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  1. CYmarlins

    Brinson being benched in NY

    Delaying the inevitable.
  2. CYmarlins

    Why was the 2006 rebuild so much better than the 2018 one?

    This team right now would more closely resemble the 2013 squad rather than the 98 - 99 teams. The 2013 team had Stanton who got hurt a couple times that year and Jose Fernandez who was just starting to pitch. Later on in the year Ozuna and Yelich came up. I think if our guys develop properly you will see more an improvement in the latter part of the year.
  3. I think he is 1 for his past 33 + and that 1 hit was Friday which snapped and 0-26 lol
  4. Many prospects can have high potential but considered risky. Can't miss players are really hard to find. Even if we were to get the #1 or #2 pick next year and pick a can't miss guy, doesn't mean he pans out. Houston still missed out on a couple, see Mark Appel but they also got some nice ones. Correa, Alex Bregman I'll quote Mike Hill and say that the best approach this franchise can do is take a "layered approach" and stack the system with as many prospects in various positions. Give them a chance to see what they do this draft and the following with a rehauled front office, EVEN if Mike Hill is still in it. Jeter has shown so far that he is gonna let them do their job.
  5. I think he has the potential to be that. Right now he has been one of our most consistent players this year. Only goes to show you that a player like Brinson would highly benefit from being sent down. You might see that when Prado comes back. I am excited about Alcantara and Sierra, the Ozuna trade aside I hope these guys really pan out. Would be nice to have Sierra in CF, Brinson in LF and Harrison in RF for years to come. All things aside the pitching has been fine so far this season even in a small sample size, but our season high in runs was 7 and that was accomplished this past Friday.
  6. CYmarlins

    MLB the Show 18

    Perfect! I'll download that update today. I was getting tired of getting all the updates last year.
  7. CYmarlins

    4-11-2018 Post Game

    Right now this team resembles more of the 2013 team than the 2006 team which at least had some Cabrera and Willis and highly rated prospect in Hanley Ramirez. When JT comes back then you can at least at some more offense and remove pretty much an automatic out.
  8. CYmarlins


    I think right now the pitching has been okay with the exception of the bullpen in the latter half of games at times. The offense is the one that has been at times inconsistent.
  9. CYmarlins

    Small sample size but...

    Wow Brinson 0 for last 25?? Ouch!
  10. CYmarlins

    4/11 Mets @ Marlins

    Excited to see Jarlin pitch, he has been doing a great job of late. Marlins Lineup for tonight
  11. CYmarlins

    MLB the Show 18

    All I play is Franchise mode so I can download this guys roster tweak and use it on a New Franchise mode? I stopped playing a couple days before Opening Day but I been waiting for the proper roster updates that I can use.
  12. CYmarlins

    4/10 Post Game

    Bingo. I don't know why the Marlins would give 3 shits about what the media and fans would say about Brinson being up or not. Not like it matters when attendance obviously is horrendous right now. We are planning for the future but that move was clearly not one of them. They can still make it right by sending him down and allowing him to do better again. Clearly his swing is off, he isn't adjusting to breaking pitches nor being pitched inside.
  13. CYmarlins

    4/10 Post Game

    Brinson clearly looks overmatched. When Cooper comes back from the DL that should be a good time to send him down with Cooper taking RF and Maybin getting CF. Teams are also gonna expose Dietrich all day wit his arm and lack of range. I said it in the game thread but you are going to see a lot of 1st to home when his out there. We need the offense right now before anything else but I would much rather have him play the infield later and go back to utility. Anderson has missed a couple balls off the glove which have turned into runs. I won't be upset becaues he has also helped solidify some games with the bat and has been the most cosistent Marlin right now. It will be a couple more weeks before we see JT and Strailiy. Also Elisier got delayed again. The nail of the middle finger fell off and his rehab got delayed. The wisdom tooth also was infected thats why he was delayed with that.
  14. CYmarlins


    Yeah that's trash doesn't look professional. Least they could do is a get a Google Apps account or G Suite for $5 a month lmao.