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  1. Severino isn't the problem. I don't believe he ever has been. He did a great job on MLB Network as I listened to him for a couple of years while he was on there. Hollandsworth is bringing him down. The whole "they sound alike" is so accurate it's ridiculous. Always takes me a little bit after a commercial break to figure out who is talking. Then I realize Hollandsworth is talking when he rambles about his playing days. Honestly, why not let Tommy do the home games ala what they tried with Conine a couple years back. Then let Craig Minervini do the road games. He did a much better job than Hollandsworth.
  2. Trade him. The best thing that can happen is he has another September leading up to the trade deadline. I think right now Caleb Smith is the ace of this staff with Pablo being the #2 on the staff. Really excited about what Neidert is doing. Gallen isn't far behind and would be a quality 4/5 starter. Also, the only player I think the Marlins would offer an extension to right now is Brian Anderson.
  3. I downloaded the Fish Stripes roster as @SilverBullet mentioned and it really is incredible. I have it set to a variable as I hadn't played in about a year so right now I am at the veteran difficulty and the game keeps adjusting automatically.
  4. LMAO! Here here! I am with that as well. This ownership has shown the ability so far to spend money in the areas needed. I think it would be a good move to at least attach Conley in the deal. Steckenrider would have more of the value especially if he starts picking up saves this year. Heck, even pay $15 million of that contract should be good. That still gives you $5-7 million in savings over the remainder of the contract.
  5. I was legit waiting for this post. Thank you. I will download it.
  6. Well said. I hate commercial breaks lmao
  7. 13 more years of facing Harper 18-19 games a year minimum. Was hoping he would go to the Dodgers. The speculated contract numbers that the Dodgers were offering him were insane. 3-4 year deal with an average annual salary of $45 million. Could have become a free agent again at 30.
  8. I am against both the DH coming to the NL and the 3 batter minimum. What is the point of a LOOGY now?
  9. Scoop kept mentioning Quijada as someone to watch for to win a job out of the bullpen. So far so good.
  10. Thank you for posting these.
  11. Gonna be nice that the game is televised as well.
  12. I do. Just told my friend I see it happening after year four.
  13. Considering Stanton was getting hurt quite a bit and was spending some time on the DL he would know about that. Worry about hitting the slider Stanton before commenting. In regards to the original question. Definitely an exciting season. Ballpark has been remodeled. New colors and logo with a vision on what they are trying to accomplish. Excited about Sixto, Victor Victor Mesa and some of the prospects we should have stepping in by the end of the year.
  14. Yeah I hope Alcantara can really work on that in Spring Training this year.
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