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  1. I have Comcast digital here in Tally and usually get all the games on FSN. My guide is showing the Magic on FSN and the Rays on Sunsports tonight. I'm guessing in a head to head vs. the Magic in North and Central FL, the Magic win out. Can anyone confirm? Also, is MLB Extra Innings doing a "free view" this week per usual? And if so, would the game be blacked out on there as well? Thank you for any info.
  2. Not on here in Tallahassee....getting Blue Jays and White Sox.
  3. No Marlins live on FSN here in Tallahassee tonight. Very strange with no Rays and the Magic on Sun. I have no idea what Comcast in Tally is doing.
  4. This is some great news indeed! 150 games in HD is not easy to produce and distribute. Delays in previous seasons have been due to distribution issues with FSN's master control being built in Houston and cable/satellite companies not having room to feed it to eager fans. Also, word has it that Comcast outside of Metro SoFla (Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Fort Myers, Naples, Panama City, Sarasota, etc) has bought the rights to the extra 55 Marlins games to make it all 150 games in 2010. We shall have to wait and see because seeing is believing with Comcast, but this is great news indeed all around. Definitely good news if true. But I'm with you, with Comcast, seeing is believing!
  5. I guess it's getting close to that time of year again to discuss--so is there any chance that Comcast in Tallahassee will finally give in a broadcast Marlins games televised on SunSports??
  6. Nope. Comcast doesn't televise Marlins game on Sun Sports up here.
  7. How is it possible that a TBS televised game is blacked out. Lets see....6 games so far this season...only one televised in Tallahassee. Comcast is such a joke.
  8. Hey Cape. Any idea if Comcast is going to televise all 150 or so games up here in Tally. We've been screwed over the last few years by them not showing those games broadcasted on Sunshine. I appreciate any info you have.
  9. We can't really expect the pen to keep pitching like they have the first month can we?? They are consistently having to pitch 4-5 innings every night.
  10. Yeah...I sent an email using that link. My response came from a local Comcast rep. who makes it sound like they have no control over the situation. It sounds like BS to me. Just wish someone could give us a straight answer. See there response: Thank you for contacting Comcast via e-mail. The broadcast (and cablecast) right to carry a Major League Baseball game is strictly controlled by MLB and the "local" team playing in the televised game. Each team has a "home territory" in which the team has the right to control which television stations or cable regional sports networks can carry that team's games. Territories can be multi-state and some territories include more than one team (e.g. the NY Mets and Yankees share the NY metro market). Each team sells the rights to carry some games to a local TV station (usually the Away games) and may sell the rights to carry others (usually the Home games) to a regional sports network (e.g. Comcast SportsNet). Blackout restrictions are designed to protect the local outlet that has bought the rights to the games from other local stations that don't have local rights and from having the games "imported" from other markets on cable networks. Here are a few examples: Richmond has been a part of the Baltimore Orioles "home territory" for decades. About 80 games, mostly Home games, appear on Comcast SportsNet, the regional sports network in the mid-Atlantic area. Because Comcast SportsNet has the exclusive rights to those games, no other station can carry those games in Richmond or throughout the territory without permission of Comcast SportsNet. The away games are usually carried on a broadcast station in the Baltimore-Washington area. No other station in the Baltimore-Washington area can carry those games without the rights holder's permission. The Nationals, the new MLB team in Washington DC, is also in the same territory as the Orioles. The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network has the rights to carry those games. Because Richmond is part of the "home territory" for the Washington Nationals, no station in the Richmond area can carry any Nationals games without the permission of the rights holder, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. So, if the Washington Nationals play the Atlanta Braves, a game that would appear on the cable network TBS across the county, we, and every other cable operator in the National?s territory, are required to black out TBS during that game. Sometimes the cable network provides alternate programming during that time. Similar situations occur in professional football, basketball and hockey games occasionally also. Thank you for choosing Comcast. Sincerely, Ely Comcast Customer Care Specialist
  11. Fishckc24...can you please post the email address for the Office of Rick Germano at Comcast. Thanks.
  12. Cape...any idea if Comcast plans on televising the Sunshine Network games (or the 55 extra games) in Tallahassee this year. These games would be on the channel guide but were televised. Thanks for the info.
  13. any idea what's wrong with miggy?
  14. i did...it's showing on the guide but channel isn't yet available they said.
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