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  1. CF on Fangraphs Top 100 Prospects 2018: 2. Acuna 4. Victor Robles 13. Brinson 21. Luis Robert 36. Anthony Alford 37. Cristian Pache 38. Royce Lewis (had been experimenting in CF before tearing ACL) 52. Monte 57. Taylor Trammell 58. Jorge Mateo 63. Dustin Fowler 66. Jo Adell 69. Jahmai Jones 79. Estevan Florial 86. Leody Taveras 93. Jose Siri 97. Brandon Marsh
  2. Just feel like the general consensus around here is that he’s the best all around hitter on the team. He doesn’t have enough speed to hit lead off. He doesn’t have enough contact to hit 2nd or 3rd on most teams. Not enough power to hit cleanup, so I think most teams would view him more as their #5/#6 hitter in their lineup. His defense is far from elite. And while I realize you can’t have a superstar at every position, I just don’t view him as the franchise building block that many people make him out to be. I think he’s a good baseball player, but that he’s closer to average than superstar.
  3. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Both have EXTREME home/away splits, and both are below average defensively. Yet here we are, forcing two guys that should be platooning with one another, into full time roles. And not only that, we’re trying to cherry pick stats to make them look like a better ball player than they are. Take into consideration that they’re blocking two of the more MLB-ready prospects in the organization, and it’s obvious that they both should be traded.
  4. There should only be 4 players on the active roster that are unavailable: Jazz, Sandy, Pablo, and Rogers. Blows my mind how many people here continue to think we should hold on to the likes of Cooper/Aguilar/Anderson like they're keystone building blocks. Outside of Jazz and Marte, this offense has been cobbled together with guys who would be hitting in the bottom half of the lineup or coming off the bench for most other teams. Continuing to hold onto these below average 30-year-olds, and expecting them to become more than what we've seen the past 2-3 years is idiotic. If we can get anything of value, ship them off. The realistic window for contention is 3 years from now.
  5. Its not the Stanton deal that’s hamstrung the organization. It’s the likes of the Chen deal, the Prado deal, and the Vólquez deal. This is Loria’s mess, but the Stanton deal was not the problem. I’m waiting for the day, when Miami finally gets that one superstar that actually wants to be in Miami. Personally, I think the new ownership group could have saved face by holding onto Stanton, and trading the likes of Ozuna/Yelich/Realmuto to receive some legit prospects. With the rate that young talent is ascending to the majors and impacting the game these days, I think that would have been the quicker route to competitiveness. Potentially to the point where we were competitive enough to convince Stanton not to opt out. If he did decide to opt out, then it’s him turning his back on the city, and he becomes the bad guy. Not the new ownership group.
  6. I didn't see Phelps's first IP, but he looked shaky as hell the entire 7th. With the plethora of options in the bullpen, I was struggling to figure out why Mattingly was pushing Phelps for a 2nd inning, when he clearly didn't have his best stuff.
  7. Eeks! http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/02/predicting-tommy-john-surgeries.html
  8. What do you guys think about moving Turner to the pen and letting him work out his kinks in the low pressure, long relief spots? I just think his leash is getting shorter by the day with all the other starting options we have. I understand he's still young, but he has not shown much improvement since coming over. His command has been shaky to say the least, especially considering his lack of strikeouts. Has he really ever shown anything to warrant starting over Koehler/Hand/Slowey/Heaney/etc.?
  9. His defense, overall, is irrelevant. First of all, the context I was comparing him to Buck in, was the fact that we signed them coming off of their best offensive season, not their contract terms. Secondly, WAR shows that his defense IS relevant, in the fact that it has negated his offensive contributions 4 out of the last 5 seasons, no matter what part of the game he plays or what part of the game you pull him.
  10. He hit 7 of his 11 HR on the road last year. Luckily, the Marlins face lefties in hitters parks on the road too. I think he's pretty good bat for the price given that he can play 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and corner OF. He gives the team multiple platoon options. . I acknowledge the fact that the Marlins will face "lefties on the road" as well. Not in the hitter's parks he hit them in last season, though. You have yet to acknowledge his defensive deficiencies, or the fact that his 11 HR's last season are an outlier when looking at his last five seasons.
