar defensive 3B or even RF and has shown he can hit 20HR a year through a full season. I like him as a building block for this organization. Alfaro doesn't have the high value you speak of. Definitely not enough to get Urshela. If the Yankees are gonna give him up they are gonna want pitching in return. Hitting isn't a problem for them. Go ahead and look at their impending free agents for next year. Pitching is what they need.
  14. Andujar has no value with the glove, if anything he is a liability with the glove. Yankees has been doing a great job of developing their talent within as well. Highly controllable asset and that trade would be an overpay to include Anderson. I am legit drawing a blank but who is the LB prospect you are referring to? lol
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