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  1. Agreed, right now Rojas has more value staying with the team. I think they should sell high on Nick Anderson, don't make the same mistake they did with Conley last year.
  2. Sure, why not. But this should be done every year. What the Diamondbacks are doing with Throwback Thursdays is great. Wear them on that day starting next year. This Marlins regime has shown to listen to the their fans and make it all the sense in the world.
  3. Honestly not much to choose from. Keep Castro out there in hopes that he gets hot again and builds ANY kind of value for the trade deadline. The logical choice would have been Walker but he is still injured. I'd rather they stop putting Riddle or Granderson out there.
  4. Helps the rebuild no question. Right now it certainly feels like 2006 esque. Although that team had Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera along with some young sluggers in Dan Uggla, Mike Jacobs, Jeremy Hermida. They had more promise. What's important is that the Marlins front office doesn't jump the gun and do what they did in the 2014 off-season and start trading away prospects for short term fixes.
  5. Also means IMO that no one has really run away with the East. Phillies and Braves will probably end up going down to the wire in September. Braves have a better lineup right now. If they can shore up that bullpen they will be the better team to beat. The Mets collapse is something we all pretty much predicted and I certainly can't wait.
  6. I would be perfectly fine if by 2021 Bleday was the only one MLB ready. Having him in LF or RF alongside Monte Harrison or maybe even Brinson if he gets it together would be nice. I find it just as important for the Marlins to continue to be smart about developing the players and watching the service clock. Doesn't make sense to see Isan or Monte until August 1st. When people were clamoring for Zach Gallen to come up in late April early May it made no sense. He wouldn't make much of difference here anyway right now.
  7. LMAO!!! The announcers thought that as well. Made for an awkward 10 secs.
  8. Can we DFA Galloway mid game and just get it over with?
  9. Caleb is pretty much untouchable right now or at least it would take a king's ransom. That isn't saying much with how the past trades have turned out but it would be high. I agree they need to trade some arms. Urena and Richards come to mind right now.
  10. Severino isn't the problem. I don't believe he ever has been. He did a great job on MLB Network as I listened to him for a couple of years while he was on there. Hollandsworth is bringing him down. The whole "they sound alike" is so accurate it's ridiculous. Always takes me a little bit after a commercial break to figure out who is talking. Then I realize Hollandsworth is talking when he rambles about his playing days. Honestly, why not let Tommy do the home games ala what they tried with Conine a couple years back. Then let Craig Minervini do the road games. He did a much better job than Hollandsworth.
  11. Trade him. The best thing that can happen is he has another September leading up to the trade deadline. I think right now Caleb Smith is the ace of this staff with Pablo being the #2 on the staff. Really excited about what Neidert is doing. Gallen isn't far behind and would be a quality 4/5 starter. Also, the only player I think the Marlins would offer an extension to right now is Brian Anderson.
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