  11. I still can't believe how ignorant the majority of you are, begging for the FO to platoon this guy all over the diamond. His defense is SOOOOOO TERRIBLE that it has outweighed any offensive production he's brought to the table in four of the last five seasons. The exception is last year, where he magically produced power equivalent to his previous three years combined. He's had a negative WAR 4 out of his 5 last seasons. How did the John Buck signing after his career year work out? Lay off the Kool-Aid.
  12. wait a sec... did they just do a thing we wanted them to do?? I mean that is a pretty smart move and gives them a bunch of flexibility. career vs LHP .298 .353 .522 .875 he would basically take the other 5th OF/platoon spot, so bench is Mathis, Bogo, Baker, Lucas, Dobbs I guess? I have already voiced my disapproval of the signing, but I do like the FO's platoonish thinking, which seems to fall under "outside the box" for our team. That said, I still see Baker and Lucas as the exact same offensive player. If both end up being on the roster, I see one in a full time platoon at 1B, and the other as a late innings PH. I will poop my pants if the FO plays the better fielding Lucas in the platoon role. 2013 WAR: Lucas 1.5, Baker .7 Baker's career net WAR....note, I said NET, not average, is 1.1 across 9 seasons. I smell the second coming of Wes Helms at the price of $4 million. Carry on. I'll be in the corner, sulking.
  13. I don't want to be a Negative Nancy, but his power spiked last year at age 32. Just finding his stroke? Probably not. Power as a result of playing in a hitters park? Probably. He hit 10 HR against lefties last year. 2011 and 2012 combined for twice as many lefty AB's for 6 total HR. 11 total HR in 2013, 9 in hitter's parks, 1 in neutral parks, 1 in pitcher's parks (Seattle, where the fences were moved in). Is $4 million worth it if we end up with 2 years of his 2012 lefty splits: .240/.277/.388/.665? I'll take Ed Lucas and his .330/.374/.509/.883 lefty split for a fraction of the price.
  14. Most of the questions are pretty dumb, though. I'm surprised he even bothers to answer. Being from Kansas, my opinion of them is based purely off of what I read on Twitter. I think JCR comes across as the biggest douche of all douches, mostly for answering said "dumb" questions with sarcastic, smug answers. It seems that his responses are aimed at belittling or embarrassing his followers. How about you spend less time building up your ego at the expense of teenage followers and tell me something useful.
  15. Pretty sure this move saves 1 mil. And some change... $$$$$$
  16. Here are some other Lomo trade ideas. More speculation than anything. It does give a bit of insight as to what his potential trade value may be. http://marlinmaniac.com/2013/12/09/3-potential-trades-involving-logan-morrison/
  17. Living in Kansas, I haven't had the opportunity to watch any Marlins games this season. But I do listen to a few on game day radio. For what it's worth, I did hear mention during one game a week or two ago, of a discussion with perry hill, who thought that polanco was the player who suffered the most from Stanton's abscence. I believe stat lines were given for him while Stanton was in the lineup and then while Stanton was on the dl. Basically, in hills opinion, polanco was the bat in the lineup that opposing teams were pitching around while Stanton was gone.
  18. If Cox can hit around .300 at the mlb level without power, fine... better than the guys with no power barely hitting their weight ...then we shall call him "Donovan Jr." and shower him with our b&m's... P.S. that's b&m's as opposed to bm's...I would much rather be showered with the former than the latter
  19. I'm surprised no one has brought up the concept that Ozuna may have been called up because he is the most likely to assume RF duties in case of a Stanton trade. With all the speculation, I'm surprised so many of you are against seeing if the one player in the system with the best shot of taking over RF, can handle it. Maybe you prefer we trade Stanton with no plan in place ala Hanley and 3B? In that case, please DO call up Matt Diaz. Isn't Petey still in the system, too?
  20. Seriously, though, Coghlan did probably the worst thing he could have done in that situation other than strike out or pop out. I'm glad the Marlins salvaged a win out of Fernandez's great start, but let's be real. You are the clubhouse cancer of this message board, Debbie.
  21. If I had a thread titled after every time I did this, the server would be down...
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