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  1. Hi. I can't say I'm THE Marlins fan of Nebraska because there's someone else even on these boards, but I'm fighting the good fight around here. In fact, I had to defend them just tonight from someone saying the Cubs vs. the Red Sox would've been one of the greatest World Series while the Marlins vs. the Yankees was one of the worst. Yeah, a misfit team of young guys with heart and a low payroll down the Leviathan of the MLB. Yeah, no good things come from that story. Hoosiers, Major League..... what crap, ya' know? don't worry...you'll be THE Marlins fan in Nebraska in a few months when I move back home or somewhere else!
  2. It was a Monday, it was the Rockies, it may have been Ubaldo, but still. I ignore all of the ragging on the Marlins...The bottom line I will say though is: If you have a family of 4 and can go to 1 game a week, who do you see? Strasburg on a Friday or Ubaldo on a Monday? I HATE Strasburg, but even I know its a no brainer! Do your research, Rockies announcers...and for the Love of God, can commentators outside of Florida start coming up with other material? We've heard the same jokes about attendance/payroll since the STRIKE!!!! If you're gonna bash us, at least be creative!!!!! btw, Strasburg vs Ubaldo vs Johnson: JJ is #1, Ubaldo 2, Leake 3, and Strasburg 4 imho!
  3. Boog will be calling the game tonight. The Yankees game was not an official Sunday Night Baseball game, and was only shown on ESPN because of the blackout restrictions on Sunday Night games. But since we don't get on national TV enough, I'll count it!
  4. yeah go Cards! oh wait...this sucks...3 FOX networks on my cable and all of them have Cards-Brewers! really?
  5. this just paves the way for Dontrelle, right?
  6. I don't hate Roy Halladay, but I made this thread because today, I hate him. I knew he was bound to be perfect, but not against us, and I hate him for that...yes it is an accomplishment, but he is a HOFer already so it just pissed me off that he did that to our team. And we had dominated him in past games...we were the toughest NL team for him to face until he moved to the Phillies. Damn do I hate Philadelphia.
  7. So you throw a perfect game....I still hate you. discuss
  8. maybe Cody just has the night off. And I guess they will be playing all of their games at Citi Field and simulcasting them to the new stadium? :rolleyes
  9. Depending on what you mean by around... Sun Dolphin(s) Shark Robbie Player Stadium has nothing around it but some projects and a gas station. fixed
  10. for those interested, I am in Clearwater right now and they have Phillies and Rays bags here in Publix. So I'm sure if you go around ST towns you could find some cool bags.
  11. This should be in the MLB section. You have to cheer. The chances of seeing a no hitter are so rare, the people in attendance will probably never see another and if they do they may see 1 more in their lives. You cheer the accomplishment and, I guess, towards the end of the game (especially if it is out of reach), a selfish fan might root against their team to see the accomplishment. Bottom line: The fans that cheer the accomplishment are BASEBALL fans first, like I believe a lot of us on the boards are. You want whats best for the game and if it means your team loses 1 of its 162, you take that hit.
  12. anyone have a picture of the JJ t-shirt?
  13. Washburn would start here. So he starts and we throw Robertson into the pen. Fine with me. Only problem would be that we would then have 3 long relievers in the pen (Badenhop, Hensley, Robertson). I don't care who is in the pen and what their role is...if they can get the job done, that's all that matters. I'd take Seanez, but it feels like he's been in the league since the Carter Administration!
  14. I gave it to Veras for the pure fact that he will never get another win for the Marlins and Cantu will walk off at least 3 more times this year. As an aside, RE: the fight and the RF atmosphere. I'm a baseball purist, as are many on this board. I think many of the people on this board who are regulars at the Stadium can agree that while we would like to see 25K+ every night, if thats what 25K+ brings to the stadium, its not worth it. I enjoy a clean game...a bit of taunting/heckling is a lot of fun on both ends, but violence should not be tolerated. On opening night, some Dodgers fans were cursing up a storm next to my friend...he kindly asked the guys to stop as there were kids around. These fans decided he was threatening him and started getting verbally abusive. Needless to say they were thrown out. I don't know why, but you don't hear these stories when there ate 6000 in the stands, only when there are 25-40K, and its saddening. I know there are bad apples in every bunch, but still. I also have a huge problem with people speaking/harassing in Spanish but instead of risking getting flamed, I won't take a stand on that right now, except to say if anyone is going to heckle or harass me and it is in Spanish I will 1) not understand what you are saying and 2) make a point to mention that the official language of the State of Florida is English. /rant
  15. I got my vouchers today.I can't do a season ticket plan becuase of my work scheudle, and super saturdays are days I work as well. My rep told me that I will have some priority...yes it will be bottom of the barrel, but I baught the tickets for $100, fish tank, so about the normal price and I bought them specifically for priority, as I plan to buy full season tix for 2012 regardless of my availability. We'll see what seats I get, but hopefully I can either get my LF or RF seats near the bullpen.
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