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  1. Jeter on fan reaction so far

    took you awhile bae.
  2. Frisaro on first 5 days of ST

    LMAO!! damn that's awhile ago. 7 year purge on his Twitter account?
  4. You gotta look up the Vine video. Hilarious.
  5. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    Yeah..... no thanks. These guys don't even follow the team.
  6. 25th Anniversary merch?

    I saw nothing at Fan Fest. I wouldn't expect to see anything until the season starts.
  7. Was JT Realmuto near Straily when he was being quote for the article? I hope so.
  8. Mini Piazza

    @Piazza31 lol
  9. Prado thankful, would never request a trade

    Seems like he valued losing his best "friends" on the team more than playing the game he gets paid millions for. He would have gotten over it in time. Hopefully JT does too.
  10. 2018 Roster vs 2013 Roster: Which is worse?

    Ouch and I was being optimistic! lmao
  11. Jarlin Garcia to be a starter

    I really like this move. Stretch him out in Spring Training and see what he has a starter right now. That's what he came up as. If it doesn't work out he can always go back to the bullpen where he did a solid job for us last year.
  12. 2018 Roster vs 2013 Roster: Which is worse?

    Yeah 2013 was awful nevermind how bad that offense really was. Only became more evident when Stanton got hurt that year. Just looking at the infield was an eye sore. 1B- Lomo was hurt for most of the year. Kotchman got hurt really early and was out awhile. and I think got 2 hits as a Marlin. 2B- Solano... no more questions. SS - Adeiny just didn't do anything that year. 3B- We had Placido who was at the twilight of his career and Ed Lucas backing him up. C- Actually thought Brantly was gonna be something special just building off the 2012 year but he ended up being a bust.
  13. Wei-Yin Chen

    his agent is Scott Boras it's all about the dollars for him. Once the contract is signed he won't give a shit.
  14. Sports Illustrated Article on Jeter

    I wouldn't blame you.
  15. Marlins showing interest in Melky Cabrera

    Jon Jay made $7 million last year. I wouldn't offer him more than half right now lol