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  1. 1. The Shield 2. Sopranos 3. Sons of Anarchy 4. House 5. Dexter 6. Lost 7. Seinfeld 8. The Office 9. 30 Rock 10.Psych
  2. AL East New York Tampa Bay (WC) Boston Baltimore Toronto AL Central Detroit Chicago Minnesota Cleveland Kansas City AL West Texas Los Angelas Seattle Oakland (1) New York over (3) Texas in 4 (4) Tampa Bay over (2) Detroit in 5 (1) New York over (4) Tampa Bay in 7 MVP: Miguel Cabrera Cy Young: Matt Garza Rookie: Brett Wallace Manager: Ron Washington Come Back: Franscisco Liriano NL East Atlanta Florida Philadelphia New York Washington NL Central St. Louis Milwaukee Chicago Cincinnati Pittsburgh Houston NL West Colorado Los Ange
  3. Joe

    Kazmir to Angels

    Sure took me a while to post here but even with how well Kazmir is doing in LA, I LOVE this trade. Not only can we pay someone else to stay now but Davis has been a damn STUD and Sean Rodriguez was a great pickup. He should be super sub in 2010 (like Zobrist was until Aki got hurt and BenZo played incredible)
  4. Joe

    Andruw Jones

    He wants TO GO BACK like Jack and Kate have to but Atlanta hasn't expressed interest.
  5. Joe

    Andruw Jones

    I am sure there is thread about this somewhere but that's why I'm lazy....... Dodgers are expected to release Jones tomorrow. He is already getting a decent amount of money for the next few years, I say he signs for the league minimum. Anyone care to predict where?
  6. Joe

    Derek Lowe

    wow the braves rotation just got very good with lowe jurrgens kawakami and vazquez When they have Tommy Hanson at #5, that will be insane.
  7. Joe

    Pedro Martinez

    I say Loria robs a bank and they sign Manny for LF, as well as Cruz and Ohman for the bullpen. Sound good to everyone?
  8. Joe

    Derek Lowe

    SIGNED with Braves pending physical. 4-years, $60 Million. I actually like this deal for the NL East. Yep, both of the East divisions are gonna be even crazier than usual this year. Outside of the Nationals and Orioles, all the teams are good to great.
  9. Joe

    Rays sign Kapler

    Health issues btw, wont be much of a problem Looking like AAA will be STACKED C John Jaso 1B Ryan Hughes 2B Elliot Johnson SS Reid Brignac 3B Chris Novak (Only big Ray fans know of the guy but he has raked at every level) LF Justin Ruggiano CF Fernando Perez RF Matt Joyce (for a month or at most 2, until we can trade Gross, unless we can trade him during Spring Training) DH Perdoza? JT Hall? Could be so many players Wade Davis, Heath Rollins, Mitch Talbot, James Houser and Chris Mason make up the rotation Dale Thayer, Juan Salas, Ryan Reid(future closer, or we hope at least
  10. Joe

    Derek Lowe

    Make it official, he just signed with the Braves.
  11. Joe

    Rays sign Kapler

    4th OF 1 year/1 million Can't really lose here. Has good D, a pretty good bat but we do lose the great speed that Perez would of supplied.
  12. I have been so close to both of these stadiums, I smelt the constructions workers farts. I will be going to games at both, BOTH are hosting the Rays! I can't wait!
  13. That would be a joke Jeter at SS Cano at 2B Injured Posada at C Damon CF Manny LF Swisher in RF(He is good at 1B, super meh everywhere else) That leaves Matsui, A-Rod and Teixiera Matsui at DH doesn' count. A-Rod is OK at 3B. Teixeria is there ONLY plus defender and he plays 1B..... That covers the horrid D. Now the bullpen.... if Joba is in the rotation, they have one of the better rotations in baseball but the bullpen is kinda rough. Marte sucked in NY, Mo doesn't age, he will be great again but not til the 9th..... I like Edwar Ramirez, that's about it.
  14. Alright, they fixed their closer problem, have a better one now. They need pitching, I think they should look into bringing Sheets back or maybe go for Lowe. Perez is another option but I find him very meh.
  15. Joe

    Red Sox sign Baldelli

    It's official, as is Smoltz.
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