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  1. CYmarlins

    Tommy is Back

    This is awesome news! Happy that Tommy Hutton is back! Even if he is in just a limited role. Very curious to know if fans were asking for Tommy Hutton to come back in the Dimelo Miami feedback.
  2. CYmarlins

    25th Anniversary Weekend is finally here...

    Ahh man! I hope he is signing autographs on Sunday as well.
  3. CYmarlins


    So his defense was pretty damn good for the longest and lately, he has been having some lapses on the field. Still hitting under .175 on the season with plenty of at bats and off days. Hitting him 7th or 8th in the lineup isn't helping him much either in the NL.
  4. CYmarlins

    Nationals Recently "Checked In" on J.T. Realmuto

    Soto and Kieboom would be a really nice package or Robles + Kieboom. We really need an MLB ready shortstop. Rojas is a super utility guy and Riddle just isn't it. We also need to send Brinson down and let Maybin play CF, Anderson to 3B and keep Dietrich in LF. They can probably start doing that when Garrett Cooper comes back.
  5. CYmarlins

    25th Anniversary Weekend is finally here...

    I plan on going on Sunday, wanna see the softball game and hopefully Luis Castillo is at a station. I thought the uniforms looked incredible and the attention to detail on all the stuff they had going on today.
  6. CYmarlins

    Tyler Kolek (lol)

    Yup just ask Tommy Hutton about him.
  7. CYmarlins


    He needs to be sent down. He had a good game in Milwaukee and the second game of the season when he picked up 4 hits. Other than that he is pretty much not doing much except with the glove. The Marlins have given him ample time, he does need to go back down and get going again. Heck, right now JB Shuck could do just as good as job lol Honestly though, put Maybin in CF and keep Anderson in RF. Just waiting for the Marlins to finally get rid of Dietrich in LF.
  8. CYmarlins

    Junichi Tazawa designated for assignment

    Ehh, not really crazy about this move. Has Conley actually improved this year? I guess this is his final chance. Peters makes no sense being called up unless he will start.
  9. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    I think this is also contingent on what direction the Marlins really wanna go. Do they wanna hang onto JT and does he wanna end up staying here? If the feeling is mutual then you work out an extension in the off season. Otherwise move him at the best time which I always believe is the near the trade deadline.
  10. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    Yes I sure think he does. Premium position and he has all the tools. The only think he can improve on more is pitch framing which is gradually getting better.
  11. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    When it comes to the Blue Jays we know they will not trade Vlad Jr. so any package must start with Bo Bichette
  12. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    Now that are actively discussing this topic. What do you think of JT Realmuto? MLB Traderumors did a trade candidate piece on him a couple days ago. Suggesting that if he keeps up this pace he could command a high value especially at the trade deadline to contending teams. I don't think it makes any sense without trying to get an up and coming catcher back in the trade and some near ready MLB pitchers as well.
  13. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    What other site??
  14. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    Also, I know @MarlinsLou continues to lurk on here and posted quite a bit on the offseason but hasn't posted much since. I wanna see what he has to say right now.
  15. CYmarlins

    DFA Junichi Tazawa

    No, I don't think he does. That only contradicts everything they have been preaching since day one. Which is to establish a foundation from the ground up and most importantly have a plan and stick to it. I believe the 2014 Marlins screwed this up. They thought they were only a couple pieces of away from competing and started making trades and signing free agents during that offseason. We immediately began emptying the farm with stupid trades and free agent signings. Even if the Marlins shock a ton of people and win 70 games this year the plan stays the same. Fill the roster with rental players with the position that are not yet ready in the minor leagues. Continue to develop and hopefully have a good product 4-5 years from now. I know eventually, this team is gonna have hitters come up that will round out with power and product. What I wanna see starting pitching that we can really build off. Alcantara, Trevor Rodgers, Braxton Garrett. Maybe even Kolek gets his crap together.

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