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  1. CYmarlins

    Machado signs with Padres

    I do. Just told my friend I see it happening after year four.
  2. CYmarlins

    How does the 2019 team look?

    Considering Stanton was getting hurt quite a bit and was spending some time on the DL he would know about that. Worry about hitting the slider Stanton before commenting. In regards to the original question. Definitely an exciting season. Ballpark has been remodeled. New colors and logo with a vision on what they are trying to accomplish. Excited about Sixto, Victor Victor Mesa and some of the prospects we should have stepping in by the end of the year.
  3. Yeah I hope Alcantara can really work on that in Spring Training this year.
  4. If Alcantara builds off what he did in September it is gonna be real fun to watch him pitch. In 2020 we could be seeing him a Sixto as the 1,2. Another guy I wanna see would be Neidert who could be a really solid 3/4 pitcher.
  5. CYmarlins

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Really like the Spring Training hats this year. Already been wearing it more than the Main one. I remember back in 2014 for the first couple weeks of the season they were using the batting practice hats in games for Saturday games which had the orange brim.
  6. CYmarlins

    Urena to start Opening Day

    That’s true.
  7. CYmarlins

    O'Brien to play RF, Marlins done shopping

    Are they gonna allow Cooper to play compete as well for 1B or just RF with O'Brien? Cooper just had some bad luck last year would be really nice to have put up another good spring like he did last year.
  8. CYmarlins

    Urena to start Opening Day

    Who said they were just making a trade to make a trade? I just feel other arms deserve more of a look. Straily is what he is. But you can reference my previous response.
  9. CYmarlins

    Urena to start Opening Day

    Are you being facetious? Apparently, I am going to have to really explain all my answers because I am getting misinterpreted. There are 8 potential starters and that is including Pablo Lopez and Caleb Smith who are currently coming back from injuries. If they all go through Spring Training, building up their innings, and finish out healthy; then either of those two should be in the rotation instead of someone like Straily.
  10. CYmarlins

    Marlins have 13th best system

    Granderson has shown the ability to get on base with the walk, at least he has that. I said if you are going to have both in the Lineup then it would be better if Granderson would lead off. Granderson should certainly be a 4th outfielder if anything but it looks like he will at the very least be platooning against RHP. Garrett Cooper should get his share of at-bats as well against LHP. We begin a new season and Brinson has been working on things. I am sure Mattingly is gonna give him every opportunity to win the job outright in CF and place him in different spots of the lineup. I am by no means writing Brinson off. I really hope he pans out. He wouldn't want the future projected outfield of Mesa, Harrison, and Brinson to pan out?
  11. CYmarlins

    Marlins have 13th best system

    But we already did. Last year. Granted if he has a nice Spring again I would be all for it. But if you are gonna have Granderson be in the line up also then he would be a better bet.
  12. CYmarlins

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    Granderson I am not sure. He can still draw a walk and get OBP due to that but I still think the guy is done for. I predict more of DFA if anything lol. Yeah I would really like CarGo signing. Makes too much sense. Thought the Opening Day line up prediction of Granderson in LF and Walker in RF was off. Is that really what it's looking like??
  13. CYmarlins

    Future Marlins Offseason speculation thread

    Yes they did. Deals like Walker and Romo should help them net something decent to good if they have a good first half.
  14. CYmarlins

    Marlins have 13th best system

    Brian Anderson in RF last year was incredible defensively. I am hopeful he can do just as good with a full season. Seems his biggest issue has been airing out the throws on routine plays. Frisaro has Brinson projected to bat leadoff again this year. He should be down 6-7 instead.
  15. CYmarlins

    Urena to start Opening Day

    Worth it. I still think Straily should be traded.