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  1. To me, it's a negotiating ploy. Even with the poor ratings the Marlins have seen the last couple of seasons, they still bring eyeballs to advertisers. The Rays draw good ratings in the Tampa Bay market, but the combined South Florida markets are bigger and more lucrative. [MEDIA=twitter]1199432337324433411[/MEDIA] Sinclair is trying to buy low because they know the ratings will only increase while the team, rightfully, is trying to capitalize on what is coming. The Rays received an equity stake in Fox Sports Sun and I'd imagine the Marlins may be trying to grab a part of Fox Sports Florida similarly. The advent of legalized sports gambling, the eventual evolution towards digital streaming and direct-to-consumer, and the team now controlling the digital rights for the in-market broadcasts are all topics that need to be dealt with. Plus, Sinclair and Comcast's contract runs out this summer, which means that a loss in distribution is possible for a while if they cannot come to an agreement. I think they will come to a deal soon to avoid an issue in Chicago (Cubs new channel is with Sinclair) which should remove this concern and allow Sinclair to feel more firm on moving forward with a deal. I'd be interested to see if they consider a move towards a Spanish-language RSN to compliment the English broadcast at some point. The SAP broadcast of the Spanish radio call is popular and accessible.
  2. Welcome back Cape! Thanks Admin! Love the forum format. It's been a while!
  3. That was a fun summer, time for some new memories in the new park!
  4. :stare Time passes, some things don't change. :baseball I've been kinda busy over the last decade.
  5. My account still works! :wee
  6. Looking at the deal, the biggest negative is the loss of the 104.3 FM and the perch on the most listened to sports station in town. On the plus side, Clear Channel has plenty of marketing pull and this deal should help the Marlins in that department. The 940 signal is pretty good (definitely comparable to 790) and I'm hoping this deal will enable growth of the Marlins network outside of Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties. Marlins didn't have their games aired in Palm Beach or Southwest Florida for the first time in many years. We will see how 940 handles conflicts with the Dolphins and Gators. Overall, not a bad deal that should get the games to as many fans as possible. The loss of the FM signal kinda sucks, but 940 is improving the local programming. This deal is similar to the one the Mets signed with Clear Channel's WOR and the Rays also have a deal with CC.
  7. Check Fox Sports Florida at midnight for the Marlins replay. They aired the Magic live in North and Central Florida with the Marlins being replayed statewide at midnight.
  8. Enter you zip code to find which game you're getting on FOX: http://msn.foxsports.com/fantasy/baseball/tuneintowin/ ...or look here: http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom//binary/2010/06/03/621275600783472.pdf
  9. Buster Posey was quite the player at FSU. Played all 9 positions in one game just to show he could. Putting aside reality, the Marlins need a catcher for the next 2-3 years and I say we try to get McCann from the Braves as part of a package involving Fredi. Now back to regularly scheduled reality...
  10. Hotcorner, they are going to air all 150 Marlins games...but those that conflict with the NBA and NHL schedules force the splitting of FSN into Rays and Marlins feeds which mean North and Central Florida will get some Marlins games on tape delay. BTW, the game is about to replay on FS Florida HD.
  11. FSN needs to figure out this situation because the NBA playoffs could be a problem.
  12. Hey, if anyone on this club can pull it off...I'd say it would be Nolasco. He always seems to surprise me when I write him off.
  13. Unfortunately, due to the NBA games tonight, the FS Florida feed will be split. Sun Sports will carry the HEAT in SoFla and the Magic in N/Central FL. If you have cable in South Florida, then for tonight: Fox Sports Florida (HD) will carry the Marlins live Sun Sports (HD) will carry the HEAT live and the Rays on delay at 11pm If you have cable in North/Central Florida, then for tonight: Fox Sports Florida (HD) will carry the Rays live and the Marlins on delay at 11pm Sun Sports (HD) will carry the Magic live (I'm in Tallahassee and Comcast here is doing this. I asked about an alternate channel to air it live, but they said it would be aired at 11pm.) If you have satellite, then for tonight statewide: Marlins: DIRECTV 654, DISH 423 Rays: DIRECTV 655, DISH 444 HEAT: DIRECTV 656, DISH 474 (SoFla) Magic: DIRECTV 653, DISH 422 (N/C FL) For those with AT&T U-Verse, check from Channels 720-723 and HD Channels 1720-1723 Most cable systems could offer all the games, but it would require using a third, spare channel as FSN+ and most cable systems do not have that capability set up. Tomorrow, this will happen again except with the NHL teams instead of the NBA teams. Sun Sports (HD) has the Fish live in SoFla and on delay at midnight in N/C FL, with the Lightning live in N/C FL. Fox Sports Florida (HD) has the Panthers live in SoFla, with the Rays live in N/C FL and on delay at 11pm in SoFla. See http://foxsportsflorida.com/ for the TV Listings for DirecTV and Dish Network.
  14. I'm going to try and get U-Verse when I move...hopefully I can get it.
  15. With the new contracts for FS Florida/Sun Sports now in effect with cable companies, all 300 games for both teams should be available statewide on virtually every cable and satellite system. Does that include U-Verse subscribers? Yes
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