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  1. I know of a couple of guys who are huge Marlins fans who will boycott the team as long as Loria is running the team. I've read some others who are doing the same thing in the comments section of the articles posted in the Herald, Sunsentinel and PB Post.
  2. I spoke to a friend of mine, who's a season ticket holder, and he told me that the team told him that it was going to be an event just for them.
  3. He's asking for 25 million dollars over 3 years. Someone else can have him
  4. Tigers hitting coach Lloyd McClendon has emerged as a candidate to become the Marlins' manager. McClendon, who managed the Pirates from 2001-05, interviewed with Marlins officials on Tuesday, according to sources. The 53-year-old McClendon would be a good fit with the Marlins, who are trying to move on after one turbulent year with Ozzie Guillen in charge. Mike Redmond and Admin Bowa have also been mentioned as candidates for the job. The Pirates were 336-446 under McClendon, but that record looks significantly better in retrospect. After winning 75 games under McClendon in 2003 and 72
  5. I wonder who the mandatory minority interview will go to. That's still a rule, right? Lloyd McLendon?
  6. I would've liked Mike Lowell since he knows the game really well, is a local product who can relate to both the English and Spanish markets, and he looks and sounds like a great guy overall. We know that that isn't gonna happen so my second choice was Mike Redmond all the way. He went 78-55 this, for what is worth anyways, and all his former managers have endorsed him as a great student of the game. Also, that story where he was doing naked flips speaks volumes as to what kind of guy he is and his looseness is necessary in baseball with the grind of 162 games.
  7. Loria isn't a bad owner. He's just too meddlesome for his own good sometimes. John Henry was a bad owner, Wayne Huizinga was a horrible owner when he didn't get his way. Pittsburgh's owner is horrible, so is the Mets with the Wilpons. Frank Mccourt was a bad owner, as well as MLB as owner of the Expos. Drayton McClane is a bad owner, so is Peter Angelos, as well as the guy in Seattle who has never seen his own team play- ever. Loria isn't a bad owner- he's a bad manager. I'd take Loria over every single one of the guys previously mentioned- including the guy in Seattle. There are
  8. Remember, Girardi had JJ in the Pen with Nolasco in the begining of the season. (I belive Ricky was in there with JJ). Girardi also sent JJ back into a game after a 2 hour rain delay, and pretty much caused the surgery that wiped out his following season. Girardi set this franchise back 2 years by running JJ out after that rain delay. Also, his bullpen handling was bad. He was awful
  9. That he ruined the start of the season and we weren't able to surge back
  10. Where's the stark article? That link you posted just takes you to what Heath bell said and tried to clarify. There was a video there with an interview to Stark
  11. A good question that Stark poses is the following: Does Ozzie want to be fired?
  12. Add Jayson Stark to the list: http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/8420672/miami-marlins-heath-bell-says-hard-respect-manager-ozzie-guillen
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